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Contemplating everything that is happening in the world today, one involuntarily wants to once again review what Wolf Messing's predictions were given for 2023 and find out what his prophecies literally mean.

Saw Through Time

Wolf Messing is a unique personality of the 20th century, because being a famous artist, he was also a great soothsayer, whose predictions, according to legend, even Joseph Stalin himself believed. His sensory and hypnotic powers were legendary.

Messing gained fame due to the resonance of a number of predictions that came true, such as:

    • the beginning of the Second World War and the defeat of Germany (the divination sounded on stage in Berlin, for which the illusionist almost lost his life);
    • exact date of the end of the war (however, the year was not indicated in the literal prediction);
    • the day of Stalin's death (Messing announced that this would happen on a Jewish holiday, although this time the prediction was made, as always, without indicating the year and date);
    • exact date of own death.

    Of course, there were many other, small and not so interesting predictions for others, regarding the fate of specific individuals. And they also came true, witnessed by dozens of people,present at the moment of such predictions next to the seer.

    Important! Almost all Wolf Messing's predictions are rather vague in time, so it cannot be said with 100% certainty that the events deciphered by the interpreters will occur in 2023. It would be more correct to say that the predictions may come true in the period from 2023 to 2024 or even 2025.

    Prophecies for the world

    Among the global, such prophecies by Wolf Messing addressed to the whole world for 2022-2023-2024 are literally known.

    Large-scale epidemics

    Global pandemics with a large number of victims have occurred on our planet before, but no epidemic has previously claimed as many victims as Covid-19.

    Did the prediction come true? If the current pandemic subsides in the coming months, as the doctors promise, can we relax? And here it is not. Already today, virologists are openly talking about the approach of a new pandemic. There are all prerequisites for this:

    • uncontrolled use of drugs (primarily antibiotics);
    • a large number of countries with a low level of medicine;
    • mass vaccinations, but without reaching the immunization threshold needed to completely eradicate the pathogen.

    At the same time, Messing himself said that the arrival of global epidemics would force people to reconsider their attitude to medicine. And although the pandemic will claim an incredible number of lives, it will raise medicine to a qualitatively higher level and give a new impetus to

    The aggravation of the situation on the world stage

    Among the global predictions of Wolf Messing is the Third World War, which will bring a lot of damage to all its participants, including, according to the predictor, and. But to say that the conflict could flare up in 2023, 2023 or even 2024 would be incorrect, since the soothsayer did not name either the year or the month.

    The main warning from Messing for all mankind was the prediction of the probable complete destruction of mankind as a result of a global world conflict and the use of weapons of mass destruction.

    Weakening US positions

    Looking to the future, the great soothsayer saw a significant weakening of America's position already in the middle of the 21st century. Most likely, involvement in a global conflict will have such an impact on the country.

    Peace and stability in Belarus

    Predicting world wars, global economic and political crises, as well as many other events on the map of Europe, Messing confidently stated that in his Belarus (namely, this country is the homeland of the predictor), for many years there will be no no conflicts, and the leadership of the country will stay away from any geopolitical disputes.

    Prophecies for

    If you believe the predictions of Wolf Messing, then for 2023 and 2023 will be the beginning of the crisis period. Problems can be expected both from the closest neighbors and from countries geographically located quite far away. In particular, the soothsayer himself saw asrivals China and the US.

    The period will not be easy, but after it ends, the country will face an unprecedented dawn. First of all, cardinal changes will take place in the political views of the people and the leadership of the country.

    The territory will increase in 2023, but the predictions say that the country will expand peacefully, without any military conflicts. Most likely, Messing had in mind the unification of a number of post-Soviet countries as part of an entirely new format of union.

    Predictions not yet fulfilled

    Of course, not all Wolf Messing's predictions come true on time. So, a number of events that were previously assigned by scientists who studied his works for 2023 and 2023, smoothly move to subsequent periods - 2023, 2024 or even 2025.

    Among those there are predictions about the coming change of power. So, Messing prophesied that no one would know the new ruler until the very moment of appointment. His name will be kept in the strictest confidence. Nevertheless, it is the new leadership that will be able to direct the country on the path of revival and rapid economic development.

    Of course, on the Internet today you can find a variety of (and most incredible) Wolf Messing's predictions for 2023, but we have given exactly those prophecies that are literally presented in his writings.

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