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It's not so easy to choose what to give a teenager 13-14-15-16 years old on February 23, because at this age boys are fond of everything at once, but at the same time their addictions are very changeable. Defender of the Fatherland Day is a holiday when you can present things from the child's hobby, as well as more thematic items. Our ideas will help you navigate among the many tempting options and choose the right gift for your teenager on February 23rd.

  • TOP 35 gift ideas for a teenage boy on February 23

      Spy pen with invisible ink
    1. Miniature military equipment set
    2. 3D model kit of an aircraft or ship
    3. Interactive RC robot
    4. Night vision device
    5. Cotton candy maker
    6. Trunk
    7. Large mouse pad
    8. Camping thermos cup
    9. Glowing photo painting
    10. Action Camera
    11. Quadcopter
    12. Set of crayons for drawing
    13. Neon light
    14. Metal detector
    15. Armchair-bag
    16. Toy warmer
    17. Kite
    18. Mini smartphone speaker
    19. Game console
    20. Hammock for legs under the desktop
    21. Headset for chatting on Skype
    22. Mp3 player
    23. Banana Headphones
    24. Edible puzzles
    25. Reels
    26. Concert ticket
    27. Inflatable lounger
    28. Light Painting Kit
    29. Waterproof shower column
    30. Portrait from photo
    31. Hero Mask
    32. Mini USB Fridge
    33. Wave projector
    34. Spy Mini Camera

    What is an unusual, original gift for a teenager on February 23?

    For a teenager, an original and unusual gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day is the best surprise. Here it is very important to be able to move away from the ordinary, to try to look at the world around us through the eyes of a boy who seeks self-expression, the search for an unusual image. Non-standard, boring presents are rarely thrown away. On the contrary, they want to show off and use them. If you intend to surprise, then here's something unusual, original, you can give a teenager boy 12-13-14 years old on February 23:

    • Scarf mask with a skull. Such a thing will be appreciated by an informal personality and a brave guy who is not afraid to draw attention to himself. A scarf-mask with an image of the lower part of a human skull will help protect your respiratory organs from dust during an extreme trip, and also emphasize the image at a mass event.
    • Virtual Reality Glasses. Such an unusual gift can be presented onDefender of the Fatherland Day for a boy who strives not only to keep up with the times, but to get ahead of him. Virtual reality glasses - an opportunity to travel to an exciting future and return from there with a sea of emotions.
    • Food bowl with smartphone stand. Now it will be easier for the boy to watch his favorite movie, clips, YouTube streams and enjoy a snack at the same time. The bowl has several compartments - for food and for waste from seeds, nuts, so from now on, eating will be more accurate.
    • Inscribed sweatshirt. The image of a teenager is hard to imagine without these comfortable and fashionable clothes. And if it is also decorated with the name of a boy, the value of the gift increases. This idea will definitely appeal to a guy who likes to be in the spotlight.
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    • Mug Constructor Lego. This original gift can be presented on February 23 to a teenager whose entire childhood was spent in an exciting assembly of designers. Such a mug will quickly turn into a favorite thing that you want to keep in sight. With the ability to attach the pieces in any order, the boy will be able to give the container the look he likes best."
    • Luminous Lightning Headphones. A find for a stylish guy. In these headphones, the wires are made according to the principle of lightning - they are conveniently fastened, turning into one wire. Nothing gets tangled, and therefore it will be more convenient to listen to music. And they have the ability to glow, which will give the image a special share of originality.
    • Plasma Magic Ball. From hima young physicist who wants to observe the amazing natural phenomena just at home will be delighted. The boy will be able to watch the breathtaking flashes of lightning, as well as invite friends to share his delight.
    • Table Pear. Good anti-stress accessory. It has long been proven that if you keep negative emotions in yourself, without giving them free will, they will have a bad effect on he alth and the psyche. This original gift for February 23 for a teenager aged 14-15-16 will be a prevention of depression and lingering stress, allowing you to throw off a heavy burden in time.
    • Figurine from photo. A creative guy will definitely be delighted with such a thing! In what way does a teenager dream of seeing himself - a pirate, a spiderman or a superman? This can be easily done in an unusual way.
    • Illuminated mouse. Every gamer's dream. Give a teenager an original unusual gift for February 23 in the form of a bright gadget, and he will certainly be delighted.
    • Glowing sky map. It is not easy for a young resident of a big city to look at the stars above his head, but with such a thing the universe filled with billions of galaxies will become closer. The map will help you remember the outlines of the constellations and easily find them in the sky.
    • Crazy Alarm Clock. When the right time comes, the backlight turns on in this device, and he himself begins to jump around the room, so it will not be easy for the boy to get rid of him. We'll have to wake up, which means there will be an end to being late to school.

    Other ideas for original, interesting gifts for a teenager on Defender's DayFatherland:

    • luminous shoe laces;
    • spyglass;
    • smartphone case with last name and first name;
    • 3D constructor;
    • wooden puzzle;
    • pop art painting;
    • photo on canvas (for example, a picture from instagram);
    • statuette-award "For victory over yourself";
    • t-shirt with a fun slogan that matches the character of the boy;
    • scarf or tie with house colors from the Harry Potter book.

    An original gift for a teenager on Defender of the Fatherland Day will be floating robo-fish. This is the name of unusual creatures with integrated microcircuits, which imitate real fish with their movements. Such an acquisition will be interesting for a boy who follows the latest technology.

    What is thematic gift for a teenager on February 23?

    Think about the question of what thematic gift to give a teenager boy on February 23, you may be prompted by the desire to introduce a young guy to the holiday. Indeed, thanks to symbolic things, he will be able to feel himself involved in a majestic event. In this regard, here is a thematic gift that can be presented to a teenager on Defender of the Fatherland Day:

    • Nominal pillow with congratulations. Will find its place in the room of the young hero. In honor of the holiday, you can buy a camouflage pillow. Almost any boy will be happy with this option.
    • Festive set consisting of a towel in the form of a soldier and a thermo glass. Such a themed gift for February 23 fora teenager will be a pleasant surprise, as well as a useful addition to everyday life.
    • Inscribed camouflage helmet. It will appeal to a boy who dreams of serving the Motherland in the future, and will also be an unobtrusive compliment to any guy who is fond of military-themed video games.
    • Bullet stick. Such removable media are relevant for students and schoolchildren. Thanks to the unusual design, the guy will certainly want to keep the accessory in sight. He will enjoy using it.
    • Handmade soap in the shape of a grenade. It contains only natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the skin of a young guy. Such a thematic gift can be presented to a teenager on Defender of the Fatherland Day if you want to take care of his he alth.
    • Camo Polyester Training Towel. An indispensable attribute for an active young athlete. This towel absorbs moisture well, dries quickly, and folds into a convenient carrying case without any problems.
    • Bed set depicting knightly armor. Here's what you can give on February 23 to a teenager boy who dreams of battles and victories. The life-size three-dimensional depiction of knightly armor creates the effect of realism, and therefore will definitely generate delight.
    • Camo baseball cap. It will be useful for an active traveler, a young fisherman, a lover of cycling. In all these cases, especially in summer, you need to keep your head protected from the scorching sun. And most importantly, with suchA headdress will make a guy look stylish and original.
    • Toy soldiers collection. If a guy is fond of collecting, he will be pleased to receive such a present.
    • Survival Kit. It will be useful for a teenager during hikes and overnight stays in nature. This set contains: a belt bag with a mount, binoculars, a multifunctional knife, a whistle with a thermometer and a compass.

    What is interesting to give a teenager on February 23

    Not only parents, but also classmates think about the question of what is interesting to give a teenager boy on February 23. On the eve of this holiday, it is customary in schools to please boys with pleasant surprises. For a guy to like a present, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. After all, if we talk about an interesting gift for a teenager classmate on February 23, you often need to meet the amount of up to 300-500 rubles. It seems that for such money you can not buy anything special, but it is not. Here are some ideas for you:

    • Headphones in the box. These accessories are difficult to lose, and thanks to the unusual packaging, they look very impressive.
    • Mug with thermal pattern. Under the influence of high temperature, such vessels have the ability to reincarnate: they can show patterns that were invisible until now, or they have the ability to change color. Such an interesting gift can be presented on Defender of the Fatherland Day to a teenager of any age.
    • Intellectual board games. Will please the erudite. Board game can be selectedbased on the famous computer game or series (World of tanks, Game of Thrones) - so the guy can plunge into a fantastic atmosphere, coming into contact with the plot of stories that he likes.
    • Models to build. Let a teenager consider himself an adult, but he will certainly not resist the temptation to spend a couple of hours building a car, ship or military equipment. Models for assembly are not just a way to have fun. This is a good training of logic, imagination, perseverance.
    • Colorful sports bottle. Looking at idols from the world of sports, many guys want to be just as strong and attractive. During training, there is a need to quickly wet the throat without spending a lot of time. A good sports bottle will come in handy for this.
    • Name box of sweets. Such an inexpensive interesting gift can be presented to a teenager 13-14-15-16 years old on February 23, if you do not have a lot of money, but you want to please the young hero. He will be delighted with a beautiful box (preferably camouflage) emblazoned with his own name.
    • Reusable notebook. An excellent container for the first attempts to create - write poetry, draw, with a quick opportunity to correct shortcomings. The notebook can be used as a draft. All unnecessary entries can be easily removed with a napkin or eraser.
    • Book. Here's something interesting you can give on Defender of the Fatherland Day to a teenager who loves to read. Literature dedicated to space, the universe, history, wonders of the world will revealnew secrets in front of an inquisitive guy.
    • Engineering calculator. It will become the best assistant for a young physicist and mathematician who has to solve many abstruse problems.
    • “Electronics for Beginners”. This option is suitable as an interesting gift for a boy on February 23, if he is able to sit over electronic circuits for a long time, and in the future he dreams of inventing a useful thing.
    • Sport accessory. It can be a soccer ball, training gloves, a pedometer, a t-shirt with the emblem of your favorite team.

    A boy of 12-13 years old can be presented with a magnetic darts, a beginner magician's set or a planetarium that can simulate the starry sky on the ceiling. For a young man of 14-15 years old, a baseball ring for clothes, an inflatable chair, a popcorn machine are suitable. An older teenager can be given an air football kit, a neon light in the form of a transport, or an electronic photo frame with funny pictures uploaded.

    Other ideas of what to present on February 23 to a teenager:

    • flexible rubber USB keyboard;
    • plant growing cube;
    • lunch box fun design;
    • smartphone screen magnifier;
    • name book;
    • gloves for touch devices;
    • spinner;
    • smartphone lens set;
    • flash drive with combination lock;
    • phone tripod;
    • Ninja Turtle mittens.

    What is a useful gift for a teenager on February 23?

    Choose what is usefulgiving a teenage boy on February 23 is not so easy. Here you need to take into account the age of the young man, and his hobbies, and the desire to learn something new. A practical present is a thing or accessory that meets the passions of a young hero. Therefore, before you go shopping, think about what your son, brother, nephew or godson is fond of. For convenience, we suggest that you explore interesting options for useful gifts for a teenager on February 23:

    • Gadget Accessory. Not a single modern child can do without it. As a useful gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day, a teenager can be presented with:
    • Power bank. It will come in handy on a hike, a long trip, when suddenly the charge of your favorite device drops to a minimum and there is an urgent need to recharge the gadget.
    • Keyboard vacuum cleaner. Avid gamers and active visitors to social networks sin by often chewing nuts, chips right during important fights or conversations. A keyboard vacuum cleaner will help you quickly get rid of debris that has clogged between the buttons.
    • Gadget bag. Helps to conveniently and safely pack all devices for carrying. Not a single gadget will be damaged, because such a bag has a compartment for each of them.
    • Selfie stick. Now not a single friend will be left behind the scenes. And most importantly - do not have to stretch your hand. The selfie stick will allow you to take a picture with everything you want to show at the touch of a button.
    • Bluetooth tracker to find the lostthings. It happens that the desired item can not be found. And especially this often happens to a teenager whose room is far from the most ideal order. With a Bluetooth tracker, you can quickly find what is lost.
    • Adding the image. From a young age, the boy strives to stand out among his peers. He tries to focus on popular performers, video bloggers, movie characters. In this case, on Defender of the Fatherland Day, a teenager can be presented with a useful gift:
    • Sweatshirt with your favorite character. It can be a character from a computer game or a whole scene from a cartoon with a bunch of funny creatures.
    • Backpack. Neither a young athlete nor a lover of many hours of walking can do without such an accessory. The backpack will fit everything - from training uniforms to a laptop.
    • Lace bracelet. Will complement the image of both an informal guy and a lover of street style.
    • Football kit. You can buy such a useful gift for February 23 for a teenager who wants to achieve the same success as his idols. The uniform will make you feel like a star on the football field.
    • Study Assistant. As the acquisition of knowledge continues to be a top priority for a young boy, don't forget about accessories that make it easier to prepare for lessons.
    • Desk organizer. It will help to put things in order on the table and get quick access to the necessary items - pens, pencils, ruler.
    • Ebook. If a trip to the library is nottime remains, all the necessary interesting literature can be downloaded to this gadget and always turn to it for help.
    • Hanging chalk board in the shape of an unusual animal. Becomes a space for problem solving, notes or sketches.
    • Table shelf for books. Useful for a boy who reads a lot and has already managed to fill all the shelves of his room with literature.
    • Accessory for leisure and leisure. Learning is great, but you also need to relax! In this case, here's something practical you can give a teenage boy for Defender of the Fatherland Day:
    • Wireless speaker. It will add a dose of drive and fun, wherever the guy is - at a picnic with friends or at a workout in the gym.
    • Skateboard. Teach your child to live to the fullest, get more pleasure from a mobile lifestyle, and spend even less time at the computer.
    • Picnic set. A useful thing for someone who often gets out into nature. This set has everything you need - cutlery, plates.
    • Thermo bag for food. It will help to bring your favorite food and drinks to your destination in complete safety. Suitable for a young traveler and picnic lover.
    • Inflatable circle in the form of a hamburger or a slice of pizza. With such an accessory it is difficult to go unnoticed on the beach. A teenager who prefers unusual things and does not hesitate to express himself will like such a practical, useful gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day.

    A useful surprise for a boy inthis day will be an interesting quest, a master class or a certificate for shopping in your favorite store. You can invite him along for a tour of the places of fame or just spend a weekend in the country.

    What is an inexpensive present for a teenager on February 23?

    If you do not intend to spend a lot of money or cannot afford it, it is advisable to prepare an inexpensive gift for a teenage boy on Defender of the Fatherland Day. A budget item does not necessarily come down to useless knick-knacks. This may be a very relevant and necessary subject for a boy. For example, here's something inexpensive you can give a teenager 13-16 years old on February 23:

    • set of ballpoint pens with flashlights, laser pointers, flash drives;
    • geographic puzzle Map;
    • room slippers with animal faces;
    • disc with your favorite computer game;
    • laptop stand with fan;
    • mini golf;
    • set of photo magnets;
    • pen for creating three-dimensional patterns;
    • name pad;
    • organizer for device wires;
    • watch with a photograph on the dial;
    • USB heated cup;
    • magic ball of answers;
    • electronic piggy bank.

    We hope we helped pick up a gift for a teenager boy on February 23rd. The main thing is that the purchased item should correspond to the age, worldview and passion of the boy. And do not forget to complete the present with a verbal congratulation!

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