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New Year is a family holiday. And although a man is considered the head of a small community, the moral climate and comfort in the house almost completely depend on the woman living in it. The approaching New Year's Eve is a great occasion to please your dearest wife. Maybe she is not waiting for a present, worrying that the family budget will hardly withstand the holiday load. But believe me, secretly even the most practical lady hopes that it is her husband who is Santa Claus. If you sincerely want to fulfill this marital duty, but have not yet figured out what to give your wife for the New Year, we are ready to share ideas. Choose and do not delay the implementation of plans until the last moment.

How do I know what she wants?

You can always negotiate with your wife. For example, discuss buying gifts in advance and go on a New Year's shopping tour together. The option "I'll give you money - buy it yourself" is undesirable, it's a family holiday!

If you want to surprise, watch your woman for a while. Surely she is trying in every possible way to hint at the desired gift. It can be conversations on a certain topic, sighs about running out of perfume, an out-of-fashion fur coat or an old hair dryer.

There are no hints, so she is also waiting for a surprise. You will have to turn yourself. This is where sensible and crazy ideas come in handy. What to choose depends on the nature of the spouse, the length of family life, the thickness of the wallet and the desire to enter the New Year in a good mood.

gifts essential

Cars, villas, personal islands and plots on the moon will not be considered. Not all of us are oligarchs, and this is absolutely no reason to feel slighted. But to confirm love not by word, but by deed - this is very correct.

In most cases, the most vivid emotions in women cause furs and diamonds. The wife wants a fur coat, and you can afford it - give her the fifth, tenth or first coat in your life and that's it. The Snow Maiden is happy, Santa Claus will be in chocolate.

But the most anticipated and desired New Year's gift is jewelry. Buying jewelry for your wife is easy and fun:

  • the ring will not be misunderstood;
  • you have an idea of her preferences;
  • you can study and even photograph the contents of the box;
  • collect what has not been worn for a long time and make a thing to order.

You don't have to buy a diamond the size of a pigeon's egg. Sometimes a simple pendant or inexpensive silver jewelry is much more expensive. The main thing is to present with soul. Moreover, a nice bonus awaits you. Jewelry stores on the eve of the New Year holidays make significant discounts.

The approach is practical: all in the house

It would seem that it is easier to givekitchen utensils or household appliances. Do not be fooled by an easy decision that is fraught with consequences. If the spouse is with character, you can get a frying pan on the head. At best, she will hold a grudge and find a way to get revenge.

You can buy household gifts with the personal approval of your wife or in married couples with experience. An experienced woman will appreciate a new coffee maker or dishwasher. The young wife will consider this an infringement on her freedom.

If the family budget is limited and you want the present to be really useful, give:

  • favorite perfume;
  • preferred brand cosmetics;
  • original flash drive or headphones;
  • new phone or tablet;
  • certificate to shop with her hobby;
  • an interesting workshop or psychological training.

You can act according to interests:

  • beauty-conscious - going to the spa;
  • counting every calorie - smart scale or gym membership;
  • homebody - a cozy blanket;
  • what he loves, but often does not allow himself - elite chocolate, coffee, tea.

Lingerie, especially erotic, in the New Year is better not to give. There are other holidays for this - Valentine's Day, March 8, the anniversary of our acquaintance.

Aerobatics - emotional surprise

Things wear out, break, delicacies and sweets are eaten, and positive and extreme emotions leave a long aftertaste in the form of a surge of feelings, a new round of relationships, a sense of family as the main, indestructible value.Tempting? Choose a present:

  • portrait or cartoon from inscriptions, in the form of a mosaic, from a photo;
  • tickets for a theatrical premiere, you can go to another city or country;
  • travel to a memorable place;
  • romantic dinner in a restaurant, alone, in complete darkness;
  • image consultation, shopping with a stylist;
  • travel wherever fantasy and finances call;
  • ride in a vintage car or vintage carriage;
  • a joint day at the spa;
  • beautiful photo session;
  • attending a real New Year's ball;
  • dance master class;
  • swimming with dolphins;
  • balloon flight;
  • dog sledding;
  • jazz night for two;
  • participation in an exciting quest.

It's impossible to list everything. You just need to choose an emotion gift that matches the character, temperament and interests of your wife.

Our hands are not for boredom

A gift with your own hands is also on the list of New Year's surprises. Naturally, you will have to do what you really have at least the slightest experience in. What could it be:

  • your dinner or birthday cake;
  • manufactured film;
  • recording a song or poetry of your own composition;
  • footstool, book stand;
  • jewelry or ceramic item.

Faucet repair, light bulb replacement and New Year's general cleaning do not count. This is not a gift to his wife, but all possible help. Only tangible will dosomething you can make yourself.

Remember that it is better not to present to your wife:

  • gifts collected on the occasion of the holiday in the store;
  • Christmas symbols and other trinkets;
  • what will be used by other family members;
  • items related to her personal, sometimes far-fetched, problems.

Gentleman's set of a bouquet, a box of chocolates and champagne is not a gift, but an addition or, if you like, a prelude. Better splurge on movie tickets and one rose.

The direction is set, you can act. And since the logic in men, unlike the weaker sex, is present - you will succeed!

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