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Packaging cardboard, from which most boxes for household appliances, parcels and other products are made, can be an excellent material for creativity. If you know how to apply it, you will get beautiful New Year's crafts made of cardboard to decorate the Christmas tree and the interior. This article will offer eleven options for using this material to create a Christmas decor, along with photos of finished works for inspiration.

In this article:

  • Christmas tree balls made of cardboard for the New Year
  • Cardboard stars to decorate the Christmas tree
  • 2D Christmas Trees
  • Deer figures for New Year's decor
  • How to make a voluminous cardboard Christmas tree
  • Large interior Christmas trees
  • Cardboard as the basis of the New Year's wreath
  • Christmas crafts made of cardboard and twine
  • Carton garlands
  • Christmas houses
  • Christmas themed cardboard coasters

Christmas tree balls made of cardboard for the New Year

Thick cardboard is a good basis for creating original Christmas tree decorations. Of course, such decor cannot be hung on a street tree, but in the house you can decorate a coniferous beauty with such eco-style toys.

All the above options for balloons differ only in the decoration technique and the materials used for this. The process of making the base in the form of a Christmas ball will be the same:

  1. Draw a circle on thick cardboard. This can be done using a compass or circling some round object, such as a glass.
  2. On the outer edge of the circle in one place, draw a small rectangle to which the thread will be attached.
  3. Cut the workpiece with scissors along the contour, and make a hole at the place where the thread is attached with a hole punch.
  4. Decorate the ball in any of the possible techniques, then tie a thread and the decoration is ready.

There are several ways to decorate such a Christmas tree ball:

  1. Paints. The workpiece can simply be painted with acrylic paints, and decorated on top with small snowflakes, Christmas trees and other holiday attributes cut out of colored paper, felt or glitter foamiran.
  2. Threads. If small notches are made along the outer edge of the workpiece at the same distance from each other, then from the weaves of bright knitting threads threaded through these slots, you can create unique patterns of snowflakes that will become a wonderful decoration.
  3. Scrapbooking. Those who are seriously engaged in this type of creativity will definitely find various blanks for decorating such balls. Well, the rest can use elements cut from old New Year and Christmas cards.

Cardboard stars to decorate the Christmas tree

You can decorate the Christmas tree not only with hand-made balls, but also with cardboard stars. The biggest challenge with this decor will be how to draw a star.

In fact, it is much easier than it might seem at first glance, you just need to act according to the following scheme:

  1. Draw a circle in any way possible.
  2. Use a protractor to mark 5 points on the circle, placing them every 72°. For convenience, it is better to number the points clockwise, where 1 will be the top of the upper beam of the star.
  3. Next, connect point 1 with points 3 and 4, point 2 with point 4, point 3 with line 5, and point 2 with line 5.
  4. After that, all that remains is to wipe the lines inside the star, draw a contour with a pencil or felt-tip pen and cut out the blank.

You can decorate such a star using colored felt-tip pens, pens and paints, white corrector, sparkles, natural materials (cones, fir branches), twine, etc.

Advice! If you put together several stars of different sizes, you get an interesting three-dimensional interior decoration that can be hung on a wall or front door instead of a Christmas wreath.

2D Christmas Trees

From cardboard and paper, you can make flat Christmas trees of various sizes. There are several ways to use such cardboard crafts for the New Year:

  • as a themed desktop decoration with a Christmas ball pendant;
  • like decorations for a real Christmas tree;
  • if you collect several small Christmas trees on a rope or jute, you will get a beautiful garland to decorate the room;
  • from large cardboard trees you can arrange a beautiful New Year's photo zone, garlands and lanterns in which will create a fabulous atmosphere;
  • small trees can become thematic topiary.

To decorate such works, you can use the same techniques and materials as for stars and Christmas balls.

Deer figures for New Year's decor

From large boxes of household appliances or purchased sheets of cardboard, you can make a beautiful silhouette figure of a deer. Its size can vary from a miniature of a few centimeters to a meter.

To work, you will need a stencil that can be copied, for example, from a children's book ordraw on your own. In the latter case, it is better to practice on paper first, and then transfer the template to cardboard.

To make a deer three-dimensional, you need to separately cut out the front and hind legs, torso with head and antlers. Then, using the slots, connect the parts together.

The finished work should be colored. Dark brown, beige, white, silver and gold colors are suitable for the New Year's deer. You can also decorate the craft with bright sparkles, colored rhinestones, multi-colored confetti and other decorative elements.

How to make a voluminous cardboard Christmas tree

Often a three-dimensional Christmas tree means a craft based on a cone, but a three-dimensional Christmas tree made of cardboard and paper can look different. A work that combines four to eight cardboard spruce silhouettes will look more interesting.

You can draw the silhouettes yourself by hand, and you can connect them by sewing together along the edge with woolen threads with a looped seam or using the grooves of the slits in the center. In the second option, after the holiday, the craft can be disassembled and stored compactly until the next new year.

Decorate such a spruce in several ways:

  • cutting through the silhouettes of Christmas toys (balls, candles, stars);
  • wrapping a tree with a garland and New Year's toys (they can also be made of cardboard);
  • fixing cardboard decorations with slots along the edge of the silhouetteblanks;
  • by combining several or all of the options.

Large interior Christmas trees

If you take a very large sheet of cardboard, you can make a very large Christmas tree, which will not be inferior in height to a real tree. Such crafts can also be flat or voluminous. The manufacturing process will differ from those described above only in the scale of work.

Very interesting idea: decorate a large interior spruce with real Christmas decorations, fixing them in round cutouts all over the surface of the tree. You can add volume and “fluffiness” to a flat craft using corrugated paper fringe, as shown in the photo examples.

Cardboard as the basis of the New Year's wreath

Christmas wreaths, which are used to decorate homes, are considered a symbol of happiness and good luck. In the traditional version, they are woven from coniferous branches (spruce, pine) and other Christmas plants (holly, mistletoe, poinsettia). But modern needlewomen often use a wide variety of materials for such crafts: from tinsel imitating pine needles to multi-colored fabrics and buttons.

If for wreaths of living branches a circle of willow vine or wire is used as a frame, then for other versions of this New Year's craft, a cardboard circle is most often taken as a basis, which is then decorated:

  • various elements cut out of cardboard and colored paper;
  • twine, jute or knitting thread;
  • patches of bright fabric in Christmas and New Year colors;
  • tinsel;
  • buttons.

You can decorate such a wreath with Christmas balls, a composition of natural materials, flowers and other details made of felt or foamiran, pompoms, beads, crystals and rhinestones.

Christmas crafts made of cardboard and twine

Cardboard and twine are often used simultaneously in many (not only New Year's) crafts. The process of creating such products will include several main stages:

  1. First you need to cut a piece of cardboard.
  2. Then wrap it with twine, fixing each turn with glue.
  3. Decorate the finished work with decorative elements.

Separately, we should dwell on the better to glue the twine to the cardboard base. There are different options here:

  • PVA glue - reliable, but dries for a long time andapplying too much can soak foundation;
  • double-sided tape - does its job well, but it needs to be glued in small pieces so that it does not lose its sticky qualities from frequent contact with hands and fluff falling off the twine;
  • hot glue - works well, but not suitable for toddlers who can burn themselves with it;
  • polymer glue "Dragon" - devoid of the shortcomings of previous adhesives.

In this technique, you can make a gingerbread horse figurine, a Christmas tree, a star or a wreath. The process of their manufacture and examples of decorating finished works can be seen in the photo selection.

Carton garlands

For the manufacture of New Year's garlands, you can use not only sheets of cardboard, but also cardboard sleeves from toilet paper. They will make beautiful snowflake flowers that you can simply hang on the Christmas tree.

You can cut out figures from sheet cardboard by analogy with the silhouettes of gingerbread. Then paint them with acrylic paints or felt-tip pens and tie them to a long piece of twine.

The elements of the garland can be located not only horizontally, but also fall vertically in a beautiful cascade,for example, from stars or snowflakes.

The cardboard elements of the garland can be combined with natural materials, such as cones, branches (including spruce) or dried citrus mugs - oranges or lemons.

Christmas houses

In many families, there is an increasing tradition of baking beautiful gingerbread houses with children from ginger dough, which are then decorated with sugar icing and sweets. If such a culinary experiment still remains unbearable, you can get by with ordinary packaging cardboard, which, by the way, has a color similar to ginger dough, and a white corrector that will replace sugar icing.

You can use gingerbread house templates for this New Year's cardboard craft or create your own architectural design. The sequence of work on the house will be as follows:

  1. Cut out the walls and roof of the building from cardboard according to the templates.
  2. Using a white corrector (preferably in the form of a pen), draw windows, doors, roof tiles and other decorative elements on the blanks.
  3. After the corrector dries, glue all the parts together with a hot glue gun.

Advice! If you make cuts in the walls in place of the windows and put a small electric candle inside, you get an original night light.

From several houses you can assemble a real winter village, complementing it with snow-covered fir trees from the same material.

Christmas themed cardboard coasters

Ginger tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine and cocoa - these are all warming New Year's drinks that are so nice to take with you in a thermos for a walk. You can drink them from a beautiful cup or an ordinary (paper, plastic, glass) glass. In the latter case, you can give the vessel a festive New Year's look with the help of a cardboard coaster in the form of a deer, Santa Claus or a snowman.

All you need for this dish decor is a strip of cardboard long enough to wrap around the glass around the circumference, colored felt-tip pens, scissors and fantasy. Such work will be very popular with children. It's no surprise if self-decorated glasses become winter favorites, but it's important to remember to remove the coasters before washing them to keep them from spoiling.

As can be seen from the proposed ideas, cardboard crafts for the New Year can turn out to be bright and original, even if nondescript thick packaging material was taken as the basis. Different technologies for working with the material allow you to create decor of various scales.

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