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It's Maslenitsa on the nose, and therefore it's time to cook delicious pancakes. My favorite pancake recipe is kefir pancakes. They turn out perforated, thin, unusually tender. They also come with wonderfully delicious gravy.

  • Kefir pancake recipe:

      1 liter of kefir;
    • 3 eggs;
    • 0.5 tsp s alt;
    • 4 tbsp sugar;
    • 2 tbsp odorless sunflower oil;
    • white flour;
    • 1 tsp soda without a slide;
    • vinegar for extinguishing.

    To begin with, kefir must be heated in the microwave to a warm state, it should begin to bubble. Add eggs, s alt, sugar and mix.

    Add flour. You need a lot of flour, compared to ordinary pancakes with milk. Do not forget that kefir itself gives the dough density, but when frying it will not give density. Those. the dough should be more like pancakes, and not like pancakes. If not enough flour is added, the pancakes will “spread out” in the pan and become impossible to flip.

    After adding the flour, add half of the soda slaked with vinegar. Let's mix. Pour the rest of the soda directly into the dough (as if s alting) and mix again. The dough should bubble up.

    At the last step, add 2 tbsp. butter, mix again. We bake pancakes wellhot frying pan.

    And now the most delicious - gravy, my mother-in-law taught me how to cook it.

    Pancake Gravy

    Ingredients are approximate as gravy is slightly different each time.

    • 150 gr. oil;
    • 1 egg;
    • 2-4 tbsp sugar.

    Let's melt the butter on the fire, add sugar, stir. In a separate bowl, stir the egg. Pour the egg into the butter syrup in a thin stream, stirring constantly. As soon as the egg "grabs", turn off the fire.

    Now we spread each pancake with stuffing, put another one on top. And so on until the pancakes (or gravy) run out. It takes me about 1 tbsp for one pancake. gravy. It turns out sooo delicious and tender!

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