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Love big, powerful and reliable cars - find out what crossovers and SUVs will appear in car dealerships during 2022-2023 and what the expected novelties will be of interest to motorists.

According to analytics from Bank of America, by 2023, crossovers will win back about 70% of the global automotive market, because today SUV segment cars are the most in demand due to their high ground clearance and off-road qualities, which, although for the most part, do not guarantee off-road conquest, but very helpful to motorists in daily life.

Chevrolet Equinox 2023

Initially, the manufacturer planned to bring the new Chevrolet Equinox to market in 2023, but due to the global pandemic, the start date for sales of new items has shifted significantly right up to 2023.

The model will become a sporty interpretation and will be available in full or front-wheel drive.

Among the main benefits of the sporty Equinox 2023:

    • strong modern design;
    • large rims (maximum 19`);
    • new LED optics;
    • updated interior with large touch screen;
    • panoramic roof and Safety Alert optional.

    UnderThe hood of the 2023 Equinox crossovers will receive either a 1.5-liter or 2.0-liter turbo engine with 172 and 255 hp. respectively. A weaker version will be aggregated with a 6-speed automatic transmission, a more powerful one with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

    The price of the new Equinox will start at 2,302,000 rubles for the front-wheel drive version and 2,420,000 rubles for the all-wheel drive crossover.

    Geely KX11 2023

    In 2023, a new crossover built on Volvo's new CMA modular platform will debut. At the same time, the new KX11 will be the largest crossover built on this “trolley”.

    It is known that the novelty will receive only front-wheel drive. Hybrid installations are also not listed in the list of available power units. Under the hood, the KX11 will install only hybrid 2-liter turbo four with 218 and 238 hp

    The expected price of the cheapest configuration is 1.7 million rubles, although some experts believe that the KX11 can start on the Russian market from 2 million rubles.

    Hyundai Creta 2023

    The second generation Creta was introduced in July 2023, and already in the first half of 2023, new crossovers should enter the market. It is worth noting that, focusing on the Russian market, Hyundai tested the novelty in harsh winter conditions.

    Among the main advantages that promise to bring Creta crossovers to bestsellers in 2022-2023:

    • clearance 190mm;
    • availability of all-wheel drive option;
    • stylish exterior;
    • rich interior equipment;
    • modern functionality.

    The palette of power units includes gasoline "aspirated" with a volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters and a power of 129 and 149 hp. respectively. The motors will be equipped with a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic.

    The most inexpensive front-wheel drive option in the Prime configuration will cost the buyer about 1,240,000 rubles.

    Infinity QX60 2023

    The lineup of luxury 7-seater crossovers 2022-2023 will soon be replenished with the brand new QX60 from Infinity.

    The exterior of the novelty is designed in a restrained elegant style with a slight oriental touch. The designers themselves point out that the mesh structure of the new lattice is inspired by the folds of origami, and the new optics seem to repeat the folds of the traditional kimono.

    It is worth noting that the QX60 will be the first model of the brand, which will be optionally available in a two-tone version with a contrasting black roof.

    After the update, the car has become even larger and more spacious, and the functionality will delight with a whole package of the most innovative assistants and systems.

    Under the hood of the novelty, we will see a petrol 3.5-liter V6 with a capacity of 299 hp, aggregated by a 9-speed automatic. It is expected that the starting price of the new crossover in 2023 will start at 3.6 million rubles.

    Kia Sportage 2023

    New Kia Sportage expectedin 2023 will be a completely new car, the exterior of which will be radically different from the previous version.

    The novelty will delight future owners not only with a bright exterior and modern functionality, but also with a rich engine range, which will include:

    • 265-horsepower hybrid will get a 1.6 T-GDI petrol turbo engine (180 hp) and a 66.9 kW electric motor;
    • 230-liter Sportage HEV hybrid will be equipped with the same petrol 1.6 T-GDI (180 hp) but with a less powerful 44.2 kW electric motor;
    • mild hybrid based on the same 1.6 T-GDI;
    • 6-litre diesel with 115 or 136 hp…

    The new Sportage will also receive an innovative system from Kia - Terrain Mode.

    Prices and equipment for one of the most anticipated crossovers of 2022-2023, the manufacturer promises to announce in the near future.

    Land Rover Range Rover 2023

    Jaguar Land Rover will launch its new large SUV Range Rover in early 2023, which will be even bigger and even more spectacular.

    The company's designers managed to keep the classic recognizable look of an SUV, while the car is radically different. Perfect lines create the effect of "drawn" surfaces, and glass, as if continuing the line of the body, makes the hidden pillars almost invisible.

    The novelty looks most impressive in the shade "sunset gold", which also received the original name "golden glitter of Batumi".

    The model will be a synergy of smart technology in an exquisite design, which will be complemented by SARS-CoV prevention technology, a PM2.5 air filter and a carbon dioxide concentration sensor in the cabin.

    New Range Rover engine range includes:

    • two variations of the V-6 for 249 and 350 hp;
    • Twin Turbo V8 with 530 HP

    Mitsubishi Outlander 2023

    There is some delay in the arrival of the new Outlander model due to the need to adapt the new body to the new platform, which will also be used on the new 2023 X-Trail.

    Outlander new generation will be even more, although the clearance will decrease by 4 mm (up to 211 mm). The wheelbase of the SUV will be 2705 mm, which is 35 mm longer than the previous model.

    Naturally, the novelty will receive the most modern features that many 2023 crossovers will show off, including a virtual dashboard and the most innovative autopilot.

    Under the hood, 6 filling options are possible based on 3 power units and 2 types of transmissions. The price will start from 1,859,000 rubles for the basic version of Inform.

    Nissan Pathfinder 2023

    Calling the 2023 Pathfinder a radically new car is definitely impossible, but both designers and engineers have thoroughly worked on the model. The new SUV will receive a 7 and even an 8-seat version, as well as a whole package of the most innovative features.

    The familiar 3.5-liter V6 with 284 hp. With. will now be paired with an innovative 9-speed automatic. At the same time, in mixed mode, such a unit will consume only 10.5 - 11 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

    In addition to front-wheel drive, 4WD with viscous coupling will also be available. Confidence on the road will also add a new suspension, and the comfort of movement on any type of surface will provide a 7-position Terrain selector

    The new Pathfinder is expected to be priced between $35,300 - $50,000.

    Nissan Qashqai 2023

    In the third generation, the popular crossover will be based on the new CMF-C bogie, thanks to which the engineers were able to introduce new technologies in body elements and increase the amount of aluminum.

    In the case of the new Qashqai, we can talk about a revolutionary design, which will be complemented by well-proven conservative technologies under the hood.

    In 2023, Qashqai will be equipped exclusively with a turbocharged 1.3-liter gasoline unit with a capacity of 138 or 156 hp. paired with a 6-speed manual or XTronic CVT. Over time, they promise to introduce a mild hybrid, the features of which have not yet been disclosed.

    The price of the crossover in 2023 will start from 1,377,000 rubles.

    Nissan X-Trail 2023

    In the near future, the new X-Trail (aka Rogue in the American version) will be available in car dealerships, which has grown significantly in size, updated the exteriorand expanded the set of useful options.

    The novelty will differ from the previous version not only in interior equipment and exterior. X-Trail 2023 will receive a completely different power unit - a turbocharged gasoline 1.5-liter “troika”, which will be equipped exclusively with a CVT.

    Both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions will be available.

    In the Chinese market, the price of an SUV ranges from $28,150 to $40,690.

    Subaru Forester 2023

    The globally popular Forester will get a hybrid powertrain and sporty chassis setup in 2023.

    Two variants of power units have been prepared for the novelty:

    • gasoline aspirated 2.0 liter and 145 hp;
    • 1.8-liter turbocharged engine producing 177 hp

    It is worth noting that both variants will be available with all-wheel drive and a stepless variator.

    The price of the new Forester will be known soon.

    Toyota BZ4X 2023

    In 2023, Toyota will launch its first all-electric crossover on the market, and by 2025 the company plans to launch at least 7 electric crossovers.

    The main advantage of the model will be an incredible autonomous mileage - 500 km, as well as a 10-year battery warranty (or 240,000 km). Moreover, the manufacturer claims that by the end of the service lifethe battery must retain up to 90% capacity.

    In the basic version, the car will receive a conventional engine with a capacity of 204 hp, and in the top version, two electric motors of 109 hp will be installed to help it. each.

    Toyota Land Cruiser 300 2023

    In June 2023, the new Land Cruiser 300 was introduced, which should go on sale in 2023.

    Three modifications will be available: Standard, VX and GR Sport. Sports crossovers of the 2022-2023 model year will receive a spectacular black body kit that will make Toyota's new products stylish and recognizable.

    Land Cruiser 300 engine range will include:

    • 3.5L 415hp twin-turbo petrol;
    • 3.3-liter turbodiesel with 299 hp

    Both engines will be aggregated with all-wheel drive and a 10-speed automatic.

    In Japan, the price of the basic configuration is equivalent to 3.3 million rubles.

    Mazda CX-5 2023

    The third generation of Mazda crossovers, which have become the most popular models of the SUV class, will hit the market at the beginning of the 2023 model year, and the novelty will have something to please future owners.

    In addition to the updated exterior, which will become even more sporty and aggressive, the car will receive new dimensions, a rear-wheel drive platform and hybrid power plants.

    The new Mazda is already undergoing the first tests, but the manufacturer carefully hides the details.

    Honda CR-V 2023

    The debut of the novelty is scheduled for the secondhalf of 2023, and the serial production is planned to be launched as early as 2023.

    So far, even the exterior of the model is presented in prototype format. But spy shots of a camouflaged production model undergoing road tests support the designers' theories. Learn more about the benefits of the 2023 CR-V soon.

    Porsche Macan EV 2023

    Connoisseurs of the brand have been expecting a bright novelty from Porsche since 2023, but due to the pandemic, the release of the sports crossover was postponed until 2023.

    The car will be built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform, which Porsche developed jointly with Audi.

    The Macan is expected to premiere in the near future with a classic petrol setup, as well as an electrified crossover that should be of particular interest in 2023. Should we expect crossovers of the 2023 model year from Porsche and what will be the technical characteristics of the novelty is still unknown.

    Peugeot 5008 2023-2024

    Although the first generation of the 5008 was conceived as a compact car, already in 2023 we will see a full-fledged 7-seater crossover with three rows of seats and a fairly roomy trunk.

    Dramatically new design of the front end and increased bodywork turn the crossover into a completely new car. At the same time, the opportunities that open up when using the eVMP platform promise us the appearance of electrified versions of the 5008 in the near future.

    Mercedes-Benz G-Class EV EQG 2023-2024

    Mercedes crossovers of the 2022-2023 model year will replenish the electric Gelendvagen, which automatically falls into the most anticipated news of the coming years.

    The model will retain the frame structure, independent suspension and solid rear axle, but instead of the classic motor, 4 electric motors will drive the car.

    At the same time, Mercedes does not plan to transfer the Gelendvagen model range in 2023 2023 to urban crossovers and promises that the car will even surpass its eminent predecessor in off-road qualities.

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