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This style came into fashion not so long ago. At first, fashionistas opposed wearing such clothes. They didn't want to leave the house in their nightgown. But when the stylists showed how to collect onions, the girls relaxed. Now, if there is a piece of lingerie style in the image, then there is good taste.

Linen style is a light fabric that is framed with elegant lace on thin straps. Flowing fabric makes a woman elegant and gentle. If you correctly place accents and do not abuse the underwear style, then the image will turn out to be subtle and attractive. And there will be nothing vulgar.

All lingerie style items are made of silk, satin, chiffon and satin. There is almost no decor, only guipure and lace, sometimes embroidery. If a transparent fabric is supposed, then it must be worn over something.

Linen clothing style: fashion trends for the season 2022-2023

Fashion trends dictate that women in the 2022-2023 season choose lingerie style as often as possible. It doesn't have to be a dress or pants. You can wear a beautiful top under a jacket. Each fashionista chooses for herself what style she will wear.

Clothing made of silk or satin, which resembles underwear, will show all the advantages of the female body. Everything that the eye does not need to see is hidden, one can only guess and fantasize.

The new trend from stylists this season will be the demonstration of underwear. But it has to be done casually. If a beautiful lace bra is visible from under the T-shirt, it will be fashionable and sexy. Exposed elastic band from panties with trousers also looks very impressive. If you wear an ordinary miniskirt over a skirt with a lace hem, and the lace is visible, it will also have an effect.

For the most daring, designers offer pajama-style costumes. A straight and wide jacket and trousers, decorated with a print or embroidery, look very elegant.

Popular lingerie styles:

  • Dress. It can be of any length, from the shortest to the longest. In such an outfit, you can go to a meeting with friends, to the cinema, to a museum, to an exhibition. Be sure to choose the right accessories. It can be a thin necklace and small earrings. Refined sandals with high heels are a must.

Casual style involves wearing a slip dress over a T-shirt or turtleneck. This bow is the latest in fashion. At the same time, even sneakers can be on their feet.

In a sporty style, this dress is worn as a tunic with jeans. A biker jacket will also look good with a slip dress.

  • Top. This is a universal thing in every woman's closet. Lightweight, weightless top with thin straps goes well with anystyle. Jeans are suitable for a walk, a pencil skirt, as well as strict trousers, are suitable for the office. From above, you can put on a jacket or jacket.
  • Skirt. Looks very feminine with lace inserts. The length can be short or below the knee. Tight skirts with openwork trim at the bottom look good.
  • Shorts. Good for a warm summer day. In shorts, you can walk around the city, to the beach. The top can be any knitted top, flat shoes on the feet. Colorful accessories, backpack and hat.
  • Costume. Perfect for a stroll on a warm summer evening. Soft flat shoes.

Lingerie style colors

The color scheme is mostly one tone, sometimes with a pattern. Color may be different, usually it is white, black, red, pink, blue, green, sky blue and others.

Women's lingerie-style tops: trends, ideas for what to wear

2022-2023 confirms that the lingerie style is firmly in fashion and has become a favorite among all women. After all, it can be worn by all ages, regardless of the type and addition of the figure.

There are many styles of women's tops in lingeriestyle:

  • Cups. This style is suitable for slim, athletic girls. The emphasis in this case is on the chest.
  • Loose fit. Such tops with thin straps are suitable not only for slender girls and women. But, you need to remember that on a slender figure such a top looks seductive and elegant. On the other, it may look vulgar. Therefore, it is better to wear such a top under a jacket.
  • With flounces. This top is made to make the chest look bigger. Usually, flounces are made from the same fabric as the top itself.
  • Slim fit. These tops are worn with a trouser or skirt suit.

The length of the top can be very different. Stylists offer the following options:

  • Standard. The length reaches the waist, the cut is loose, the colors are varied.
  • Crop top. Short top that exposes the belly. To the beach in summer, for a walk. On a cool evening, you can throw a jacket or cardigan over it.
  • Long top. Such models are suitable for ladies of any age. Top below the hips, loose fit. Can be worn with jeans or shorts, or on its own.
  • T-shirt combination. Such models with a deep rounded or V-neck are very popular among young people.

Tops can be worn in a variety of ways.

  1. Just on the body.
  2. Under jacket;
  3. A shirt is put on top of the top, in this case it can not be fastened with all buttons.
  4. Over a turtleneck, looks very nice and fashionable.

Linen style tops are mostly solid colors. They can be used as a basewardrobe. But there are also printed tops. Floral pattern looks very good on such things. As well as sea and sand.

Linen-style dresses: an overview of styles and bows

Linen style is not the first time comes into fashion. Fashion designers and designers have tried to bring it into fashion more than once. But he somehow did not take root, unlike today.

Maybe it's all due to the fact that everyone wants to look feminine, but at the same time attract attention. But, forming your bow from simple styles, it can become simply vulgar. Lingerie style offers girls and women elegant models that will make the image unique.

New items for the 2022-2023 season:

  • Shirt. Looks like a nightgown with long sleeves. The dress is made of delicate material, the neckline, sleeves and hem are trimmed with lace.
  • Combination. The most common type of dress. Narrow straps - one of the differences of this product. Sewn from silk, satin or satin.
  • Ethnic style. Reminds me of a wide shirt. Sewn from linen, decorated with lace.
  • Robe dress. The cut looks like a robe. The cut is loose, the sleeves are wide, usually without decoration.

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