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The script for celebrating the New Year is designed for children in the preparatory group of the kindergarten. All girls should be snowflakes, and boys should be forest animals. The scenario is distinctive in that not only adults, but also the pupils themselves take part in the matinee. The action takes place around (near) the Christmas Tree.


  • Winter (host);
  • Baba Yaga (B.Ya.);
  • Goblin;
  • Santa Claus (D.M.);
  • Snegurochka (Sn-ka).

So… scenario “Christmas Tale”

The holiday is coming to us friends:
Our favorite New Year!Hello dear children
And little ones and more!
Did you recognize me?
Have you been waiting for me for a long time?
Have you prepared a sleigh,To rush into our fairy tale?
New Year's skates,
To ride by the river?

Well, guys, who do you think I am? (Answer) No, I am not the Snow Maiden, I am her grandmother, the wife of Grandfather Frost himself - Zimushka-Winter. For a long time I went to you this year, warm days resisted me for a long time. But still my strength won, because I have many helpers. And who are my helpers guys? (Children list)That's right - it's Snowflakes! Now you will see the most beautiful dance of real New Year's Snowflakes, who specially flew with me!

Dance of New Year's Snowflakes (children dance a pre-prepared dance).

Outside the windows our snowflakes,
There are none whiter and no more beautiful.To decorate our Christmas tree
And congratulate each other!

Do you guys like the New Year? How long have you been waiting for the holiday? Are you well prepared for it? I see that it’s not very good: before meeting him, what do we need? Decorate our Christmas tree. Everyone come out in a circle and get your hands and feet ready!

Christmas tree decorating game.

You can choose any fun music for the game.

Like our Christmas tree, Bare needles (children make springs with open palms, raising their arms up, to the sides and lowering down).

Children are dressing up Hanging sweets (rubbing their hands on the tummy).

Can we use one hand Control her star (hang a star: again a spring with the palm of your left hand raised up).

And with the other hand we We hang balls on it (you need to lower your hand down, take an imaginary ball in your hand and twist it with a brush, “holding” it in your hand, you get different movements with both hands).

We will repeat our ventures We count everything: one-two-three! (We change hands, the right one is at the top with a spring, the left one is spinning an imaginary ball in the hand below).

We will hang tinsel on it To make the holiday fun for everyone! (we make a propeller with both hands andspinning).

And we will go from bottom to top, So that the holiday pleases us all! (We continue to spin, in the hands of the propeller, but we complicate it: we pull our hands up, circling the propeller, then bend over or squat down.)

Light the lights on the Christmas tree Come on Christmas tree, burn! (We jump, raising our hands up).

Winter: Well done guys, decorated our Christmas tree, let's please her with a friendly round dance!

Round dance (A Christmas tree was born in the forest).

Winter: Guys, what good fellows you are and dressed up the Christmas tree and sang a song to her! Tell me, do you remember your favorite game of Santa Claus? (Answer). But it's also my favorite game, only I play it differently. I will tell you magic words and show you the movements, and you must repeat all the movements after me. But, just keep in mind that I will confuse you later.

Freeze Game

Father Frost was walking through the forest (let's go).
He brought a lot of snow with him (we show that there is a lot with our hands).
Santa Claus was walking through the forest (let's go),
He froze the nose of the children (three noses).
He froze the children's cheeks (three cheeks), Took away their socks (grabbing the heels).

Father Frost was walking through the forest (let's go),
Hiding among the birches (hiding his face).
He froze the hands of the children (three hands) The cold fettered everyone in the world ( we hug ourselves by the shoulders and slap on the shoulders).

(The game must be repeated each time more and more increasing the pace until it is completely impossible. For convenience, it is best to immediately record the voice to the music.)

Winter: Well done guys, we almost didn't make a mistake… (music sounds) Oh, what is it, it seems someone is coming to us?

Baba Yaga appears.

Winter: Baba Yaga? Where? We have a New Year's holiday…

B.Ya.: New Year's holiday, and I live in the forest, so you won't have a holiday!

Winter: Why is that?

B.Ya.: But because I covered all the paths and no one will come to you! Neither Santa Claus nor the Snow Maiden!

Winter: Aren't you ashamed?

B.Ya.: Nope, don't be ashamed! And what? I’ve been living in the forest for three hundred years, but I haven’t seen a miracle, but how old are you and everything you have … and all sorts of boxes talking and phones are incomprehensible … but I was a magic ball - they took me away, a self-assembled tablecloth was stolen, the carpet was a plane and pulled off managed! No, you will not see a holiday!

Winter: Grandmother Yaga, what can we do to make you kinder? Give you a phone?

B.Ya.: Eiii, why do I need it! I have a saucer with an apple, cooler than your Skype, so besides Kashcheika, there is no one to talk to … boredom! But if you entertained me … then I would, maybe … and become kinder b.

Winter: Well, well, grandmother Yaga, we have a dance of forest animals for you, as we knew that you would come to visit!

Dance of the Forest Animals. (The boys are dancing, a pre-prepared number. Baba Yaga joins them at the end.)

B.Ya.: Oh, we had a good dance, and now I, I want to join you! I want to stage the dance of my little helpers myself: Babok Ezhek!

Dance game. (Girls come out, they put scarves on their hips and head. Dance to the song “Stretch the accordion furs” from the cartoon “Flying Ship”. You can come up with movements in advance, or you can do it yourselfBaba Yaga to show them on the go).

While the children are dancing, Goblin appears and steals the broom from Yaga, hiding under the tree or behind the children.

B.Ya.: Oh, you killed me. Okay, so be it, I'll go and sweep the paths of stitches … oh, where's my broom?

Children prompt together.

B.Ya.: Give it back, damn it!

Leshy: And I won't give you the broom, look what they're up to, they want a holiday! Now Santa Claus will appear, there will be noise, uproar in the forest … No! (B.Ya. runs towards him, he away from her).

Get the broomstick

(Goblin passes it to the guys, the guys should pass it in a circle to each other. Yaga, waddling, tries to pick it up. You can play 2-3 circles).

When Yaga took the broom, she explains to Leshy:

BYA.: Leshichka, dear! So I also thought to spoil the children's holiday, but now I myself want to look at Frost, to receive a gift (flirts).

Leshy: And what can I get a gift?

Winter: It's over, stay with us and see how kind our Santa Claus is!

Leshy: Hmm, what am I going to do with you? Oh, I figured it out! Do you like charging? (Children answer) It is necessary, it is necessary to love. Now I'm going to recharge with you. (To the mix of V.S. Vysotsky “Morning gymnastics” Goblin is exercising).

Returns on Yaga's broom.

BYA: Everyone! I swept everything, cleared the path. Heard it's coming soon!

Zima and Goblin: Who?

BYA.: Like who? Your grandfather, Frost!

Winter: what about the Snow Maiden?

BYA: Who? The Snow Maiden … she, she had never heard of such a thing. And what is she to us?

Winter: Santa Claushe cannot do without her, she is his helper.

BYA.: Aren't I coming? I know how to help… mmmm!

Winter: No, every child knows that Grandfather has only one Snow Maiden!

BYA.: Oh, what if he doesn't come? Suddenly disappear in the forest? Let's ourselves, we'll find a Snow Maiden for him, we'll arrange a competition. Grandfather will come, and we have a Snow Maiden here, apparently, invisibly! Well, anyway, just for fun?

Winter: Well, if only for fun. Only you and I will be Snow Maidens, and not “apparently-invisibly”!

Relay game "Dress up the Snow Maiden"

Children are divided into two teams, Leshy helps: he gives each team a bag with different parts of clothing, gives the go-ahead. Each team, without looking into the bag, dresses up its Snow Maiden. There can be any criteria for victory: who dressed up faster, whose Snow Maiden is funnier, whose is more truthful, etc.

Leshy: Well, everything is so dishonest! You chose the Snow Maiden, even if it was a joke. And I, as always, out of work! I'm going to "spoil"!

Winter: Stop Goblin, how is this out of work? You helped us (Leshy is naughty).

B.Me: Oh, I figured it out! Come on, until Santa Claus arrives, we will rehearse poems on Leshik! What guys, have you prepared poems for Santa Claus? Well, who is the bravest? Sit down. (Goblin sits down like Santa Claus).

Leshy: Give me a broom to make it more believable!

Several children recite poetry.

Winter: And, maybe, one of the guys prepared poems for our mothers? (Poems and congratulations are distributed in advance, the children must learn them before the matinee).

Leshy: Oh, how I liked being Frost! But it seemsDo I hear bells ringing? So guys, are we ready?

Winter: It's over, ready: they dressed up the Christmas tree, did the exercises, organized the Snow Maidens, even rehearsed poems! And now it's time to meet Santa Claus, guys? (listens) No, it seemed … guys, let's call him together, maybe Grandpa has lost his way? Three-four: Santa Claus! (3 times).

Music sounds, bells are heard, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden come in.

D.M.: I hear voiced speeches
And I'm in a hurry to the holiday to you!
I was looking forward to meeting, I drove through the fields for a long time!

Have you been waiting for me, kids?
Both girls and boys!
I was in a hurry to see you today On this New Year's holiday!

Hello guys! Surely you recognized me? And my granddaughter? Well done! Have you prepared for the meeting? See see! And decorate the Christmas tree! Let's sing her favorite song to the Christmas tree! (They sing to a small Christmas tree, dance in a round dance).

Snow Maiden: Guys, you are so well done, everyone is smart, beautiful, smart! Do you know how to solve New Year's riddles? Just don't disperse.

Who draws on glass, Snow and ice floes in crystal? (Frost)

Who's pinching the kids' noses? Of course… (D.M.)

Who asks riddles And gives gifts to everyone? (D.M.)

His bag on his shoulder, Beard like a snowball? (D.M.)

If a child's nose gets cold, Somewhere nearby… (D.M.)

He will come to us for the holiday,He will light the Christmas tree for us! (D.M.)

Well done guys know all the riddles,
Tell me, do you help your mother?
But I'll find out now,
I will guess:
Pay attention, everyone, my friends! And answer “It's me!”

This is me game

Who gets 5's?
Who helps mom?
Who helped dad today?
Who fell into a big snowdrift?
Who washed his ears?
Who just twiddles his thumbs?
Who cleaned the whole apartment?
Who ripped his pants?
Who washed his cup?
Who scattered the papers?
Who's doing well today? And who's the pickle?

DM: Oh, what good fellows you guys are! All very good! (At this time, Leshy stole a mitten from Santa Claus.). Oh what is it? Who is this?

Mitten game

Goblin runs away and stands up for any player, gives him a mitten, he again runs away in a circle, D.M. runs after him, tries to “pick up” the mitten, the child again stands behind the other, giving him the mitten, he runs away, etc. until D.M. still won't pick her up.

DM: Oh, I barely took it. Children, let's play my favorite game with you? It's called "Snowfall". Listen carefully! When I say "Snowflakes" you spin, when I say "Icicles" you jump. When I say "Snowdrift", you jump up and sit down, and when I say "Snowstorm" you turn the propeller with your hands and shout "woo".

Snowfall Game

First D.M. says and shows everything as it is, and then begins to confuse, says one thing, and shows another.

DM: Guys, have you prepared poems for Grandpa? I will listen with pleasure. (Those children who did not tell the poems last time tell poems.)

Well, friends, it's time to comesay goodbye, We will meet in a year!

And you will grow up during this time, And give us new poems!

We played together, We ran and danced!

B.I: See you again, my friends!

Goblin: Let's just say in unison: one-two-three!

Shine the Christmas tree lights,
Light up our long way! Our Christmas tree - burn!

Together: See you soon!

At the end of the matinee, children receive gifts. We hope that this New Year's scenario for the preparatory group will appeal not only to children and teachers, but also to parents! Happy Holidays!

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