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To amaze the relatives, colleagues and friends gathered at the festive table with your eloquence and wit is worth a lot. You will instantly earn the status of the soul of the company. But for this purpose, well-worn texts of congratulations and "bearded" anecdotes are not entirely suitable. Better use the unique and freshest funny and funny New Year's Eve toasts that you will find in this article.

In this article:

  • For friends;
  • For the family circle;
  • For colleagues.

Cool New Year toasts for friends

“Somehow Santa Claus blinded himself a snowman assistant and left him with a small snowball. “What else do you have to make, my friend? - asked Santa Claus. The snowman thought: there are arms, there are legs, there is a head, even a carrot nose is there. Then he said: “And blind me happiness!”. But Santa Claus, who had seen a lot in his lifetime, knew that everyone had their own happiness and said: “There is snow on you, make your own happiness.” So, in the coming year, may we have the opportunity to mold our happiness the way each of us imagines it.”

“Even as a child, I realized that Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are amazing characters who do not get sick, do notaging, not suffering from depression. And they, despite all the defaults, inflation and economic crises, always have money for a bag of gifts. Therefore, instead of a tricky New Year's toast, I will say briefly and corny - so that we live like this! For he alth, youth of the soul and financial stability.“In Brazil, where there are many, many wild monkeys, there is a glorious tradition of seeing off the old year. On the eve of the holiday, the inhabitants of this country throw out of their windows all the things that they do not need or are tired of over the past year. Of course, we are not wasteful Brazilians, but economic Russians. Therefore, I propose to throw out old grievances, bad thoughts, envy, ingratitude, pride from your soul. And let's raise our glasses so that the 2023 New Year is lived no worse, but better than the previous one!“When we were kids, our parents called us dreamers and maximalists. We have grown up a long time ago, becoming harsh and boring adults. But today I propose to plunge into that glorious time for a moment. And as the most inveterate maximalist and dreamer in our company, I propose to raise a toast so that in the New Year all bottles are endless, glasses are bottomless, men are generous, women are supportive, bosses are friendly, cars are trouble-free, feelings are sincere, and happiness - hopeless.They say friends are made in trouble. This is because trouble comes to the house without warning and not every person is ready for a bad turn of events. Then friends come to the rescue. But I will tell you a secret, it is not difficult to come to the aid of people in trouble, it is difficult to stay with friends in joy. Humanfactor brings us to the fact that we are able to empathize with the trouble, because it does not concern us. But to remain a friend and look at someone else's happiness is difficult, especially when your own life is arranged a little worse. I wish you to find such friends who will stay with you regardless of the situation. Even at the happiest moment of your life, let human envy bypass you, and only pure-hearted people will remain nearby! May they be faithful in sorrow and in joy, like the symbol of 2023!“Every December we, like in childhood, dream of more snow falling. The weather does not always meet us halfway - recently, more and more often we have to pick up not a shovel, but a rake. But today I want to wish you that in the coming year, each of you will put aside the old rake that you periodically step on (and some of us even dance on them non-stop), and pick up a big, big shovel, which will row if not snow, but money. For welfare!

New toasts for the New Year 2023 are already waiting for you at the link provided!

Funny New Year's toasts with family

"Beloved family, I congratulate you on the New Year of the Dog. I hope that this devoted animal will reward us with love for our neighbor, the ability to defend our interests and fighting enthusiasm. I wish you dog loy alty, puppy tenderness, love and a sweet bone under every tree!”

“Dear family members, I congratulate you on the New Year! And let everyone, on this magical night, get what he lacks most of all: the generosity of Santa Claus, the cheerful disposition of Santa Claus, harmonySnow Maidens, diligence and diligence of elves, softness and fluffiness of the Snowman. And the best gift will be the wisdom of reindeer, who in any situation find food, shelter and quite decent living conditions for themselves.!”“Somehow, his disciples came to the sage and asked, looking at the horseshoe hanging over the entrance: “Master, do you really believe that some kind of piece of iron can bring good luck?” To which the sage replied: "I personally do not believe in it, but it brings good luck, whether I believe in it or not." I propose to drink for good luck. If in the New Year we suddenly lose faith in her, let her still believe that she must come to our house!”“I read here the recommendations of a famous astrologer. He writes that the one who meets the Year of the Dog in the family circle, the whole New Year will be accompanied by success, luck and happiness. I'm not an astrologer, but I also have something to say. Those who have the opportunity to meet the year not only of the Dog, but also of the Rabbit, Ox, Dragon, etc. surrounded by relatives and friends - are already the most successful, lucky and happy. For our family!"“New Year plays on contrasts. When it is cold outside, snowfall and impenetrable darkness, the houses are warm, cheerful, the lights of decorated Christmas trees sparkle, a festive table is set. I would like to raise a glass to the fact that in the coming year, no matter what storms rage outside the window, we will always be comfortable and light. For good weather in the house!“Patience and work once made a man out of a monkey. Much later, the saying began to go around among the people that patience and work will grind everything. But today, on New Year's Eve, I want to rephrase these historicalfacts and proverbs and I will say so. Patience and work is what we love our moms and dads for, because even when we grow up, they sometimes have to endure no less from us than when we were still little monkeys. Being a parent is a real job. For you, dear mom and dad!Dear friends! We have gathered with you at an almost round table, almost on an even New Year's date, almost at midnight, with almost an even number of people! So let everything in our life be not “almost”, but very holistically! May this word never sound in our lives and life does not give us half positive impressions, but only full and big ones!

Cheerful toasts for the New Year party

“Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on the coming year of the Dog. The Rooster leaves us, whose boasting and bragging brought problems and unforeseen expenses. The Dog has other priorities: a magnificent tail flaunts in place for adventures, strong teeth to protect against adversity, and a sweet bone is buried under each tree. Let's drink to have it all. And may the Earth Dog grant your wishes!”

“So, colleagues, the New Year is coming. I wish you sparkling happiness, like a glass of champagne; premiums - how many months in a year; plans like Napoleon's; successes and achievements, like stars in the sky; lifestyle, like Santa Claus - always cheerful, has money for gifts, in a beautiful fur coat, on personal transport and with a wonderful companion.“We all taught at school how, in times immemorial and untainted by civilization, labor turned a monkey into a man. And today,when the year of this animal passes, let's raise our glasses to remain human, and even after the end of the New Year holidays, not one of us turned back into a monkey. For a sense of proportion!“It so happened that we work together and have already become one big family. We are united by one goal - the success of our company, each of us makes an important contribution to the achievement of each of us. But despite the fact that we are all small cogs of one large, well-coordinated mechanism, each of us remains a person with his own interests, aspirations and cockroaches in his head. I would like to raise a glass to the fact that in the New Year nothing is impossible for us together and each individually. May our dreams and wishes come true, and those that have already come true - again desired!Once upon a time there were three men, one had a faithful wife, and he was pleased with this situation. The second did not have a wife, but he had a mistress and was also pleased with fate. But the third had both a wife and a mistress, but sadness did not leave his face. Every day he listened to scandal after scandal, either from his wife or from his mistress, and he had no rest! I wish you in the year of the Dog to determine for yourself which path you have chosen in this life and find your peace! And that only joy awaited you on this path!

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