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Looking into the near future, you can better plan your own life or business development. Interest in predictions is only growing, because the events of recent years show how quickly everything can change. So, what Vanga's predictions for next year have come down to our days?


  • Why do people believe such predictions?
  • What did the blind seer prophesy?
  • Which of Vanga's prophecies did not come true?
  • What does 2023 have in store for Russia?
  • What awaits other countries in 2023?

Blind Vanga: why is she trusted?

The personality of the Bulgarian fortune teller is well known. A strong gift, opened after the tragedy in childhood, which led to the loss of vision, allowed her to do a lot of good for other people. Vanga's skills contributed to her following abilities:

  • treat people;
  • predict the weather;
  • see the future of individuals and entire countries;
  • give advice to improve people's lives.

The first fame about her spread during the Second World War. Her ability to point out where the bodies of fallen warriors lie has given her great fame. Her verbatim predictions were beneficialmany officials and influential people. Since 1967, she was introduced to the staff of civil servants with the appointment of wages. Unfortunately, her gift and funds were not enough to fight breast cancer, from which Vanga died. Queues lined up for her, but she did not accept everyone. Those she helped didn't have to pay. Therefore, the clairvoyant lived very modestly. The funds that came to her, she gave to the needy or spent for the good of her country. Her loved ones remember that she often waited for some people who had to ask for help. After all, Vanga saw them long before the meeting.

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    Famous predictions come true

    The predictions of this amazing woman are set out in numerous publications in different languages of the world.

    Even long before the putsch, the soothsayer saw that the USSR would collapse, and Boris Yeltsin would come to power. He came to Vanga to find out what awaits Russia in the future.

    The most famous world events that an old woman saw:

    • the death of Indira Gandhi, who did not want to ruin the dress and refused to wear a bulletproof vest;
    • military action in Prague. Almost a year before the entry of Soviet troops into Prague, blind Vanga saw this.
    • submarine disaster. The fact that the submarine will go under water, which the whole world will know about, Vanga dreamed 20 years before the death of Kursk;
    • in 1989 shebroadcast that the brothers from the USA would fall from iron birds. The whole world remembered these strange words in 2001, when the twin towers collapsed.

    When it became clear that the Bulgarian blind woman could see important moments from the future, her relatives began to write down predictions. Now it is relevant to read what predictions for 2023 may turn out to be true.

    Which of Vanga's words didn't come true?

    Not every seer's prediction came true. It was not destined to see the wonders of science and technology by the year 2000, when it would be possible to grow vegetables and fruits without human intervention. The following events also did not come true:

    • World War III from 2010 to 2014;
    • death during the flight of D. Bush Sr.;
    • disappearance in the early 2000s of one of the Arab states;
    • milk will turn into a product that is not drinkable.

    Experts who track the implementation of Vanga's predictions for 2023 say that more than 70% of them come true.

    What awaits Russia in 2023?

    Russia, which the clairvoyant loved very much, is waiting for trials. After all, she will have to take on the role of leader in solving world problems. In 2023, she will unite the Slavs. At the heart of the new revival of the country lies its spiritual strength and religion.

    Changing the alignment of geopolitical forces, Russia will improve various areas of activity. According to the seer, the following will happen:

    • development of a new type of weapon will begin in 2023;
    • after a few years, the inhabitants of the planet will learn aboutthat in 2023, experimental development of a new energy source was started. Vanga predicted that he would appear in Russia in the 20s of the XXI century;
    • despite the economic crisis, Russia will be able to avoid problems with hunger and other negative phenomena, unlike many countries;
    • Russia will avoid hostilities on its territory in 2023.
    • In Vanga's predictions, much attention is paid to Russia's cooperation with other countries in the struggle for a common peace.

    Other countries in predictions

    Russia's closest neighbors - Ukraine and Belarus - seeing how the influence of Arab countries and non-traditional religious movements is growing, according to the seer, they will want to stand under the wing of Russia. According to Vanga's predictions, in 2023 they will have a crop failure, which will affect the economic situation. They will be visited by a wave of migration, but Europe will not be happy with this turn of events. After all, they are already wary of strangers.

    The seer said that religious differences would become a pretext for sudden outbreaks of local conflicts. Because of mere trifles, people will begin to shed blood. And no one in Europe or America will feel safe as before.According to Vanga, 2023 promises also:

    • readiness of countries for war, where not only tanks or planes will be used;
    • numerous provocations;
    • deterioration of food, many of which will no longer be useful;
    • rising cancer cases;
    • the emergence of new religious movements,which will be aimed at uniting peoples;
    • loss of moral compass in many countries;
    • emergence of new technologies in the fight against deadly viruses.

    It is not known which of the old Vangelia's predictions will not come true. It is worth listening to her words in order to prevent a negative development of events. The people of Russia need to be strong and not succumb to provocations. While in other countries, avoid social or religious clashes. Then, perhaps, Vanga's predictions about the Third World War in 2023 will never come true.

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