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The word "winter" always causes a whole lot of associations. For some, these are long cozy evenings, for others - a hopeless darkness, someone enjoys the "tasty" feeling of frost, and someone is annoyed by the cold that penetrates the marrow of the bones. The choice of attitude towards winter is a personal matter for everyone. But everyone, without exception, is waiting for a miracle in winter!

In the evenings, in the twilight, bordered by snow, you really want magic and the fulfillment of your innermost desires! From childhood it is believed that the most suitable moment for making a wish is the New Year's chiming clock. After all, the onset of the first day of the year is such an enchanting moment, permeated with New Year's magic, that a dream that has become a wish in these few seconds will surely come true.

There are a great many "magic" rituals for New Year's Eve, which are designed to help the dream come true. But they are not always easy to use. But you really want to bewitch good luck for the whole coming year or bring the fulfillment of a wish closer. But there are ways that do not interfere with the celebration.

Lady Luck is a welcome guest at any time of the year. She, like any woman, is very curious. And so it is necessary in every possible way to attract her attention. There are many ways to do this, here is one of them.

Let's attract luck ourselves!

Curlers, curling irons, brushes or hair irons are suitable as “magic” items “for good luck”. An important condition is to use the item as often as possible.

It is advisable to buy a new accessory before the New Year, but this is not necessary, it is good enough to clean the one that is available and pick up a phrase for the selected item that will lift your spirits. For example, to a curling iron - “I wind my hair - I fasten luck to myself” or to irons - “I straighten my hair - I attract luck”. Shortly before the "X hour" you need to appoint your chosen one as a "good luck lure" - it is very important to say the appointment out loud, referring to the subject, at least seven times, and leave it on the windowsill, promising that the festive night will help him complete the mission.

Before the chiming clock, you just need to remember for a second about this item and the task assigned to it, and in the coming year, making styling a “good luck charm”, do not forget to repeat the phrase about “screwing” to yourself or aloud.

Household magic for desire

Any cream can become an assistant in the embodiment of dreams (as in the Simoron ritual).

Two factors are important: it must be never used and correspond to the spirit of desire - if the goal is to achieve a result or get closer to something, the choice of foot cream is predetermined, to obtain and hold the result of a wish come true, hand cream is suitable, and to attract attention - a facial.

On New Year's Eve, a tube or a jarwith cream, you need to decorate with sparkles, confetti, tinsel - any holiday fantasy will do, punish him to recharge with the energy of “dream come true” and put it under the Christmas tree. Just as in the first case, under the chiming clock, you need to remember about it and the desire for which it is intended. The subsequent daily use of the cream should be conscious and only for its intended purpose.It must be remembered that this is the most incomparable cosmetic product in the world, and it fulfills not only its functional duties in the best way, but also brings it closer to the fulfillment of the cherished desire made in magical night.

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    Loading… Good mood is the key to effective New Year's magic! Only on an emotional upsurge is it possible to hear your soul, because it is she who will help you choose the only true, right way! He will choose and believe, because magic without faith is powerless.

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