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The birth of a boy is a responsible step in family life. Parents begin to prepare and “arm themselves” with strollers, diapers and diapers. But it is worth arming yourself with a name that will help the baby in his future life. The birth of a boy in the year of the pig (boar) is a good time. The child will be very friendly, open to the world, a strong leader, because he has pronounced organizational skills. The symbol of the pig will reveal the full potential of the baby.

In this article:

  • names of boar pigs by month;
  • energy of the year and zodiac sign;
  • how to name a future good father;
  • businessmen born in the Year of the Pig (Boar);
  • craving for knowledge and choosing a name.

Names for boys born in the Year of the Pig (Boar), by month

Have you ever noticed that children born at different times of the year can differ in character? Indeed, there are differences. In the year of the Pig (Boar), it is especially worth paying attention to this. The name of the future boy also depends on the season and month of his birth. Here is a list of the most suitable male names for the Year of the Pig:

  • January - Anton, David, Maxim, Ilya, Kirill;
  • February - Timothy,Roman, Nikolai, Ivan, Yuri;
  • march - Victor, Semyon, Denis;
  • April - Zakhar, Ivan, Kirill;
  • May - Alexey, Vitaly;
  • June - Igor, Alexander, Ivan, Fedor, Dmitry;
  • July - Denis, Artyom, David, Anton;
  • August - Roman, Maxim, Ilya, Boris;
  • September - Kirill, Alexander, Mikhail;
  • october - Fedor, Oleg, Vyacheslav, Andrey;
  • November - Pavel, Ivan, Artyom;
  • December - Roman, Alexander, Egor.

Pig (boar) and energy of twelve signs

If you are fond of astrology, then pay attention to the following tips.

  • In the year of the Pig (Boar), the following names are suitable for Aries boys: Vyacheslav, Grigory, Timur. They coincide with the energy of this zodiac sign.
  • Taurus born in the year of the Boar will reveal their full potential under the names Anatoly, Viktor or Bogdan.
  • Mobility and sharp mind of the Gemini are connected with the friendliness of the Pig, if you call the baby - Anton, Vladislav, George, Yaroslav or Oleg.
  • Pig and Cancer will be in harmony with Vasily, Valentine, Daniel.
  • Vitaly, Konstantin, Peter and Semyon, born this year under the sign of Virgo, will show their diligence and responsibility to the whole environment in the future.
  • Libra and the sign of this year will create harmony in the lives of Alexei, Maxim, Sergey.
  • Scorpions will show their determination in alliance with the Boar under the names of Gleb, Boris, Dmitry, Robert, Egor.
  • Boys under the sign of Sagittarius this year it is better to call Alexander, Igor,Nikita, Fedor or Andrey.
  • Boar and Capricorn will reveal their honesty and energy with Ilya, Svyatoslav or Edward.
  • Aquarius-Pig will become real intellectuals and professionals in their future business, if you give him the name Vladimir, Ivan or Yuri.
  • Vadim, Vsevolod and Rodion will be happy in the union of Pisces and the Year of the Pig.

Future family man, born in the year of the Pig

A boy born in the year of the Pig will grow up to be a great dad. By nature, the boys of this sign are very friendly. They are light on their feet, and they also have a soft character, but this does not mean that they are "soft-bodied". Ready to work tirelessly, especially for your family. The names for boys born in the year of the Pig are very diverse, it all depends on the preferences of the parents, on consonance with the surname and patronymic. Most suitable for a future family man:

  1. Maxim;
  2. Roman;
  3. Yuri;
  4. Denis;
  5. Leonid;
  6. Sergei.

If you're expecting a baby next year, check out our list of baby boy names for 2023.

Businessman in the year of the Boar - what to call it?

Boys born under this sign are real knights. They are very easy-going, ready for compromises, have a cheerful disposition, reckless. They are distinguished by extreme honesty in everything: they are good interlocutors, because they speak sincerely and to the point. Such qualities are characteristic of a true leader. Parents can influence the further development of these qualities, in this caseIt's better to name the child like this:

  • Lion;
  • Boris;
  • Alexander;
  • Gleb;
  • Peter;
  • Konstantin;
  • Vadim;
  • Oleg.

Intellectual and his name in the Year of the Pig

Another feature of children born this year is an absolute love of travel. By the way, Boar boys easily learn foreign languages. The exact sciences are also not a problem for them. Especially if you give the boy a name:

  1. Aleksey;
  2. Victor;
  3. Nikolai;
  4. Vladimir;
  5. Mikhail;
  6. Fyodor.

Whatever name you would choose for your son, the main thing is to surround him with love and support, and the rest will follow by itself!

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