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The most grandiose and large-scale holiday is approaching - the New Year! And, of course, on this day you want to look amazing, not to miss a single detail. A New Year's manicure made on the eve of the holiday will cheer up not only you, but everyone around!

We have prepared a colorful nail art photo collection for your inspiration! Choose what you like best!

  • Bright sweets
  • Christmas trees on nails
  • Snowmen and deer
  • Delicate snowflakes and balls
  • Restrained New Year's Manicure

Choosing New Year's manicure and pattern

Before you start choosing a pattern on your nails, do not forget a few rules:

  • manicure should be combined with a New Year's dress or outfit (and it does not have to be the same color);
  • drawings and intricate patterns look good only on long nails. If the length of the nail is not very long, then choose a longitudinal pattern, or a New Year's French manicure;
  • do not forget about experiments! Now there are a huge number of nail polishes on sale that imitate different surfaces - jeans, sequins, glitters and even pile or fabric.Ask in nail fashion stores about new products on the eve of the New Year holiday. They will make your manicure even more elegant!

“Delicious” and mouth-watering candy nails will suit young girls. The classic red goes with many outfits!


And the 2023rd New Year will not do without snowmen, deer, Santa Clauses and other animals. New Year's manicure with cute animals and characters will create a cute playful note in your image. But, it is worth noting that such a pattern on the nails will not suit strict evening dresses and heels.


Green and red Christmas trees are the main trend of New Year's manicure 2023. As well as in any other year, the symbol of the coming holiday will comfortably fit on your nails!


Christmas snowflakes and sparkles are symbols of the holiday. “Plant” some ice snowflakes on your nails, and everyone who sees them will immediately feel the winter mood!


For those who will be dressed quite strictly on New Year's Eve, a manicure with glitters or a jacket is perfect! Drawings with a discreet pattern will also look good.


What did you like best?

    • Snowflakes.
    • Drawings of Christmas heroes.
    • Stripes-sweets.
    • Restrained jacket with glitters.

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    Loading… Why choose just one? After all, a New Year's manicure can be done back in December … During the winter holidays, you can change the pattern 3-4 times! Not a boring New Year!


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