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New Year is not only a Christmas tree, tangerines, fireworks and a feast on the night of December 31 to January 1. It is also gifts and congratulations for relatives and friends. It's good to have family and friends around. But if fate has scattered you to different parts of the world, then congratulation pictures that can be sent by phone or e-mail will help to give a New Year's mood.

Christmas pictures

All New Year's pictures can be divided into two groups, on which are written:

  • wishes in prose;
  • beautiful poems with congratulations 2023.

There are also a large number of thematic pictures without a caption, which can be supplemented with your own wishes and congratulations.

Depending on what is shown, Happy New Year 2023 pictures are:

  1. With the symbol of the year - the White Metal Tiger. On them, as a rule, the patron animal is depicted next to a Christmas tree or other New Year's paraphernalia. Here we have collected postcards with the Year of the Tiger.
  2. Traditional pictures. Whoever and whatever they say, but the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Snegurochka andThe Kremlin Chimes are what adults and children associate with the holiday, so they are ideal for decorating New Year's greetings.
  3. Winter cards and landscapes. Images of snow-covered nature create the feeling of a fairy tale in which you want to move and remind you that the New Year will soon be knocking on the door.
  4. Funny Christmas pictures will be relevant for close friends who have a good sense of humor. Such a congratulation will give joy, laughter and a cheerful mood for the whole time of the New Year holidays and holidays.
  5. Atmospheric New Year and Christmas cards. A mug of hot chocolate against a snow-covered window, a still life of fir branches and cones, a living room with a beautifully decorated fir tree, or a fireplace with socks for gifts - such pictures evoke emotion, making children and adults believe in miracles.

When choosing from a variety of options for congratulation pictures, you need to take into account the preferences of the person for whom they are prepared. The easiest way to make a choice is to ask yourself what would I like if I were in his place.

New Year greetings etiquette

You can download pictures for congratulations Happy New Year 2023 on our website absolutely free of charge, but before sending the option you like, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the rules of etiquette regarding New Year's greetings.

Greetings must be sent on time. Etiquette says that Happy New Year can be congratulated from January 1 to January 10, andHappy New Year - December 25th. But do not send your wishes at the last moment on December 31st. At this time, usually everyone is busy with final preparations for the holiday and cannot take enough time to respond to the message.

Congratulations should not be faceless. Even if you decide to send a picture that already contains a beautiful congratulation, you should add a couple of lines (at least for whom and from whom) so that the message does not look like an advertising mailing from a store.

Everyone should have their own wish. No matter how beautiful the congratulation picture is, if several people sent it at the same time, then such a message, alas, will not bring any soulfulness and warm emotions.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!