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Greetings, dear wizards and sorceresses! What if I told you that your 12 wishes will soon begin to come true? On the eve of the Old New Year, I hasten to share with you a magical fortune-telling ritual for the fulfillment of 12 cherished desires. Be sure to share this article with the people you love and want their dreams to come true too.

We know you'll be itching to know what to do, but let me ask you to do something first. This is necessary so that you believe in your power and magic. The fact is that in the past year, everyone has already had their own personal miracle.

Remember: in some of the areas of your life (personal, work, study, money, home) something very good happened.

Moreover, you have long been accustomed to this good NOW and take it for granted. However, at the beginning of the year, you could not even imagine that this is possible! Think, think! We know that everyone has at least one personal miracle! And even better if you remember not one, but several! Remembered? Cool feeling, right? Can you smell the magic already? :) Then you are ready forin order to make 12 wishes.

If you are too lazy to read further, we have a video version of the article.

For the ritual to work, let's be realistic

  1. Don't make wishes that a priori cannot come true within one year. For example, you want to become a candidate for master of sports, but you yourself have not even started training. Agree, this is hardly possible.
  2. You must write by hand. You can not type text on the keyboard and then print. Need exactly handwritten writing.
  3. You need to think only for yourself. We all have loved ones, to whom we, like ourselves, want to wish a lot of good things: he alth and money and success in school or work. But … alas … magic only works if you think for yourself. You can’t write: “I want my son to go to university,” or “I want my husband to get a new job.” We think only those things that concern ourselves.
  4. You cannot make wishes that actually cause you more fear or rejection than excitement, joy and interest. Now I'll explain what I'm talking about. Now if I ask: would you like to have a million dollars? Most of you will answer yes, of course! Although in fact, most people do not even imagine at the moment what this amount can be spent on. Getting it will cause more anxiety and fear. Where to put it? Where to invest, how to spend, etc. That is, at the moment, the “monetary capacity” of a person is such that he simply cannot digest such a large amount. Therefore, order comfortable for your psychethings. If we are talking about income, which, for example, has not increased for several years, you do not need to think about its increase by 10 times. Order an increase of 1.5-2 times. These are the positive changes that you will be able to endure comfortably.
  5. Be as specific as possible. The more features you list, the better. Try to carefully mark and order from the universe the color, size, smell, the necessary functions of the object, the quantitative expression of money, etc. For example, like this: I want an increase in income of 50,000 rubles a month, I want a new beige fur coat, size M, and so on.

Yes, by the way, desires should be treated with caution. After all, carelessly made even a good wish can go sideways to you. For example, the desire to want to weigh 10 kg less can result in you getting sick and losing 10 kg during your illness. And what? Have you lost weight? Have lost weight. What questions? To avoid this, be sure to read to the end, we will tell you what to attribute to each of the 12 desires so that this does not happen.

That's all, friends! Finally, let's start the ritual!

We know you can't wait! So, a few hours before the New Year, sit in a quiet place so that no one distracts you with shouting: “Mom, have you seen my blue T-shirt?”, or “Honey, when is dinner?” Also remove cats, dogs and turn off the phone. In short, cut out any interference.

Now take a nice piece of paper and a nice pen. If there are no beautiful ones, you can get by with ordinary ones, but beauty is alwaystunes in to dreams!

Now write exactly 12 wishes on a piece of paper. For each wish - one or more lines. Start each wish with a red line.

Once you're done, cut the piece of paper into thin strips so that each strip has one wish. Then the strips need to be twisted into rolls. Makes 12 paper rolls.

Put these paper things in a small flat envelope. You can take New Year's wrapping paper, make a square small bundle. For example, fold a piece of paper, put rolls inside and staple it on several sides. A small and beautiful envelope is needed because it must then be carried with you throughout the year. Therefore, it is desirable to make it flat, and pack it very tightly so that not a single wish falls out.

Now put the envelope under the pillow you are going to sleep on tonight. The main thing is that the envelope is under the pillow before the New Year. And by the way, this ritual can be performed not only on the Old New Year, but also on the usual one.

Everything. Now you can go prepare a festive dinner.

In the morning, take out the envelope with wishes and put it in your wallet, purse, briefcase or business card so that you have it with you all year. And on the eve of the next New Year, you need to open the envelope and see what is fulfilled and what is not. If everything is done correctly, about 70 percent of desires usually come true. That's a lot!

Yes, and more! We promised to tell you how to correctly formulate desires in order to protect yourself from the jokes of the universe.So that they are performed exactly as you expect, and not as it will be more convenient and easier for the universe. To do this, at the end of each desire, you need to attribute the phrase "in the best way for me." For example: "I want to lose 10 kg in the best way for me." And yes! Many people think that wishes should always be written in the present tense, as if it had already been fulfilled, but this is not so important in this ritual. The main thing is to give the universe a request for their execution!

That's all, friends. We've reached the end. Thank you for being with us! Share this article with everyone to whom you wish the fulfillment of your wish. And may all your dreams come true!

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!