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New Year 2023, which will be held under the auspices of the Blue Water Tiger, is a good occasion to better introduce children to a beautiful and graceful representative of the wild. Application in the form of a Tiger is one of the creative ways of such an acquaintance. About what such crafts can be made of and using what techniques will be discussed further.

Tools and materials for application

What tools you need in the process of creating a tiger appliqué will directly depend on what it will be made of. For this type of applied art, you can use the following materials:

  1. Paper is the most popular material because it allows you to create beautiful three-dimensional and two-dimensional applications using different techniques. For work, multi-colored paper of different density and texture is suitable (for example, corrugated, wrapping, napkins, colored for origami).
  2. Fabric - applications from it are classified as one of the varieties of embroidery. This type of creativity is suitable for children of middle and high school age. The technology of working with this material consists in sewing or gluing individual elements onto a fabric base. Thus, it is possible notnot only create paintings, but also decorate interior items (such as sofa cushions) and clothes.
  3. Felt - combines the properties of paper and fabric, it can be used for applications, both on paper and fabric or felt basis, gluing or sewing on individual parts. The variety of colors allows you to create bright colorful felt crafts.
  4. Cereals - lentils, buckwheat, rice, millet and other types of cereals can be a beautiful picture, which will depict the symbol of the year. To create it, you need to draw a Tiger on a sheet of thick cardboard, and then pour grits of the corresponding color onto the parts of the drawing smeared with glue.
  5. Natural materials - straw, dried leaves and flowers, acorns, chestnuts, shells and cones on cold winter evenings can turn into a real treasure for children and their parents, because they can be used to make beautiful crafts-appliques in the form of a Tiger.

In addition to the material for the base and individual details of the image of the Tiger, you will also need:

  • scissors to cut out appliqué elements;
  • glue for gluing to the base - PVA or pencil for paper work and polymer glue "Dragon" or hot glue gun for other materials;
  • thread and needle - if the details are sewn to the base.

If the application will be made as a craft for a kindergarten or school (for example, to participate in a competition), then you should take care of its design by buying or making a frame suitable for the picture.

Popular appliqué techniques

Becausemost often such Tiger crafts are made of paper, then there are more techniques for using it. Consider the most popular ones that will interest children of different ages:

  1. Tear-off application - the image of the Tiger can be created from small pieces of colored paper torn by hand. For older children, instead of scissors, you can also cut off the details of the craft along the contour with your hands. This is a more complex version of the breakaway technique.
  2. Silhouette application - its essence lies in the imposition of a cut-out silhouette on a base pasted over with colored paper. The tiger will turn out if the base is filled with strips of multi-colored paper to imitate the striped color of this wild cat.
  3. Modular application - well develops imagination and spatial thinking, because the picture needs to be made up of identical module shapes. For example, the symbol of the year can be made from orange and dark brown hearts.
  4. Inlay application - the intended image of the Tiger is divided into parts that are glued on top of each other in layers, while the higher the detail, the smaller it is. To add volume to the work, the parts can be glued to a thick adhesive tape or there is a layer of thin foam rubber between them.
  1. Collage - composing an image from different textures or using different techniques using the same material.

Other materials can be used in paper applications, for example, fabric,rhinestones, buttons, ready-made eyes and more. This will add uniqueness and personality to the Tiger.

Applique ideas for inspiration

An application in the form of a tiger can be obtained if we take as a basis a master class of crafts in the form of a cat, only adding characteristic stripes to the animal on the skin. How to do this will be prompted by examples of finished work and templates for cutting, collected below.

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