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Just a couple of sheets of colored paper, scissors and glue will be enough to make a paper tiger appear even in inept children's hands. You can make a symbol of the New Year 2023 in different techniques: applique, vytynanka, origami, paper plastic and others. Everyone who decides to create a wild tabby cat out of paper will find below master classes of different levels of complexity, ready-made schemes and templates for creating New Year's paper crafts.

In this article:

  • Tiger from bushings
  • Striped paper and cardboard cats
  • Symbol of 2023 from plates
  • Vytynanki
  • Origami craft
  • gift box
  • We work according to ready-made templates

Tiger from bushings

Paper towels, cling film, foil and parchment are sold in rolls on cardboard sleeves. This is a great material for various children's crafts. To make a tiger using a cardboard sleeve as a basis, you will need:

  • paper towel sleeve;
  • colored paper or cardboard in orange, white and black;
  • black marker;
  • scissors and glue.


  1. Draw the muzzle, ears, paws and tail on paper of the appropriate color. Cut out all the details along the contour.
  2. If necessary, shorten the sleeve by cutting it to the desired length with a sharp clerical knife. Then paste over with an orange sheet.
  3. When all the details of the craft are ready, it remains only to glue them together and draw stripes on the tiger with a black marker.

The sleeve in the product can be located both horizontally and vertically. Examples of different options are shown in the photo. A paper tiger with a vertical sleeve can be used as a stand for pencils, pens or brushes. To do this, you just need to glue it to a stable base, for example, from a CD.

Advice! The sleeve can not be pasted over, but simply painted in the appropriate color with gouache.

Striped paper and cardboard cats

For children of preschool or primary school age, tigers made of colored cardboard and paper will be interesting, since they can make them with their own hands, with little or no help from adults. Each work is a handicraft, assembled from separate simple shapes (circle, heart, and others).

In the process of creating the symbol of 2023 you will need:

  • paper and cardboard in orange, brown, black and white;
  • pencil, scissors and glue;
  • black marker and additional decorative elements, such as ready-made eyes.

Sequence of actions:

  1. Using the template, circle and cut out of paper, all the necessary blanks. As a circle template, you can use the bottom of the glass, and draw a heart template by hand.
  2. Connect the parts with glue. To do this, it is better to use a dry glue stick, and when working with PVA glue, you do not need to lubricate the entire part, several spot applications will be enough.
  3. To complete the work, you still need to revive the animal by drawing or gluing eyes and stripes on the skin.

You can turn any cat template into a tiger just by adding stripes to it. They can be drawn with markers or paints, or they can be made from paper of brown or other dark color, by tearing it with your hands into thin strips, which are then glued to the base.

Perhaps you will be interested not only in paper crafts in the form of Tigers, but also from other materials.

Symbol of 2023 from plates

Using paper or plastic disposable plates as a basis, you can make not only a tiger, but also its close relative, a lion. If you take one plate for the head, then the craft can serve as a carnival mask, and from two round blanks you can make an animal in full growth.

For this you will need:

  • paper or plastic disposable plates;
  • acrylic paints or gouache and brushes;
  • scissors and glue.

How to:

  1. For a lion or tiger mask, cut the fringe along the edge of the plate with scissors. To make the animal completely, cut the second plate in half - this will be the body. Additionally, cut the tail.
  2. Paint and paint the muzzle on the whole plate and the front paws on the plate cut in half.
  3. After drying, glue the head, body and tail together.

Paper and plastic plates, more securely fix the polymer glue "Dragon" or hot glue from a gun.


A paper tiger can be a beautiful decoration for a New Year's interior if it is an openwork vytynanka. The more realistic the silhouette, the more time it will take to create it.

Of course, there are no less beautiful, but simpler vytynankas. In any case, to work on them you will need:

  • heavy paper;
  • stationary knife and scissors;
  • substrate (special or wooden board) so as not to spoil the table.

Besides this, you will need patterns of tiger protrusions and a certain amount of patience and perseverance to cut the stencil along the marked lines.

Origami craft

Paper tiger can be made even without using scissors. This is within the power of those who are familiar with the technique of origami. But even beginners, by folding a colored sheet according to the algorithm in the above photo diagram, will be able to get the head of the symbol of the coming year.

Usually two-sided colored paper is used for origami, but for this craft it is better to take a sheet of orange on one side and white on the other to get a white muzzle. Dark stripes can be drawn, eyes can be used ready-made, and mustaches, for example, can be made from fishing line.

gift box

In the New Year, it is customary for children to give sweets packed in beautiful boxes, on which, together with Santa Claus, they often depict the symbol of the coming year. You can make such a package for sweets or another small present with your own hands, using the provided scan, which must be printed, cut and folded.

And here are other, classic, schemes for New Year's boxes. In the form of Christmas trees, houses and sweets.

We work according to ready-made templates

Owners of the printer will be able to print ready-made patterns for their crafts, which then will only have to be cut and glued. It is better to print templates not on ordinary office sheets, but on a denser basis. So the finished product will keep its shape better.

Because it is not always possibleprint a color image, you can use a black and white template. It can be printed on a white sheet, and then painted with paints or pencils, or printed on a color (orange) basis.

The paper tiger will not only become a symbol of the New Year 2023, but also a guide for the child to the world of wildlife, introducing the baby to these brave and courageous predators.

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