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New Year is just around the corner… Time to get ready! Decorate the Christmas tree, invite guests, stock treats and gifts. Winter time is a great time to remember the good old traditions. Heartfelt congratulations and wishes of he alth and wellness used to be written by hand, on cardboard rectangles, sent and waited for reciprocal news.

Today, postcards, like many other things in our lives, have become virtual. However, the tradition of sending beautiful pictures remained! Well, let's congratulate each other on the upcoming 2023. Postcards for the year of the Rabbit can be completely different, like this charming animal itself. What congratulations would be appropriate to send, we understand in today's article.

Table of Contents

  • A little about the symbol of the year
  • For friends
  • Greetings for the family
  • With humor
  • Cards for loved ones
  • Official postcards

A little about the symbol of the year - the Rabbit

The owner of 2023 is the Black Water Rabbit. Aristocrat and homebody rolled into one. Rabbit - the owner of delicate taste, good manners, knows how to make a good impression. The colors of the new year to match his patron. So the postcards can prevail:

  • passionate red, inherent in the nature of the animal;
  • delicate pink, just remember his paws and nose!
  • calming and luxurious purple;
  • blue, blue, like almost all shades of water - the element that patronizes the year;
  • black combined with shining gold.

For friends

You can prepare the most unexpected postcards for your friends. Fortunately, on the network you can download a lot of free and interesting pictures. To family friends, the Rabbit may wish an addition to the family, to lonely ones - to quickly find their soul mate. Rabbits are very loved and appreciated by others, such wishes can be addressed to friends on postcards.

In congratulatory words, you can focus on the positive traits of the Rabbit: forethought, lightning-fast reaction, conscientiousness, honesty.

Greetings for the family

Family members can send postcards with a picture of a rabbit family. For example, if you are going on a trip during the holidays, then the Rabbit and the Rabbit can pack their bags. Winter sports, downhill skiing, sledding, skiing, whatever you and your family love to do in your spare time are great options.

With humor

In the year of the Rabbit, many people remember their love of love and tender affection for juicy carrots. However, do not get hung up on below the belt jokes. On the Internet you can find various comic greeting cards for the year of the Rabbit with quite decenthumor.

Cards for loved ones

Traditionally, the most touching cards and wishes are presented to the halves. In winter, sometimes there is so little spiritual warmth, the cold from behind the windows tends to penetrate the soul. New Year's cards will help melt the most frozen relationships.

Cute pictures of furry friends will appeal to both fragile sensitive girls and the strong half of humanity.

Official postcards

When choosing cards for the year of the Rabbit for business partners, you should focus on such traits of the patron of the year as perseverance, determination and the ability to "crawl" into the narrowest holes and loopholes. A rabbit on official, representative items can look quite respectable and businesslike. The simplicity and restraint inherent in the patron will be appropriate on corporate messages.

Business cards can be concise. You can limit yourself to drawing vector linear images. Or even silhouettes of animals. If the company has corporate colors, a logo, this attribute should definitely be used in New Year's greetings. It's great if the director signs his own printed cards. Although, for such a case, you can also make a playful seal with an imprint of the Rabbit.

Postcards for the year of the Rabbit will allow givers to show taste and imagination to please both the recipients of the messages and the very symbol of the year. Let the Rabbit appreciate the generosity of your nature, and the coming New Year will bringharmony in the family and success in all matters!

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