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This holiday differs from others in that it is celebrated all over the planet, gathering in large companies, taking to the streets and squares, and often spontaneous "song and dance ensembles" are formed. What could be better than a lot of people united by a festive mood into one New Year's flash mob? Only a lot of children arranging something fun and massive on the eve of the New Year - not without the sensitive guidance of adults, of course.

Flash mob story

In 2003, this action took place for the first time: on June 17, in one of the department stores in New York, a large crowd gathered near an expensive carpet, people answered the questions of the seller that they all needed a rug of love. No more than 200 people joined this action - we make allowances for the fact that there are always few pioneers. But it is characteristic that it was in 2003 that the boom of social networks fell. This is what made it possible to organize such actions in the future and gather participants in a specified place for joint actions.

In general, the purpose of such a meeting is to do something together that is funny, unexpected, but not beyond the bounds of decency and does not violate the law. Dance flash mobs are often held whena large number of people gather together, performing the same dance steps to the sound of music. The record mass participation was registered in 2009 in Chicago, when about 21 thousand people began to dance in an organized manner during the performance of the Black Eyed Peas.

Real Christmas flash mobs

What is the difference between joint actions held in the last days of December? Of course, they are mainly devoted to the theme of the New Year. These are the cheerful dances of the gathered Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens, and the sudden appearance in public places (markets, train stations and airports, etc.) of a large number of people performing a dance flash mob, and building people or any objects in the form of New Year symbols on large squares ( a Christmas tree, numbers denoting the year, the outlines of an animal whose year is coming according to the eastern horoscope, etc.).

Fantasy will suggest the most unexpected and funny options - there would be a desire to get together and take part in a festive event that creates a New Year's mood for both participants and observers.

By the way, simple repetitive movements that form the basis of dance flash mobs allow everyone to quickly master the outline of the action and join the general drive.

Children's Christmas flash mobs for school

At school matinees on the eve of the main holiday of the year, it is possible and necessary to organize a children's flash mob - and such an event will be equally good for both junior and high school students.

In such promotionsnot only the final performance itself is valuable (and it is always colorful and funny), but also the preparation process. You can, of course, take care of mothers so that they start making costumes, but it will be much more exciting if schoolchildren themselves prepare paraphernalia during labor lessons: this will make the New Year's flash mob even more interesting. It is not necessary to sew clothes: you can simply put on all the big snowflakes on sticks, New Year's wands with stars, holiday caps with elastic bands, etc. Expensive items like wigs and others can be a barrier to mass participation.

Christmas dance flash mob for kindergarten

Kindergarten children, on the one hand, are very obedient, teachable and dance with pleasure, performing the learned movements. But on the other hand, in this situation, it is necessary to immediately exclude the moment of self-organization, as happens with adults. Therefore, in a kindergarten, a flash mob is possible only if it is directly led by educators.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the youngest are willingly distracted, it doesn’t cost them anything during the dance to arrange a showdown with those who dance nearby, or, correcting the spirit of collectivism, find their own style - or even step aside to relax.

Therefore, the main conditions for a successful dance flash mob in kindergarten:

  • lack of complex movements or their sequence (children may not remember);
  • interesting idea (try to get your child to do something he doesn'tinteresting);
  • funny music (it's easy to download your favorite children's tunes on the Internet these days).

When it comes to kids, you need at least minimal costume here: ears, masks, mittens, at least decor on clothes - but all this must be the same to get a massive output of snowflakes, bunnies, gnomes and other New Year's characters

Of course, surprise as a component of a flash mob in this age category is absent by default: parents, grandparents will sit in the hall and look forward to the performance. These dances will give New Year's mood to everyone present, and photos and videos will keep a good memory for many years.

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