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The most favorite women's accessory is, of course, a handbag, because it not only complements the image, but also is a very practical and necessary wardrobe item. Every avid fashionista must have her own collection of handbags, some of them are small and have no more than a dozen accessories, and some, on the contrary, have at least a few hundred. But, unfortunately, the fashion for handbags is so fleeting that it is quite difficult to keep track of all the trends. We will look at the most important handbag fashion trends in 2023, which are offered to us by famous designers and stylists.

Sleek little bags and clutches: photo spring-summer 2023

Perhaps the most basic heroine of all the fashion shows of the summer collections of 2023 was a neat little handbag. Since small handbags have been a popular trend for several years in a row, this year most of the famous designers proposed to reduce the size to very tiny.

Sometimes they are such that even a phone is unlikely to fit there, but basically these are small accessories resembling a clutch bag, where you can safely put a smartphone and a few small things. Trendy micro-bags are preferably decorated with various shiny rhinestones or sequins, or stylized with a hit reptile skin print. Also, most of these handbags are complemented by another popular trend of this season - the clasp.

Oversized bags: photos of spring-summer 2023 models!

The fashion for practicality and versatility has not disappeared anywhere and still occupies one of the leading positions. Therefore, large bulky oversized bags will remain no less relevant than in previous seasons. The hit of the spring-summer 2023 season will be textile models that do not have a clear shape or structure. First of all, such an accessory is not only a stylish addition to the image, but also a convenient practical assistant, since the oversized bag is incredibly roomy and comfortable.

There you can easily put various necessary little things, such as a cosmetic bag, wallet, comb and mobile phone, and much more, business papers, children's things or toys, even a couple of kilograms of vegetables or fruits, or a spare pair of shoes. Bagoversize will withstand everything! With its versatile design, this accessory is perfect for most styles and outfits, but is best paired with street, casual and casual styles.

However, it should be remembered that large and voluminous bags will not suit petite, fragile girls. They will make the image ridiculous and grotesque. Therefore, fashionistas with this type of complexion are best to refuse such bags.

Bags with a twist: unusual materials, original shapes

Speaking more about the summer trends of 2023, it can be noted that non-trivial bags made of rattan, straw or even crocheted will be quite popular. The main advantage of straw bags is that they go well with summer clothes and harmoniously fit into almost any look. But it is best to choose shoes for such an accessory in a boho or country style, and it is best that it be monochrome. As for directly woven or knitted bags, this trend gradually began to spread to such types as hobo, oversized, baguette, duffle and even clutches and backpacks.

Combining the tone of clothes with a bag: photos of stylish looks

The real hot trend of the spring-summer 2023 season will be the combination of the tone and pattern of the bag with clothes, and it is important that they are completely identical to each other. And if earlier theywere also relevant, then this year this trend will become a real boom in the fashion world. This can be easily seen by looking at the collections of most famous designers, in particular Tory Burch and Tom Ford. This one is not only beautiful and stylish, but also very comfortable, since there is no need to spend hours choosing an outfit in such a way that it harmoniously matches with a handbag, the weight is already done for you.

Transparent Bags

Transparent handbags will be the hit novelty of the 2023 fashion season. And although at first glance it may seem that such an accessory is very impractical and strange, most fashionistas will give their preference to these models this summer. A few seasons earlier, designers had already tried to introduce a trend for bags made of transparent material, but then they did not win much success. Now, having received some modifications, transparent bags will create a real boom. They go well with a variety of styles, and besides, you do not need to fool around for a long time, choosing a good tone that will be combined with a handbag and shoes at the same time.

Frame Bags: The Best of Spring-Summer 2023!

Well, what can better emphasize the femininity and eccentricity of a girl than a neat artsy handbag-box? Perhaps only a bag with a rigid frame of an unusual shape. That is why most fashion designers in their collections paid special attention to these accessories. The beauty of these bags is that they can successfully combine several popular bag trends in 2023 at once, this is a rigid frame, an unusual bag shape, and a retro clasp.

The preferred majority of these bags are a beautiful box with a clasp, inside which there are no additional pockets or compartments. The size of such a handbag is most often small, and therefore we can safely say that it also combines the trend for small handbags. It perfectly complements the gentle and romantic image, becoming its highlight. And those fashionistas who prefer creativity in everything, not only in clothes, but also in accessories, can safely choose a handbag, for example, indonut or banana shape, while remaining on trend.

Trendy bag colors: what colors are in fashion in spring and summer 2023

There will be no special restrictions or recommendations regarding the fashionable colors of bags in 2023, since the main attention should be paid to the shape and material of the accessory. However, there will still be some popular shades, preferably discreet and discreet shades of the pastel palette, however, bright juicy bags will also be appropriate. The favorite among the shades will be silver.

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