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Millions of fashionistas from all over the world are simply crazy about the ultra-modern and relevant style for many seasons in a row - casual. Its incredible popularity lies in the fact that in such clothes it is quite convenient and comfortable, and the image itself turns out to be stylish and casual.

In general, the name of this style is translated from English as: “everyday”, “unintentional” or “casual”, which, in principle, explains its main concept. Remarkably, casual style has become so widespread that today, one way or another, it is a component of almost any image of a modern fashionista.

However, despite such popularity, not all girls know what exactly is the norm and is the basis of style, mistakenly believing that negligence is the main thing. In fact, there are many specific nuances that make it so loved and recognizable.

Firstly, all elements of a casual wardrobe must be made of high quality materials, and must also have a good fit.

Secondly, you need to pay maximum attention to the combination in the imagevarious textures and colors, so that it looks Harmonious and not overloaded, and this is not always an easy task.

Basic principles of fashion style CASUAL

Naturally, like any other style, casual has some obligatory elements, which, in principle, form its base.

There is a certain list of basic things and accessories, without which this style is impossible, and therefore they must be present in every casual fan, regardless of trends.

Remarkably, any trendy relatively casual trends from year to year are based on these things, and therefore it is safe to say that these elements will be relevant in the 2022-2023 season:

  • Jeans;
  • Elasticated trousers;
  • Jumpsuits;
  • Oversized or a-line midi dress;
  • Non-trivial skirts;
  • Comfortable flat or wedge shoes.

The weight of these things are basic, but in each season they get many interesting additions and varieties.

Fashion Casual Jeans 2022-2023

The basis of the style, of course, are jeans and other denim items. Their style can be quite diverse, ranging from typical boyfriends to classic feminine skinny, with a low waist and tapered tops.

Colors may also vary,however, traditional denim shades of blue, as well as various variations on the theme of black, will become popular this fashion season.

The combination of denim and flare will be no less relevant, because in this way casual lovers will be able to successfully combine two burning trends at once - fashionable flare and traditional street style. In addition, a large number of different stripes and applications on such jeans will be very relevant.

Trendy pants with elastic band

Elasticated trousers have been in demand among casual style lovers for quite a long time, especially in the warm season. Fashion trousers with elastic in casual style 2022-2023 should preferably be cotton, viscose, or other light and thin fabric.

The color of such trendy trousers can be absolutely any, depending on the image, if it is strict or business - you should choose neutral and calm shades from a gray or beige palette, or classic black. But for a gentle and romantic, or everyday look, you can safely use bright and juicy shades.

Trendy casual overalls 2022-2023

Jumpsuits themselves are a basic component of a casual wardrobe, but in the fashion season 2022-2023 their popularity is significantlywill rise as they become one of the hottest trends.

Such a sudden worldwide love for this thing is justified by its practicality and comfort, since there is no need to think about the combination of things for a harmonious look.

It is enough to complement a trendy bow with a jumpsuit with a couple of extraordinary accessories to look fashionable and stylish, attracting admiring glances.

Remarkably, the jumpsuit will be a great addition to any look, from casual everyday to business or even formal.

The plaid print will be a hot trend in fashion casual overalls in 2022-2023, and the size and location of the cage can be absolutely any.

Casual dresses 2022-2023

The most changeable trend in casual style is the dress trend, as it undergoes significant changes every year.

Thus, the hot trend of the 2022-2023 season among fashionable casual dresses will be models with the so-called "French" cut.

This dress is quite conservative and versatile, and therefore will perfectly fit into almost any look, thanks to its A-line cut and medium length, just below the knee.

Such a dress should preferably be made of viscose or cotton, the color is selected depending onsituation.

Non-trivial casual skirts

For many years now, asymmetrical denim skirts of various lengths, both mini and maxi, have been the main burning trend in casual style.

In addition to denim skirts, light and flowing maxi and mile long chiffon skirts will also be quite relevant. It is noteworthy that the 2022-2023 season will surprise fashionistas with its variety of bright and extraordinary casual style skirts.

As for business ladies, they should pay attention to a classic knitted pencil skirt, or a cotton sun skirt below the knee.

Actual accessories for a harmonious look in casual style 2022-2023

Since casual style is primarily comfort and convenience, and only then lightness and negligence, accessories should be selected in such a way that they can convey the mood of their owner as accurately as possible.

The main trends for many years in a row are scarves, a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. As for shoes, they must be comfortable, and therefore sneakers and sneakers will remain the number one favorite.

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