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Many mistakenly believe that bridal fashion is fairly monotonous, conservative and predictable, that it lacks variety and individuality. Of course, there are still some well-established canons, but the modern wedding image of the bride is not only a long white dress in the Empire style, year or princess.

In fact, this fashion branch is developing quite rapidly and diversely, delighting girls with charming and very bold novelties. Therefore, those who find the classic image of the bride boring and unremarkable can safely choose what they like best. So, perhaps, it is worth considering in more detail the main wedding trends of the 2022-2023 season.

Incredible floral motifs

Today, wedding fashion is more and more throwing away the established stereotypes regarding the image of the bride. Now it is not necessary to wear a long closed white dress with a fluffy skirt to look like a real bride.

The main wedding trend of 2022-2023 will be floral motifs, because they will give the image of a girl on this important day an incredible femininity andromance.

Floral manifestations can be in absolutely everything, it can be either directly light fabric in pastel colors with a delicate floral print, or floral appliqué or embroidery on a dress, or drapery with floral lace.

Such models of wedding dresses at their shows were offered to brides by the world's leading fashion designers. Remarkably, it is not necessary to limit yourself to only white or ivory, as there will be many interesting shades from the pastel and nude palette in the trend.

Traditional princess dresses

Of course, fans of the classic style and the traditional image of the bride have always been and always will be, and therefore, especially for them, fashion designers in 2022-2023 also provided for several interesting and extraordinary trends.

First of all, the emphasis will be placed not so much on splendor as on luxury, because if a girl chooses a princess-style dress, she should look like a real princess in it.

Because, in addition to incredibly lush, and at the same time light, skirts made of a huge amount of tulle and chiffon, and also incrediblylong trains with handmade lace ornaments, the design of both the dress itself and the veil with rhinestones, crystals and gold or silver plating will also be very fashionable.

It is noteworthy that the veil can be of a silvery or golden hue, with the corresponding lace decoration of the same color, and the white corset of the dress can be stones and rhinestones to match the veil, also do not forget that the skirt should also be decorated with a small scattering of small stars or stones with the tone of the style of the outfit.

Elegant minimalist outfits

Every year, the conservatism and restraint of wedding dresses gradually fade into the background, as the thirst for originality, originality and self-expression makes its way forward, because every girl wants to be in the spotlight on this day.

That is why the burning trend of the 2022-2023 season will be elegant wedding dresses in a minimalist style. They have a perfect cut with clean lines and a minimal content of complex decor, and in some cases it may be absent altogether.

However, with all this, the image should have one bright and unforgettable accent, which will make the image individual and unique.

In addition, it is customary to complement such wedding dresses with a cape or cape, the length of which can be chosen at your discretion, ranging from very short, barely coveringshoulders, to luxurious long drapes decorated with sophisticated embroidery or lace appliqué.

An alternative to a wedding dress

It is worth noting that the 2022-2023 wedding season is full of bold and unexpected decisions, and therefore it is not surprising that the top burning trends of this year will include not only various models of wedding dresses, but also wedding jumpsuits or trousers suits.

It can be either delicate and feminine trouser models made of white lace, or bold and daring jumpsuits with an extravagant cut and style, which will come in handy for an ultra-modern extraordinary wedding. Also, this model is well suited for themed outdoor ceremonies, which are now incredibly in demand.

Ageless delicate lace

No matter how diverse modern trends are, there are brides whose sophisticated nature is not ready for bold experiments. And since there are quite a lot of such indecisive representatives of the fair sex in the wedding season 2022-2023, lace will remain relevant. It cannot be said that it will be a burning trend, but it will still be popular.

Preferably, these will be sophisticated models in which lace and guipure are correctly combined, since they look incredibly gentle and luxurious on the bride, and besides everything, they do not need to be additionally decorated.

The length of such a dress can be absolutely any, ranging from a romantic mini or midi above the knee, and ending with a princess-style style. It is noteworthy that such an image will quite successfully complement one of the hot trends of the 2022-2023 season - a delicate diadem, which will only increase all that luxury, femininity and romance.

Emphasize a chic neckline

Modern fashion dictates modern rules, and therefore now the bride does not have to be an indicator of modesty and chastity.

This was once again confirmed by the world's leading fashion houses at their shows of bridal collections for the 2022-2023 season. An expressive and seductive neckline, which can boldly decorate a dress of any style and color, will become an absolute hit.

The most relevant will be the top in the style of a bustier or with a deep V-neck in combination with a long and fluffy tulle skirt. Remarkably, in the second version with a neckline, the top of the dress is complemented by thinstraps, since its depth can reach up to the waist line.

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