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If a small man grows up in the family, then choosing a New Year's costume for a boy can turn into a nightmare. And all why? Yes, it's just that parents, for completely natural reasons, tend to "give" their own dreams to the child. And would they remember their childhood, and think, would they like the costume of some pioneer hero (the one that my mother loved)?

That's the point! The choice of a New Year's costume must be done together with the child, then there will be no resentment and "boring mines". And there will be a real enchanting holiday, running around, games, mood, happiness! What can be advised here? The boys are passionate about comic book and movie characters. Creating some newfangled hero is not very difficult. And the service industry is trying to follow the trends of even the smallest buyers.

The form of a small soldier or sailor is still relevant today. It looks beautiful, the boy will be proud of such a New Year's outfit. Pranksters and bullies might be comfortable in a clown or Harlequin outfit or some kind of Marvel superhero mask. And if you teach him the skill of juggling! Imagine the effect, and for the development of the boy is veryhelpful.

The ideas of road "romantics" of all stripes are still in demand. For example, pirates or robbers. With the right “ideological attitude”, the child will arrange a lot of entertainment for himself in such an outfit. Yes, do not forget about your son's favorite characters. Someone is passionate about robots or comics, while others are already reading science fiction at this time.

Here are photo ideas for New Year's costumes for 2023!

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