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On New Year's Eve, I want to look especially attractive. Of course, the emphasis is not only on the dress, hairstyle and mood. Makeup is a way to stand out and showcase your taste and style.

Any girl understands that the holiday gives her a chance! But how to use it correctly and not cross the line beyond which brightness turns into vulgarity? Balance and caution should be the basis for creating New Year's makeup.

  • The highlight of the image.
  • How to choose the right style?
  • A little about cosmetics.
  • Skin preparation and application of tone.
  • Expressive eye makeup.
  • Seductive lips makeup.
  • Photo ideas for your look.

Features of New Year's makeup

New Year's Eve is a time that can affect the whole year. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to make a special New Year's make-up. It should be: bright, attractive, emphasizing dignity, and most importantly - magical! It is recommended to pay special attention to the latter. That is, in those tones and colors that are designed to set off your unusual features, it is necessary to take into account the mood of the next year, the features of its totem. Soas the Blue Tiger becomes the owner of 2023, then you need to build on his character.

The tiger is distinguished by playfulness, cheerful disposition, love for everything practical. How to please him? Create a romantic image, slightly frivolous and reckless. However, avoid overly flashy and bright makeup. This will be a sign to the hostess of the year that you are ready for a little adventure, but at the same time, you are not against stability. With this tactic, you can attract good luck and the fulfillment of your wishes.

Choose an image!

First of all, make-up needs to be thought out in such a way that it is combined with the toilet, your natural virtues, the chosen hairstyle, creating a New Year's mood! There is a rule: to highlight one thing, either eyes or lips. They shouldn't be neglected. Decide (if you have not done so before) what is more beneficial for you to emphasize.

Eyes will draw attention to the soul, lips - an indisputable argument for the opposite sex. What is your intention? With whom will you celebrate the New Year? If your personal life is not yet arranged, then focus on the brightness of the lips: men, like a thousand years ago, do not think about the soul in the first place.

Next, you need to critically evaluate the color scheme of the future make-up. Look beyond lipstick and eye shadow. Everything should be harmoniously combined with each other, with skin color, attire. The perfect image is built on the little things. It is recommended to choose a time in advance and take a test, or better not one.

What are you onput an accent?

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    • Everything should be bright!

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    Loading… Cosmetics & Products

    When choosing products that will create your face, follow the rules that have saved more than one reputation:

    • funds must be proven, of high quality. You have to spend many hours among a large number of people, perhaps in a stuffy room. Don't let your face "float";
    • it is desirable that all products are from the same manufacturer. This will be the key to maintaining the he alth of the skin and eyes. Not all companies make sure that their cosmetics are in harmony with the means of competitors;
    • do not use freshly purchased cosmetics that have not been used before. It's risky.

    Skin preparation and tone application

    The basis of any beauty is he althy skin. The base will help to make it fresh and attractive, which will be the first step in the New Year's transformation. Apply it with soft movements, repeating the natural lines of the skin (see photo). If you do not coordinate the tone with your face (change direction), then it will definitely let you down: it will roll in the area of micro wrinkles that appear during facial expressions.

    Christmas eye makeup

    Eyes must be highlighted in any case. If they become the center of attention - then brighter, if you decide to shift the focus to the lips - then more modestly.Please note that when applying shadows and eyeliner, you need to focus on the merits of your eye shape. You should not waste your energy on drawing arrows for yourself, like in …

    Emphasize exactly your virtues! The line of the eyelids should correspond with the arches of the eyebrows. Well, if they form a completely harmonious picture. The eyelids are covered with decorative products from the corners, near the nose. If the eyes are close, start with light colors. Single color shadows are not the best option. Eyes look much brighter if at least three colors are applied to the eyelids. Remember, a light color visually highlights the application area, a dark one masks it.

    The eye contour is created with a pencil or eyeliner. Don't forget to blend out lines that are too strict. Otherwise, the makeup will be too "mechanical", artificial.

    Lip makeup for the New Year should be chic!

    To prevent the lips from being erased in the first hour of the holiday, be sure to highlight the contour. Lipstick must be applied with a brush, choosing colors so that the brightest lies on the thickest part. The contour is selected a tone brighter than the main color. Take a close look atcorners of the lips. This small area most quickly betrays the lack of professionalism of the master.

    Now a little about blush. They are often abused. However, you should not do this. Blush is designed to emphasize the oval of the face, cheekbones, and not "decorate" the skin. Their color must be selected to match the skin tone and well distributed in selected places. If the make-up is done professionally, then they are almost imperceptible. Skin from the combination of foundation and blush will look transparent, luminous.

    Will you follow the recommendations of astrologers?

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    • I'll try and see how it goes.
    • Interesting to read, but I don't believe it.

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    And finally - beautiful photos of New Year's make-up. Create your own style and be the most beautiful on New Year's Eve!

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