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We bring to your attention a New Year's scenario for the younger group of kindergarten. Since the children are still small, a facilitator has been introduced into the fairy tale, who will actively help them in everything. Boys must wear bunny costumes and girls must wear fox costumes.


  • three baskets,
  • pack of cream,
  • plastic vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries,
  • fish from the children's game "Fisherman".

Heroes of the New Year's fairy tale

  • Presenter
  • Kolobok
  • Hare
  • Fox
  • Wolf
  • Bear
  • Santa Claus
  • Snow Maiden

Fairy tale "Christmas adventures Kolobok"

Merry music sounds, a gingerbread man appears, ruddy, handsome, but out of breath, looking for somewhere to hide, trying to fit under the Christmas tree, then notices the children.

Col. - Hello guys, how smart are you all - did you come to the holiday? To welcome our Christmas tree? Or are you waiting for someone?

Presenter - Hello bun, yes, we all came to the holiday, and why are you running through the forest?

Col. - (listens) A hare is chasing me, I left my grandmother and left my grandfather, and nowI can't find my way home!

Ved. - A-I-I-I-th, is it possible to run away from adults? Children, remember - never run away from mom and dad, from grandparents! And you should never run away from kindergarten teachers!

Col-K - Oh, it seems my pursuit is close, guys, help me hide. (Hides behind the Christmas tree or under the Christmas tree).

A hare runs out, looks around.

Ved-I - Hare, dear, hello little white!

Hare - Here's another hello to you. Who else are you? Where do I take my lunch?

Leading. - Lunch is yours, by the way, grandparents are waiting at home, but you are not ashamed, look what example you are showing to little children. You go furious with furious, you offend the little ones! You don't even want to say hello. A-I-I-I-th, aren't you ashamed? The guys are still quite, tiny, they should know how to say hello.

Bunny - I'm not up to you! And anyway, why should I say hello? And how is it even done?

Ved - And now we'll show you guys, right, kids? (Answer) - Let's teach the hare to say hello: Hello, kids! (They answer in unison: “Hello”). - Well, oblique, did you understand everything or repeat?

Z - Of course, since such little ones understand everything, I'm all the more ashamed … (shuffling her leg).

Leading. - Dear Zayushka, they have come up with a dance for you, look how beautiful it is. Now our bunny boys will show it to you, and then we will treat you with vegetables so that you don’t eat our bun, look how beautiful, ruddy it is!

Hare - really? Oh, well then of course, otherwise I'm like thathungry!

"Dance of the Bunnies" The kids come out and dance the dance of the bunny boys. Then they sit down.

Leading. - Well, now hare our treats. (Pulls out a basket of vegetables) Look what goodies we have! And come on, kids. Tell the bunny, what are we going to treat him to? (He takes out one vegetable each, the children, with the help of the presenter, list - cabbage, carrots, beets, cucumbers, etc.). Here, oblique, accept a delicious gift from us!

Leading. - Come out kolobok. He won't touch you, he's full now!

The bun comes out and greets the bunny. Together they sing the song “I left my grandmother …”, the children clap their hands!

Ved. - Bunny, can you stay with us?

Z-c - Of course, with pleasure!

Qty - Hurrah! I can now safely ride, have fun in peace and, of course, run to my grandparents! My poor ones, how they worry, how they worry about that. That I ran away from them! They must have been waiting for me already!

Towards the kolobok a wolf comes out, steps on the kolobok, he backs away.

Wolf: Where to? To what kind of grandmother? I'll eat you now! (quietly so as not to scare the children). Kolobok hides under the tree in fear.

Leading. - Why are you so angry?

Wolf- I'm angry because I'm hungry, I've been walking through the forest for two days, but there's still no food! I also lost such a round, tasty one … . Woo!

Grey, you don't eat our friend, let's feed you ourselves?

W-c- Feed me? What will you feed me? What do you have here?

Presenter- Guys, what's upDoes the wolf like to eat us? - Fish, right! Let's play fishing with you, we'll catch fish!

Fishing game (Kolobok and Bunny help).

Children stand in a circle, join hands, the wolf remains behind the circle, the children raise their hands up, it turns out such a mousetrap, in our case a network. The host takes any child and runs away with him from the wolf from the outside of the round dance, in a circle. As soon as he feels that the wolf is about to catch up, he runs into the circle, the decks lower their hands (this can be from one or several sides, the main task is not to let the wolf inside). Then the leader changes the child, the children raise their hands again, on the other side, the leader with the child passes, and again they run in a circle from the wolf.

Host - Well, what did you play, have fun and managed to deceive the wolf. Okay, don't be upset wolf, look what kind of fish we have!

Wolf- Wow, what a hearty meal! Thank you guys! I won't be after your friend anymore, that's enough! I will be friends with him now!

Leading - Top, stay with us, we are waiting for Santa Claus!

Wolf - Santa Claus? Real? Never saw him! Happy to stay!

Presenter - Do not be afraid of Kolobochek, but we need to return you to your grandparents before someone else eats you … (does not have time to finish, a bear appears, without sudden movements, such a kind Misha).

Presenter - Hello Michal Ivanovich!

Mishka - Hello! (Kolobok backs away)

V-I - Mishka and you also came for a kolobok?

Medv. - Yes! I'm so hungry, I came for a bun! (scratchestummy)

Wed-I - Mikhal Ivanovich, and let's play with you, and at the same time feed you tasty? (shows a basket of mushrooms and fruit).

Mishka- Feed me? Will you still play? If all at once, then I agree!

The game "At the bear in the forest"

Mikhal Ivanovich goes to bed, plastic mushrooms, berries, fruits are scattered all around. The children are quietly trying to collect them, the bear is peeping. The words “At the bear in the forest, I take his berries! And I collect mushrooms, quietly, I don’t scare the bear! Only he doesn’t sleep, he looks at us very angrily, and then how he will run! Misha catches the kids. This must be done very carefully so as not to scare, without shouting: he gets up, stretches, notices the kids. The children scatter in different directions, the bear goes back to sleep.

Honey. - Yeah, who is it here with me, come on, scatter as to the sides!

After the game, the basket of treats goes to the clubfoot.

Ved. - Na Mishenka, you deserve a basket of fruits, mushrooms and berries!

Mishka - Oh, thank you kids, they cheered me up and fed me! I'm so happy I will never offend Kolobok! Can I stay with you, it looks like you have a holiday here?

Ved-ya - Yes, Michal Ivanovich, we are waiting… guys, who are we waiting for? (answer) That's right, Santa Claus! Stay with us, clubfoot!

Kolob. - If only we could spread the fox like that, it would be just wonderful!

Leading. -Don't worry our friend, now we will try to make friends with the fox!

The voice of the fox is heard, the gingerbread man does not have time to hide.

Fox - Who-who-who called me?

Presenter - Yes, we, in fact, did not call …

Chanterelle - What was it not called? I heard! (Sniffing)

Ved-i - And this is how we have enough of our foxes here!

Fox - Yours? The same redheads and beautiful?

V-i. - It's over, look how many there are! Do you want them to dance for you?

Dance of the little foxes. (Only girls dance).

Lisonka - How I liked you, how good it is with you! I don’t even want to leave, only now the hunger is not an aunt!

V-I - And we look for you, I prepared a present, homemade cream. (Gives her a pack of cream.) - Here, enjoy!

Fox - How do you know that I really like to feast on cream? Mmmm, yummy! (licks). Are they from cows?

B-I - No, they're from a princess goat! Do you want us to tell you a very interesting story, how our goat found it?

The game "The goat was walking through the forest"

All the kids play, the presenter lines them up in a circle, they go and repeat the movements to the words of the children's song "Let's jump the Goat".

The leader is Lizavet Petrovna, and you can stay with us, we are waiting for someone magical!

Chanterelle - Who is this? Is it really Santa Claus himself with his granddaughter? I heard, heard in the forest that he was going to visit the kids! Yes, gifts are lucky! Of course, I'll stay!

The phonogram turns on: the wind is blowing, a snowstorm is blowing, you can hear the crunch, the bells are ringing - this is Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden stepping on the crisp snow.

The main characters of the holiday appear.

Through the distant forests,
On the high valleys,
I drove here for a long time,My years are not a hindrance to me!

There will be a holiday here today
And the gifts will be different!
We will lead a round dance Give poems to Grandpa!

Hello, hello kids!
It's time to celebrate the New Year!
Let's hold hands, Let's smile at our Christmas tree!

Let's say it together,
And repeat three times:
One-two-three, the lights are on! The lights on the Christmas tree are lit.

Snegurochka - And now guys, let's sing a song to our Christmas tree. Together we will all join hands, because the green beauty is so sad after the noisy forest to stand alone!

Round dance “I was born in the forest…”

D. M - And who prepared gifts for me? Who wrote poetry for me? Come on, forest children, little animals, give grandfather a stool, I'm tired from the long road. I'll sit and listen to the little kids!

Children recite poems, who, how and what can.

Ded.M. - Oh, kids, kids, where's my mitten?

Chanterelle - And she, my grandfather!

Ded.M. - Ahh, the fox-sister stole it, come on, give it back!

Lis- No, I won't. Play with us, you've been too long grandpa, but I'm too good today, mess!

"Game "Take away" (children pass grandfather's mitten in a circle, and he tries to take it away).

Ved. - Grandpa, maybe we can play something else with the kids?

D.M. - What is allowed! Let me freeze you all!

Snowflakes are spinning and spinning,
They lie on the nose of the kids,
Icicles are frozen
Earrings, Polinka, Sasha andYulka. One-two three - freeze!

D.M. walks, looks which of the children froze. Usually the kids are good at this task. If someone is not frozen, it is not necessary to remove him from the game, the kids are very upset about this. Santa Claus must jokingly shake his finger and start the game again. You can spend it several times.

Snow. - Kids, kids and babies, we need to take the bun to grandma and grandpa! We know one cheerful dance that will show you the way!

"Dance of the Bun"

The guys perform movements to the song "Jump-jump - bun". Gingerbread man leaves.

D.M. - And you, forest animals, help me distribute gifts to the children.

Grandfather distributes gifts, animals help. This item can be removed if educators decide to leave gifts in the cabinets. But then you just need to show the children one bag, and say: "And in the evening, after dinner, all the children will receive gifts from me!".

Snow Maiden -

Well friends, it's time for us to part,
I wish you all to grow up,
We will say goodbye to Grandfather, And wish him a light journey!

D.M. -
Well, we wish you all
Stay he althy and make all adults happy!
May your wishes come true soon, May you have fewer tears!

Chorus See you soon!

The heroes leave, only the host remains.

V-I - Well guys, did you like the holiday? (answer) Who did you like the most? Bun, ruddy, lush! Will we call our dear heroes next year? Well, it's time to return to the group.

We hope that you and the little participants of the holiday will like our New Year's scenario for the younger group of kindergarten!

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