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Is the topic of divination popular these days? Of course. And even when the New Year 2023 is on the threshold, people remain people, with their human weaknesses, one of which is curiosity. And what could be more interesting than looking into your future?

It is because of simple curiosity that divination to this day remains very much in demand. The most truthful, at all times, are the January New Year fortune-telling, because it is in this month that the line between the real and the unreal world becomes very thin. Magical forces descend to earth in order to fulfill wishes or open the veil to the future. And, of course, the most popular fortune-telling was and will be - fortune-telling for marriage.

Fortune-telling with "silver" water

New Year is a magical holiday in which various miracles happen. To get "silver" water, three days before New Year's Eve, put silver items in a vessel with clean water and leave it in a dark place. This liquid is not only aged with silver, but also has magical properties.

Divination by branches

For this action you will need:

  • 7 splinters,
  • 7twigs,
  • “silver” water in 7 small cups,
  • red thread.

At Midnight, light 7 candles and put them in a circle, put a bowl in the center. Spread the twigs behind the fiery circle and read these words:

“Behind the seven lights, behind the seven trees, in the seven waters, my long-awaited fate. As the lights go out, as the water evaporates, my fate will come, my betrothed will appear. And this will happen no later than seven months. Let it be as I said.”

Candles should burn to the very end, and the liquid should evaporate, even if it has to stand for several days. Collect the twigs, tie them with a thread and burn them, but for this they must stand. If the branches in the fire fall quickly, then you are destined to get married within a year. If they stand for more than seven seconds, then you are not destined to marry this year.

Divination for several girls

Prepare silver items (as many as young people), water, open containers, according to the number of fortunetellers. First, you will need to prepare some water for each girl, pour it into bowls (in equal quantities), lower her personal jewelry, leave it for a couple of days. Then, on New Year's Eve, everyone should sit down in front of their bowl and read to themselves:

"My betrothed, I'm waiting for you, come to me soon, be with me for many years, come to me, come before others, come for marriage!".

At night, you need to put containers under the bench and remember the liquid level. In the morning, immediately, without washing, look under the bench: which girl has fasterevaporated, then it is destined to marry before all the others.

Love Prediction

You will need a glass of water, an empty glass, a thimble.

Before you start, make a wish about getting married or meeting your love within a year. It is necessary to pour water from one glass with a thimble into another, while not losing a drop. The girl who does this without spilling will definitely get married this year.

New Year fortune-telling for marriage

On New Year's Eve, under the chiming clock, a young girl should insert to the window, pick up a full glass of water and in 12 strokes, make exactly 3 circles around the room. If not a drop of water spills, then this year she is destined to get married.

Divination for marriage with objects

Often, in order to find out your future, to find out who your fiancé is, they use various items of everyday life.

At midnight, while the clock is chiming, pour champagne on the mirror, then place it on the table. On a plate, burn a piece of paper on which you need to write: “What awaits me this year?”. Rub the ashes in your hands, shake them out on a mirror, lightly press down with your palm, and then blow them off. The interpretation will be as follows if they appear:

  • rings - it means that this year there will be a marriage;
  • wreaths - this year you will either get acquainted or get engaged;
  • crossroads, quarrel;
  • stripes, long and straight - waiting for the road, business trip, travel, but not rest;
  • waves - predict adventure,romantic encounters;
  • many dots - watch your he alth;
  • breaks and cracks - you are harming yourself and your destiny too much, think about it.

Such a mirror is kept for a year, wrapped and hidden.

Pine foot predictions

At midnight, pick the first foot that comes across from a spruce, the size of the ring finger of your right hand, count the number of needles on it. An even number predicts a quick marriage, an odd number - the opposite.

Divination for the betrothed on the water

Prepare: a bowl of water and your hair. If you already know the name of the man you like, then to the sound of the chimes it must be repeated exactly 12 times, adding to the name “My betrothed-mummer.”

Then take the bowl, pull out some of your hair and throw it into the bowl, shaking it slightly. If within a minute a pair of hairs will connect, you will also connect this year as a couple. And if not, then there will be no marriage. In both cases, it is best to burn the hair.

Divination for the Year of the Rabbit

For divination in the year of the Black Water Rabbit, you will need an object depicting the symbol of this year. It is best to purchase a small figurine depicting a fluffy rabbit in the store. Ideally, if the symbol of the year is made of silver, but any other material will do.

After midnight, take a new deck of cards and draw four kings from it. Mix them properly. Place the Rabbit figure at the head of the bed and lay out two king cards, face down, at the top and bottom of the figure. Then lie downsleep.

Check it out in the morning.

At the very top:

  • king of spades - a pleasant romantic meeting awaits you this year, which is better not to tell anyone;
  • king of clubs - you will meet a person with whom you want to spend most of your time;
  • king of hearts - the love of your betrothed will do a disservice;
  • tambourine - spend time in fun companies as often as possible, this is where you will meet a cool guy.

Bottom figure:

  • peak - you will be pursued by a persistent fan;
  • clubs - petty quarrels and misunderstandings will often accompany a relationship with your new boyfriend;
  • hearts - a mysterious acquaintance with a wonderful and generous man awaits you;
  • diamonds - you should hold your horses this year with entertainment events, pay attention to your loved ones.

New Year fortune-telling and fortune-telling for marriage require us not only to have complete faith, but also responsibility. You ask other forces to pay attention to you, and this awaits a reward. Be sure to go to church on Christmas Eve and light candles for all the Saints. At the exit from the Church, give alms. If, for some reason, you cannot do this, just do a free act of kindness.

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