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The closer the New Year corporate party, the stronger the excitement. How best to organize a holiday, how to please all guests at once, how to choose the most interesting contests for the Year of the Rabbit (2023). We offer you great ideas and a scenario in which you can easily pick up fun games and contests for adults.

Adult Trials

The contests below are most related to the Year of the Rabbit. You can respect the symbol of the year not only with good toasts, but also with exciting challenges.

"Find a prediction"

Rec-t: pots of flour or sand, spatulas, wishes or toast notes, disposable coffee sticks, shoe covers for each note.

In front of the players are pots of notes in a container from under shoe covers. It is necessary to dig out a note without hands, holding a wand with only lips and read it aloud.

"Who knows more"

Guests are divided into two teams, if there are a lot of them, then into four. They should remember as much as possible everything that is written about Rabbits: Songs, sayings, riddles, tongue twisters, fairy tales and wise sayings.

The first team to have nothing to say loses.

Portrait"Water Rabbit"

Rec-t: plasticine, the largest disposable plates.

Competitors are already given soft plasticine and wide plates. Blindfolded, they must fashion a portrait of the Rabbit. The audience chooses the winner by applause.

"Belly of the Hare"

Rec-t: wide shirts, belts, various rags for stuffing the belly.

The contestants are put on wide shirts, girded, tied with a bow, slightly lifted the fabric for roominess and stuffed with various things. Everyone is offered some kind of fun dance: "Macarena", "Lombada" or "Chicken Pi", in the process of dancing, participants should try to untie each other's belts and "gut" the belly. This game can be played with hands tied, then the participants must untie the belts with their teeth. Can be divided into men and women, so that women untie and men run away.


Song- alteration, insert "Mur-mur-mur" instead of nouns. You can use any New Year's song. Or, for example, the song "WHAT FOR A HOLIDAY NEW YEAR". Replace the main phrase with “Mur-mur-mur.”

Contest "Best Symbol of the Year"

Rec-t: lots of details for Bunny costumes.

First stage: "Best Bunny Costume". In front of the participants is a bag with costume details. Without looking, they take out one piece at a time and put it on themselves until the contents of the bag are empty.

Second Stage: "Best Rabbit Dance". To the music “Everyone in the world needs a home”, you need to come up with a very original dance. (And you can also under the Indian song "Jimi-Jimi" or to any belly dance music).

Third Stage: "Best Autobiography". Everyone should come up with an autobiography from birth to today.

Fourth stage: "The best New Year's toast." Come up with a toast.

The winner is determined by the applause given by the assembled company.

Dance competition

Rec-t: large oriental costumes.

Men are invited for this competition, preferably with slight roundness. The host plays a potpourri of various oriental or erotic music. Men do belly dancing, etc. The winner is chosen by applause.

Year of the Rabbit Toast Contest

Recommended: pen, sheets of paper.

Guests are divided into several teams, depending on the number. Each team must come up with a toast with eulogies for the symbol of 2023.

Song remake

Recommended: pen, sheets of paper.

Team competition. The presenter selects an “easy-to-perform” minus for a well-known song in advance. You have 5 minutes to write. Each team must remake the song, adapting it for the Year of the Rabbit. Writing, of course, is followed by execution. For performance, you can use ready-made songs- alterations.

Rabbit feet relay

Recommended: This contest will require special cups on strings.

Guests are divided into two or three teams, depending on the number of people. The first players in the team are given cups, they stand on them, take the ropes in their hands. On the contrary, in meters5-7 there should be a space restriction, for example, a chair or a peg, the first participants, accompanied by musical accompaniment, run to the obstacle, run around it, return to the team and pass the cups to the second participants. The team that finishes the relay first wins, but points can also be reduced for accuracy of execution.

Fun Christmas food games

I would like to note that games can be not only competitive tasks familiar to us, but also variations of disputes with food, interesting dramatizations of fairy tales, solving riddles, vocal and intellectual competitions.

"Get food"

Rec: A tangled rope, a bowl of candy, three chairs, or three pegs.

The host wraps the chairs with a rope, it can be neat, but it can be a little more confused, the main thing is to leave a distance for the hands. Guests are divided into three teams. From each, one person is invited, who must, without touching the rope with his hands, get as many sweets as possible. The leader keeps order. If the person touches it, the candy comes back.

"Eat, Bunny, sausages"

Recommended: 3-4 sausages per participant, disposable plates for each, sauce. Sausages are laid out on a disposable plate in front of each participant. A person without hands must speed (while the music is playing) to eat the contents of the plate as soon as possible, dipping each in sauce.

"Delicious Spaghetti"

Props: Boiled spaghetti, disposable tableware.

In front of each player is a saucer with some spaghetti. no handsfor speed, the players must eat them while the cheerful music is playing.

"Fortune Pie"

Rec-t: several small pies (small cakes) or cakes in which fortune-telling papers are baked. The participants, in front of whom each stands on a pie, must find a note with a prediction in it without hands.

"What are we drinking?"

Rec-t: disposable cups with various recognizable drinks: Pepsi, fruit drink, lemonade, tarragon, compote, milk, kefir. You can also take alcoholic drinks.

Participants must drink the contents of the cups with their eyes closed and without hands and guess what is poured there.

"What do we eat in the Year of the Rabbit?"

Rec-t: various recognizable snacks: s alted fish, onion, caviar sandwich, sausage, cheese, pancake with jam, dumpling, canape salad, olive, and whatever you decide.

The contestant is invited to try each "dish" and guess the contents.

Second version of the competition: make an unusual New Year's salad. Blindfolded, everyone must guess all the products used for cooking. Ingredients: eggs, potatoes, cheese, olives, pineapple, smoked sausage, mushrooms, pickles, corn, nuts, bell peppers and other recognizable products.

Tale for the New Year "Three Little Pigs"

Rec-t: Hero costumes (maybe just masks), chair, wicker basket and hoop, display carpet, vampire teeth (toy).


  • The Three Little Pigs;
  • Weed (big man or several ladies);
  • Goosebumps (3 women);

Author(presenter) tells, and the actors (from the guests) show a fairy tale:

Author: - Once upon a time there were three Pigs (three pigs in costumes come out, preferably three men). All summer they tumbled (tumble) and lay on the grass (lay down on the grass). Here the elder brother says: “It’s time for us to think about winter, I’m trembling all over.” (Shakes to the music of Klava Kok's Goosebumps).

It is necessary to cut out only the word "goosebumps" from it and increase it to 30 seconds. Goosebumps tickle Big Piglet.

Author: - He will have time, both brothers answered him and again fell on the grass.

The older brother left and built himself a house (a hoop that a person can hold).

Suddenly a wolf runs out and tries to bite the Pigs in the most plump places.

Music sounds, 1 track “I am an evil and terrible gray wolf.”

Author: - The pigs ran, built houses on the go (one put a basket on his head, the other hid under a chair) and sit, trembling. The Wolf comes running, and how he blew. (The wolf blows to the song “The wind blew from the sea, the wind blew from the sea”). The house crumbled, Piglet barely managed to run into the house to the second brother. The two of them hid under a chair and waited for the wolf to come. The wolf did not keep himself waiting and blew again (same music). - The house fell apart, and Piglet rushed to his older brother. (All fit into one hoop). - The wolf blows on the house for the third time, but to no avail! He runs away, the Pigs dance for joy to the music "Heel, toe jump hop-hop".

That's the end of fairy tales for an adult company, and who managed to get drunk, well done. Applause for the actors!

Dear guests, let's raise thetoast to this beloved and amazing occasion that brings us all together! Once again, we wish each other happiness and all the best, and I hope that all our corporate competitions for the Year of the Rabbit helped you get to know his owner better.

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