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All the kids are looking forward to the arrival of the New Year and Santa Claus. After all, this is the most magical time when the house becomes smart and turns into a fairy tale, and gifts are pouring in from all sides: from mom, dad, grandparents, in the garden and on different Christmas trees! How not to love this?!

However, in order to receive a gift from the main New Year's old man, you need to please Grandfather with a beautiful rhyme or song. We have prepared unusual, funny and easy-to-remember rhymes for your baby. Teach them together with your child, and maybe you will also get a gift from Frost? :)

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But we haven't forgotten about children of other ages. For them, you can find verses at these links:

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  • 7-10 years old.

In a fur coat, in a hat, with a beard,
You have a big staff!
And with gifts a bag,
Lie down on your shoulder.You should give us gifts!

Santa Claus, take your order,
From an obedient child:
Give me sweets, KAMAZ,
To have condensed milk in it,
I'll give you a rhyme in return . This is a bargain!

Hello Santa Claus
Hello New Yearboss!
You came from afar,
The purpose of the visit is high.
And the appearance of gifts, We will be in the mood!

Santa Claus, I meet you.
Do you want to drink tea with us?
I propose this year,
Do the opposite: ,
But I'll treat you with candy.
A poem, Santa Claus,
You will tell. This is serious!

Grandfather Frost, where are you
Do you get gifts for us?
Which bush grow on?
The one in the New Year's park?
Or a festive market
Did you find it in a fairy tale?
I believe that in the New Year,
Joy will not pass by!

Hello, Santa Claus!
Are you cold by chance?
Help yourself, have some tea!
New Year with us, meeting,
Hit the staff on the floor,
Roll us up:
Let miracles triumph, They will organize a holiday for us!

Santa Claus leads by the arm,
To our granddaughter for the holiday.
Together with you comes to us,
Very good New Year!
And a bag of presents to us,
Ride on its own!
Fun to watch, To all the children present!

New Year's table, toys,
Children - ears on top!
Christmas tree, balls, garlands:
Team gathering. -the most,
In the New Year you are the highlight of the program!
Finally came to us,
You brought miracles with you!

Grandfather Frost, well, you've finally come!
The table has been laid for you for a long time,
The hands on the clock were ready to be translated, Just to see you again as soon as possible !

Santa Claus, on foot?
On reindeer with a breeze?
Ona huge helicopter
Will you bring me a present? It doesn't matter how you arrived, The main thing is that you have been here for a long time!
Grandfather Frost has a red nose.
Uncle Grisha, his neighbor has a red one too.
But Santa Claus brought me a present…
Yes, Uncle Grisha and Santa Claus are not alike.But Uncle Grisha comes to us more often, And Santa Claus once a year, but real!
The wind is merrily walking,
Santa Claus is pushing.
So that he comes soon,To make it more fun!

Grandfather opened the door
And put his bag down,
He is already ready to listen, Poetic set of words!

The taste of fun is invigorating,
Genuine, real!
Santa's visit, Boredom will strike!

And sweets and cookies,
It's just delicious!
Santa Claus on New Year's Eve, Brings them from a fairy tale to everyone!

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