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The big night of the year is coming and we can't think of anything else but our outfit! Let the men take care of compiling the holiday menu, choosing the venue for the holiday, buying gifts, and so on and so forth … And we, the beautiful ones, will choose the most beautiful dress for ourselves.

Okay, let's dream a little, and that's enough. Of course, all New Year's chores will remain with the women. And in order to be in time and not to choose clothes in a hurry, we will help you make a choice in advance. Watch and get inspired! Oh yes, choosing holiday dresses for plump beauties.

In this article:

  • Features of outfits for full;
  • Choose length;
  • Perfect fit;
  • Decor of New Year's outfit;
  • Putting accents;
  • Choose colors and shades;
  • Attention to the neckline and legs.

Features of outfits for fat ladies

There is always a lot of prejudice around clothes for curvy ladies. Someone for some reason decided that the full one should wrap himself in black hoodies and show as little body as possible, in fact, there are only a few contraindications (as, indeed, for each type of figure):

  • Things do not fit. clothingshould not be small so as not to create an uncomplimentary silhouette, and also should not be large so as not to hide the dignity of the figure.
  • Too small flickering print. Much more beautiful, large patterns and optical prints look on full girls.
  • Contrasting top and bottom. When bright colors bisect the figure too clearly (for example, a red jacket and a yellow skirt), proportions can be broken, and it will turn out to be completely different from what we want.

That's it! Of course, a lot depends on the individual characteristics of the figure and height, but there are no taboos on mini, bright colors and tight-fitting things for full ones. Let's start choosing a dress for the New Year.

How to choose length

The length of the festive outfit depends only on your taste, mood and the nature of the New Year's party. Choose what is closer to you.

  • New Year's dresses to the floor - the most solemn option. They are feminine and romantic, and also visually stretch the silhouette and slim. The ideal long model has a loose flowing skirt. A double hem looks very beautiful and unusual, with a tulle or chiffon skirt, over a thick one, just what you need for a New Year's corporate party.

  • Mini. Why not? Full girls can afford such a model. But you should not choose a radical mini, it really suits few people, and it’s hardly suitable for a holiday, but a reasonable, flirtatious mini is quitefit. Do not forget about the rule of one accent: either a deep neckline or a short skirt. If the choice fell on the second, then the "top" should remain chaste.

  • Elegant midi. This length is very suitable for full girls, revealing the most beautiful part of the leg. The midi length model can be either a case, according to the figure, or with a fluffy, loose skirt and a tight-fitting top. In this case, the "top" may have a deep neckline or open shoulders. The sleeve can be either short or long. Lace sleeves look spectacular and romantic.

Styles of dresses for the New Year

What about the choice of style, because there are so many of them? Again, we focus on the nature of the celebration and the features of the figure.

  • Case. This is a figure-shaped dress, usually made of dense fabric. Such a model is very suitable for full girls, especially if it is decorated with a deep V-shaped neckline.

  • A-line silhouette. The long model with flared skirt hides the tummy and opens the ankles, very cute and stylish. The upper part can be decorated in any way: neckline, dropped shoulder line, yoke.

  • Balloon dress. Not a hoodie! The cropped model with a slightly gathered hem also hides imperfections at the waist and hips and opens up the legs. heelsthe silhouette is visually stretched, and the legs are made infinitely long.


Dress for the New Year 2023 should be bright and memorable, so we pay special attention to the decor.

  • Inserts in a contrasting dark color on the sides. Let's start with the most practical decor. Such inserts not only look original and stylish, but also create an optical “slimming” effect. The dark stripe on the waist line also emphasizes, diverting attention from the hips, the main thing is that such a strip is not located too low, otherwise the result may be the opposite.

  • Lace. Lace decor can be either in a contrasting color to the dress, or in tone with it. Again, it should be properly positioned, ideally around the chest and shoulders or along the hem of the skirt.

  • Flounces, ruffles, ruffles. In 2023, the trend for the most feminine element of decor continues, so a dress with ruffles and flounces will not only be beautiful, but also fashionable. Choose an outfit with frills on the sleeves, shoulders or bottom of the dress. Try to avoid excessive volume in the form of ruffles in the area of the hips and chest.

Putting accents

Bright, attention-grabbing details should play into our hands, which means that we transfer everything that we want to consider for a long timeto those places that you are proud of and do not hesitate to show: magnificent breasts, feminine shoulders and arms, slender ankles.

I would like to pay special attention to sequins. Do not be afraid of them, this is one of the misconceptions that overweight women should not wear clothes with glitter. If the style and length of the dress are chosen correctly, then shine on your he alth! The color of the sequins should suit your color type and emphasize your skin tone, eye and hair color, otherwise it’s just a matter of your taste and mood.

Choose color

As in the case of sequins, the color of the New Year's outfit should suit your type of appearance. Bright blondes and brunettes can try on cold lemon, it is very refreshing and unlike the complex warm yellow, it suits almost everyone, and with everything, it is very fashionable.

Noble dark blue looks royally sophisticated. The dress can be either one tone or combined with white lace, it's very wintery.

Scarlet, of course. Neutral red also suits any type of appearance, the main thing is not to forget about evening make-up and festive styling, otherwise the outfit will draw all the attention to itself. But the main character of the New Year's party is you, the dress is just a beautiful cut.

Beige, powdery, gray - a win-win classic. very elegant andfeminine, especially when combined with noble fabrics: lace, satin or silk.

Black and white - for all time. Choosing a monochrome outfit, you can “break away” on accessories. Bright pumps, a shiny clutch, large earrings and, of course, scarlet lipstick and Hollywood curls.

Attention on the neckline and legs

Once again, do not be shy to show your strengths, or rather beautiful sides. A deep V-shaped neckline, open shoulders, a spicy slit on the skirt are your friends. Fantasize, experiment, inspire, envy everyone!

Beautiful, stylish, trendy, Happy New Year everyone!

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