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How beautiful the New Year! With what impatience the children are waiting for this fabulous holiday! To celebrate and spend the New Year 2023 (Year of the Rabbit) magically, unforgettable and fun, you can and even need to use the materials proposed in our article! Unusual and unique games and competitions for children will take your girls and boys into a real fairy tale with interesting tasks! The article also offers special games, the main theme and main character of which is the symbol of the New Year - the Tiger! And at this link, you will find a script for children for the Year of the Tiger.

Happy New Year to you, friends! Spend it with your children and let it stay in your memory for a long time!

Competition game 1. "Mouse and Cat"

For the competition you need 1 item - a long elastic band 3-4 meters. It needs to be tied at the ends.

All the kids who want to play get in a circle. An elastic band should pass behind each participant in the area of \u200b\u200bthe ankles of the children's legs. Participants become in a circle, stretching the elastic band, but not much so that it does not injure the children. 1 child enters the center of the circle, he will play the role of the wolf.

When the music plays, the children dance and the cat "sleeps". As soon as the music abruptly turns off, the cat “wakes up” and catchesgaping mice, and they need to jump out of the circle as quickly as possible. The one who did not have time becomes a cat, and in the next round he already catches mice.

You can allocate from 2 to 5 minutes for the competition-game.

Game 2. “Oxtail Lost!”

For the game you need a big picture or a poster of Bull, but without a tail. Sound accompaniment is also needed - music and applause.

Children's task: with eyes closed, attach the tail to the Goby. Each participant has 3 attempts in a row. After each wrong attempt, a stylized screech sounds, and if correct, applause. So the child will understand when the ponytail hit the picture correctly.

Everyone plays up to about 5 minutes.

Quiz game 3. "What do we know about the Tiger?"

  • What does a tiger do for a successful hunt? (Imitates the voices of other animals, attacks the neck, hunts from ambush). What tigers can't do (Purr)
  • What don't newly born tiger cubs have? (Vision)
  • How will males act if several tigers claim one victim at once? (Let the females and cubs go ahead)
  • Why do tigers growl? (For communication)
  • How many times better is a tiger's vision than a human's? (Six times)
  • How does the word "tiger" translate from Greek? (Fast)
  • How many stripes does a tiger have? (About 100)
  • When is the best time for a tiger to see? (Night)
  • How many teeth does a tiger have? (36)
  • Which book is the tiger in? (to Red)
  • What is the most correct name for a tiger that lives inRussia and where does he live?
  • (Amursky, he lives in Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories)
  • Which of the wild animals is considered the closest relative of the tiger: a cheetah or a lynx, a lion or a snow leopard? (Lion - they belong to the same genus - Big cats)
  • How many cubs does a tigress usually have? (4-5 kittens)
  • How long does a baby tiger stay with his mother, learning from her? (Three years)
  • What speed can a tiger develop in an attack on prey? (20 m/s)
  • Which capital in Asia stands on the Tigris River? (Baghdad)
  • What do people call an ornamental stone that has a beautiful golden brown color? (Tiger Eye)
  • Why do we need longitudinal and transverse stripes on the skin of an animal? (Longitudinal - warning for other predators; transverse - masking)
  • The Lion is considered the king of beasts - is it bigger or smaller than the Tiger? (Smaller and weaker)
  • Which of the animals can hunt the Tiger? (Nobody)
  • How do Tigers hunt, one by one or in groups? (Tiger is a loner in the hunt)
  • How did the girl Ellie and her friends from the fairy tale "The Wizard of the Emerald City" by Volkov manage to avoid the attack of tigers? (They walked very quietly, and the animals did not hear them)
  • What flower is the Tiger afraid of in Kipling's fairy tale "Mowgli"? (Fire)

Follow this link, you will find other New Year's quizzes for kids.

Contest 4. “Braid the Snow Maiden’s pigtails”

For the competition you will need a wig with long hair or a headband with 6 ribbons. Children are divided into 2 teams of 3 people each. Each team is given3 ribbons if it's a headband, or half the length of the hair if it's a wig.

Task: to braid the Snow Maiden for speed and accuracy! Whoever does it better, that team will win. But it is desirable to encourage all children, it's a magical New Year!

Contest 5. “Let's decorate the Christmas tree with snowflakes”

There are many snowflakes scattered on the floor in 2 colors: bright blue and light blue. The number of varieties of snowflakes should be the same. Children are divided into 2 teams (from 4 to 6 people).

Task: faster than the other team to collect and hang snowflakes on the Christmas tree. Each team collects snowflakes of their own color. Time is given from 30 seconds to a minute.

The team with the most Christmas tree snowflakes will win. Tip: It will be easier to count the remaining snowflakes on the floor or in the hands of team members. Whoever has fewer remaining snowflakes will win.

Contest 6. "Collect gifts"

Toys for boys and girls are collected in a large basket or box. Everything mixed up: cars, dolls, soft toys, construction sets, jump ropes, etc.

Children are divided into 2 teams: "Boys" - there are only boys in it, they are given a blue bag, and "Girls" - consists only of girls, they receive a red bag.

Assignment: The Boys team needs to collect boy toys, and the Girls collect girl toys. Competition for speed and correctness. The team that is faster and more correct, in the allotted time (approximately 1 - 1.5 minutes), will sort out the toys, that one wins.

But both teams should getprizes, they can share all collected toys among themselves.

Game 7. "Our New Year's Tale"

This is not a competition, but just a game that will help you take a break from running around, show your imagination and laugh heartily

The essence of the game: everyone: mothers, fathers, children, teachers or guests come up with a fairy tale.

Everyone takes turns speaking one sentence at a time. You can tell an already known fairy tale, or combine characters from different fairy tales, or come up with your own storyline with completely new heroes. Collective creativity will unite and make everyone present laugh.

Children's contest 8. "Draw the answer!"

Children are divided into 2 teams and seated at different tables. Each is given an album and felt-tip pens.

The presenter(s) make riddles for both teams, and the children do not say the answers. And they draw. Whoever draws the answer faster, more correctly and more accurately gets 1 point. When the riddles are over, the points are calculated and the winning team is determined.

All participants, without exception, can be presented with an album and felt-tip pens.


Beautiful, tender and beautiful!
But it's not safe to love her!
She's cold and vulnerable!
Tell me what her name is? (answer: Snowflake)

He's like a guard!
He doesn't sleep at night.
Made of snowballs Blinded…(Answer: Snowman.)
Lives in the forest,
Eats cones.
He is very strong! His name is…(Answer: Bear!)
The ice slide glitters all over the ice,
The children woke up early,
Rushed to the mountain to ride Grabbingwith you…(answer: sled!)
They are loved by adults and children,
There are a lot of them in the New Year's gift!
We are grateful to Santa Claus for this! They are very sweet, these…(answer: sweets! )
In the New Year, as in Father Frost's name day!We love to burst, we are fragrant, orange …(Answer: tangerines.)
On New Year's Eve
She's the only one who's hot
Besides the festive garland The table is on fire…(answer: candle)

Contest 9. Snow Storm

For the competition you need 4 adults and a 2-bed embroidered duvet cover or any other white fabric. It needs to be decorated on 1 side with snowflakes, glued ready-made or sewn on. This is the blizzard.

Guys who want to play, stand in the center of the hall. Adults take the corners of the duvet cover, and cover the children with the duvet cover. You can play at will from 3 to 5 minutes.

The children's task is to run out of this snowstorm before it hits them. Children who are caught in this storm, that is, under the duvet cover, are out.

Contest 10. Snowball Throwing

For the competition we need an adult disguised as a snowman. He will periodically interfere with the children to compete. It is also necessary to make a lot of snowballs from sintepon, cotton wool and fabric, in extreme cases, crumpled paper, or small light balls wrapped in foil.

Children are divided into 2 teams. 3-4 meters from them are placed in a wide basin or bucket.

Task: toss as many snowballs into your bowl or bucket as you can.

But not everything is as simple as it might seem onfirst glance. In the midst of the competition, a snowman suddenly appears, which can cover buckets with itself, or try to steal already collected snowballs. Then the children need to drive the snowman away with the same snowballs. Hit it - it disappears for a while, then it may reappear. He can interfere with each team in turn. You can allocate 5 minutes for the game.

Contest 11. "The longest Christmas garland"

Required: colored paper (2 sets), scissors (4 pcs.), stationery glue stick (4 pcs.).

Children are divided into teams of 4-6 people. Each team is given a set of colored paper, 2 pairs of scissors, and 2 glue.

Task: make a garland within the allotted time. Whoever gets longer wins.

To do this, cut colored paper into thin strips of 5-6 cm approximately, connect the ends with glue. This will be 1 link of the chain garland. Thread the next strip into that link, and also connect with glue and so on.

If children are unfamiliar with this technique of creating garlands, adults should show how it is done before the competition. You can allocate 5-10 minutes for the game.

IMPORTANT: during the game, adults closely monitor the work of children with scissors.

Contest 12. “Collect the same gift”

For the competition, it is necessary to collect in advance a children's gift set of sweets, toys, chocolates, and arrange it in a transparent New Year's package and a bow.

Children are offered time (about 30 seconds) to memorize all the ingredients and design of the gift. Then the gift is removed from the eyes of the children.

On the tablevarious items, toys and sweets, wrapping paper, bows are laid out. In addition to the same components of the gift, it is necessary to decompose the "extra" items. The children need to collect the same gift they saw at the beginning.

Contest 13. "New Year's Darts"

There are a lot of balloons on the wall. On some you need to draw a snowflake, put toys or sweets in them before inflating. lollipops. Put funny children's forfeits in the rest, for example, "Show a bunny that has had enough, and it's hard for him to jump." Children take turns throwing darts, if they hit a ball with a snowflake, they take the surprise and leave, and if they have a task, they must complete it.

These children's New Year contests can be held both in schools, kindergartens, development studios, and at home with family and friends! If you liked it, don't forget to share the article on social networks! Happy Holidays!

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