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Children are waiting for the New Year more than adults. For them, this holiday is associated with a Christmas tree and gifts, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, as well as fun winter activities (skiing, skating, sledding). But the weather in December does not always allow you to frolic in the street, so why not invite your friends over? Over a delicious cup of tea, you can have fun guessing riddles about the New Year. We have prepared "insidious" riddles - with a catch. These are small verses, in the last line of which the wrong answer becomes a rhyme, and the correct answer does not even rhyme. For children and adults, this is not only an opportunity to have fun, but also a good training for quick wit and speed. Responses to are in brackets.

And so that adults don't get bored when the kids run away to play, there are puzzles for adults as well.

He comes from distant places,
We are always waiting for his arrival.
It's his turn to please him
It's New Year's Eve!
He's in huge demand,Who is he? (Santa Claus)

There are many songs about her,
With her the holiday is interesting.
She is not alone in the world Gives joy to the whole planet!

She honestly in the New Year
Protects your gift.
You are under hertake a look And open the gift! (Yolka)

He looks solid, in a jacket,
He holds a glass in his hand.
This night he has no equal,
He is the main one on TV.
Congratulates at that moment Everyone's favorite (president)

Cartoons or movies
A lot reflected
In a fun box If you press the buttons

Unless it's turned on,
It serves as a reflection!
Gives bright surprises Turned on (TV) for everyone

Small or big,
To us from somewhere like this.
He came from nowhere,
This snow miracle Yudo!
White mini- skyscraper Call everyone (snowdrift)

What is it? Santa Claus
We have already paid a visit!
Christmas tree, tinsel, garlands,
The table is set, the chiming clock. under (New Year)

So beautiful, but hurtful
Because we can't see.
The snow seems to be mad
The wind is very angry.
Snow-white funCall everything (blizzard)

A bright phenomenon from the sky
It hurries up to us for a feast for the eyes.
Remember the look of it,
Cut it out of paper.
We hang this pictureAt the window we are like (snowflake)

Teddy bear, car,
Assorted sweets basket!
Doll, cup, phone, Pink battery powered elephant.

He's from dad, mom, grandfather,
Santa Claus or neighbor.
Grandma, anyone,He's under the Christmas tree! (gift)

Confidently hangs in winter,
Watches for everyone on the street.
Always upside down, In spring it becomes water! (icicle)

Left, right and forward,
Roll itboldly. Here.
Do this three times and then Don't bring it into your house.

That three-story buddy,
He is only brave in winter.
This snowy graduate Who, tell me? (snowman)

This is the first number
We were moved a year.
Open the calendar, Month number times (January)

It suddenly got colder,
Our autumn ran away.
The days suddenly became shorter And even longer nights.

Doesn't let me step a step,
Like white paper.
Came for three months Mrs.

Smooth or bumpy
So tricky this mister!
No chance of galloping
Landing on the ass
All the people in the streetBecause (ice)

You can see everything well at night,
Strange, but obvious.
Not like a lantern,
You can see it from all sides.
This white amulet We call everything (snow)

Children love riddles!

Very kind little girl,
Approximately in the hut
This girl lives And comes in the New Year.

There are almost no relatives, Only a very kind grandfather! (Snow Maiden)

Black, white and sporty,
Beige, decorative!
Organ of auditory upright, Rushing fast, with a breeze!

Where is he brother, where is the kuyan,
And you look at the TV screen!
Everyone knows this Roger, I'm telling you about whom? (hare)

She foams, sizzles,
The taste promises everyone.
And starred in commercials,Children ask to buy mom,

Boys and girls
That drink with the red lid!
Beat the competitionFestive (Coke)

This is a delicious foreigner
Ingush or Spaniard.
Children adore him, He reminds of summer.

This red-haired gentleman, He, of course, (tangerine, orange)

Together or one after another,
Through one, in a circle.
They burn merrily
And the kids have fun.
This holiday gangCalled (garland)

What's not in it yet,
Chocolates and sweets.
Juices, fruits and biscuits,
He will cheer you up!
Not a package, not a chest, Dedmorozovsky (bag)

Come on, quickly with minced onion,
Yes, march into raw dough.
Cook, cook, oops, surfaced,
We are waiting for it to cool down a little.
Appreciate everyone with pleasure Our delicious (dumplings)

Burn, burn bright
It's not dangerous.
Sparks are thrown,
But they don't burn.
On holidays ( sparklers)

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