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Knitted snowman is a symbolic toy that can be used to decorate a room, give to friends or use as a Christmas tree decor. This hero of winter fairy tales is not inferior in popularity to Santa Claus and his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden. In addition, tying a snowman on your own will not be difficult even for beginners.

To make such a toy, regardless of the chosen scheme or master class, you will need the following.

Knitting tools and materials

  • white threads for the body (wool, acrylic, iris), one snowman (depending on size) will need 30-50 g of yarn;
  • remains of threads of different colors for decorative elements (mittens, boots, scarf, hat, etc.);
  • hook;
  • thread with a needle to sew individual parts;
  • scissors;
  • filler for voluminous toys (holofiber, synthetic winterizer or other suitable material);
  • beads, buttons or something else that can be used for the eyes.

Flat snowman couldn't be easier!

Crochet snowmen can be voluminous or flat. The latter can become a stylish potholder for the kitchen, an element of the New Year's panel orgreeting card. To make a flat snowman, it is enough to master only the description of one pattern - a knitted circle. Then, by varying its size, you can assemble a simple toy from two blanks of different diameters. Her decoration can be knitted or made from buttons, satin ribbons and other improvised materials.

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Schemes description of voluminous snowmen

Knitting volumetric snowmen using the amigurumi technique is more difficult, but even here you can find crafts for your crochet level. The main elements of the toy will be the head and torso. The head is a white ball, but the body can be either in the form of a ball of a larger diameter or repeating the outlines of the human body. You can knit the head and torso separately, and then sew together or knit without separation. The arms and legs of the snowman can also be made from balls of smaller diameter.

Master class by Ekaterina Nikolaeva “Snowmen-Friends”

More experienced knitters can knit their snowman hands with mittens, boots or skates on their feet, as in the water of the proposed descriptions. Mandatory attributes of such a winter toy are a hat and a scarf. These elements can be crocheted or knitted from yarn of bright colors, or simply sewn from felt or other fabric.

Master class by Tatyana, ownerwebsite @vpetelkah

Snowman by Anara Lepesova

The eyes of a snowman can be made from buttons, large beads or glued eyes, which are sold in needlework stores, but the nose, as a rule, is a knitted orange "carrot".

A little patience, diligence and imagination and a knitted snowman will settle in the house, giving the New Year mood to all households. And the selected patterns with a detailed description will help you understand all the nuances of the knitting process.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!