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Drawing a snowflake is not difficult, but drawing beautifully is already a more difficult task. But everyone will be able to cope with it, since the process of creating such drawings is detailed below: the materials and tools necessary for work are described, step-by-step master classes are given with a pencil, paints and a pen in a notebook, on a tablet, as well as unusual ideas for using such images. Thus, on the eve of the New Year there will be no time to be bored, because you need to try all the proposed methods.

In this article:

  • Tools and materials
  • Draw with a pencil step by step
  • Draw by cells in a notebook
  • Draw with paints
  • Unusual Ideas
  • Use of natural materials
  • On gingerbread and cookies
  • On s alt dough snowflakes
  • Draw with tablet app
  • Video tutorials

Tools and materials

For a creative activity like drawing snowflakes, a variety of tools and materials are suitable. So, you can create intricate patterns on whatman or album sheet, in a notebook in a box or on pebbles,Christmas gingerbread, sugar cookies or s alt dough. Even any tablet can become a canvas for such a picture.

The answer to the question: how to draw is also able to surprise. So instead of pencils, paints and felt-tip pens, which are usual for young and not very artists, you can use icing sugar, glue and sparkles, a stylus for a tablet and much more. The most interesting options on how to draw a snowflake using various tools and materials will be described in step-by-step descriptions.

Draw with a pencil step by step

Lines drawn with a pencil, intertwining, turn into an openwork crystal of frozen water. How to do this is easy to understand from the diagrams below, in which the whole process is shown in stages. For work, you can use a white, blue, blue or a simple pencil. It is important that it be sharp, then the lines will turn out thin, and the snowflakes will be weightless.

Painted snowflakes usually have 6 rays. To arrange them correctly, you need to mentally imagine a dial on paper and connect with lines first 12 and 6, then 2 and 8, 10 and 4. Then just add volume to the rays.

You can draw a picture with a large number of rays, for example, 8 or 16. To make them the same length, you can take a circle as a basis by tracing an inverted glass or other round object on paper.

You can draw a picture with a large number of rays, for example, 8or 16. To make them the same length, you can take a circle as a basis by tracing an inverted glass or other round object on paper.

The circle can then be removed by gently wiping it with an eraser, or left, making it an element of the picture.

The pencil drawing does not have to be thin lines. The image can be more voluminous, but then the rays need to be drawn less, ideally - 5-6.

Such 5-6 end snowflakes can then be carefully cut out of paper and used for decoration as a pendant on a Christmas tree or a window.

The thin rays of the asterisk can be connected to each other. This will give the picture volume.

For children 8, 9, 10 years old, you can offer more complex master classes of voluminous snowflakes, in which thin rays are given volume.

Auxiliary lines on the finished picture can be carefully removed with an eraser or left by drawing them in blue or covering them with sparkles.

Here's what else you can make snowflakes out of:

  • from s alt dough;
  • beaded;
  • made of paper using quilling technique.

Draw by cells in a notebook

This activity will not only help to have a little fun when bored, but will also be useful for children of 6-7 years old, because by drawing beautiful winter patterns, they will develop fine motor skills of their hands and imperceptibly improve their writing skills, which is very important in thataged.

The painted crystals of frozen water can be of different sizes and complexity. For example, each of the options below can take up an entire notebook sheet.

The following options are much simpler, but no less beautiful. They can be used not only for drawing by cells, but also as ornamental elements on winter crafts.

To practice writing, a child can draw one half of a snowflake in a notebook and ask them to finish it by repeating the drawing in a mirror image.

Draw with paints

There are several options for how to draw a snowflake with paints. For the first, you need a thin brush and white gouache if the background is blue or vice versa. The principle of operation is similar to drawing with a pencil, but you only have to work with paints and a brush. In order not to spoil the drawing, because the wrong line drawn with gouache will not be erased by the eraser, you can make a sketch in pencil.

The second option involves using a template, for which you first need to cut out a snowflake from thick paper. Then this blank is outlined with a simple pencil on a watercolor canvas. Then, with a round pointed brush, water must be applied to the drawing, after which watercolor paints are dotted onto the water surface. You can take blue, blue, green, purple and pink colors. It is important to ensure thatpaint did not go beyond the outline.

Stencils will also be needed for this method of painting with paints. They need to be attached to a canvas or a sheet of paper for watercolor, and on top, paint over everything with paints of different shades of blue and blue. Then, removing the stencils, you can see a beautiful winter pattern.

You can paint over the canvas over the stencils with brushes or … a comb and a toothbrush. The brush should be dipped in the prepared paints, and then run over the comb, holding everything above the paper. Drops, scattering and spreading on the water surface, will create a unique pattern.

Unusual Ideas

The fact that snow patterns can be used to decorate New Year's crafts has already been mentioned in passing above, and now it's time to talk more about unusual ways to use such patterns.

Use of natural materials

Pebbles brought from summer vacation can be turned into a beautiful Christmas craft. To do this, the stones should first be covered with a dense layer of acrylic paint, and then painted with snowflakes. Patterns can be applied with white acrylic or silver. In order for the drawing to be securely fixed, after drying, the “snowball” can be opened with varnish.

Such stones can be given as a souvenir or used for New Year's compositions with candles, fir branches and other attributes of thisholiday.

On gingerbread and cookies

In the New Year, many families have a tradition of preparing gingerbread and cookies. Joint culinary creativity brings together and allows you to have fun with the whole family. But don't just stop at baking, finished products can be painted with powdered sugar and egg white icing.

It's good if you have snowflake cookie cutters and colorful food coloring in your kitchen arsenal, but if you don't have them, you can make the blanks round with a glass and paint them with white icing.

On s alt dough snowflakes

Weightless paper snowflakes can decorate a window or hang them from the ceiling, creating the illusion of falling snow, and for the Christmas tree you can make full-fledged toys from s alt dough. To do this, a mixture of flour, fine s alt and water must be rolled out into a layer, from which, using cookie cutters or a sharp knife and a stencil, cut out snowflakes.

The blanks must be dried at room temperature or baked in the oven, and then painted with paints, as fantasy suggests. After drying, all that remains is to thread the rope and hang the decoration on the Christmas tree.

Draw with tablet app

It is easy and beautiful to draw a snowflake on a tablet. Not all children, and even adults, know that there are applications that allowcreate fractals and, by analogy with them, beautiful snow patterns. To create your own snowflake, it is enough to draw one of its rays, and the program will complete the rest in its likeness. The finished drawing can then be printed.

The video of how a newly drawn ray appears similar, fascinates and captivates, so this drawing will interest you more than any popular game.

Video tutorials

And for those who would rather see the whole process once than read about it several times, below are some interesting video tutorials on drawing beautiful snowflakes.

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