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Regardless of age, on the New Year, many people first of all congratulate their mother. Warm wishes in your own words will be pleasant not only in the form of a drinking speech, but also in SMS, if for some reason it is not possible to be around. The main thing is that the congratulations be sincere and touching for a particular person.

Choose who will congratulate:

  • several children together,
  • baby,
  • adult child.

Congratulations from several children

Such texts are relevant for pronunciation at the table or via video link, when one child speaks on behalf of all children.

Our dear mother, let the chiming clock, counting the last seconds of the outgoing year, forever take away the old worries and troubles! Let only pleasant surprises and cheerful mood await you ahead! And we will always be there, ready to support you and admire your kindness and care!

Happy New Year, our dear mother! We wish you in the coming year that all your plans come true, that success always accompanies you in your work, and that any difficulties always turn into new valuable ideas!

Dear mother, accept our commonHappy New Year! We wish you fulfillment of desires, new discoveries and good he alth! Let the changes of the new year be only for the better!

Our beloved mother, accept our general congratulations on the New Year and wishes of all the brightest and kindest in the coming year! Stay as open, cheerful and responsive, and let the symbol of the year protect you from all adversity!

Dear mom, Happy New Year! We wish you to reach even greater heights in the coming year, realize your plans and effortlessly cope with all the difficulties!

Dear mommy, Happy New Year to you! May the cherished wish made on this night will certainly come true and bring happiness in the coming year! We wish you he alth, success in all your endeavors and new creative ideas!

Happy New Year, our dear mother! We wish you to meet the coming year with joy and optimism, forgetting about all the hardships of the outgoing year. Let every day please you with pleasant surprises, useful acquaintances and new successes!

Our beloved mother, happy holiday to you! Let the New Year's fairy tale continue for you all next year and bring you a lot of smiles, pleasant surprises and fulfillment of desires! Remember, miracles happen to those who believe in them!

Dear Mom, Happy New Year! We wish you to confidently look forward, so that difficulties on the way to what you want recede from your path, and good luck helps in everything!

From babies to beloved mommy

When little kids start making their first postcards for their families, it's important to helpthem to supplement the craft with an appropriate and affectionate congratulation.

My beloved mommy, may Santa Claus fulfill all your desires, and may everything be fine at work and at home next year! I wish you less sadness and more smile!

Happy Holidays Mommy! I wish you many, many pleasant surprises in the new year, so that you will be as joyful and sweet all year as today! And so that you don’t get sick and wake up happy every day!

My dear mother! I wish you to smile every day in the new year and rejoice as if it were a holiday! Let your dreams come true, and problems will bypass!

Mommy, Happy New Year to you! Let your smile light up your face more often in the new year, because I promise to behave well, well. And I wish you to be he althy and happy!

Happy New Year, my dear mommy! I wish you more free time in the new year, fulfillment of desires and that no one upsets you!

Dear mother! Happy New Year! I wish you to forget all the bad things that happened this year, and gladly meet the coming one. May the wish made on New Year's Eve come true!

Mommy, Happy New Year! I wish you to remain as beautiful, smiling and happy! Let there be no bad news in the coming year, but instead a lot of love, good luck and he alth!

Mommy, Happy New Year to you! I wish you to receive many gifts and flowers in the coming year. May all bad things bypass you, and good luck and happiness rush to meet you!

Happy New Year,mommy! I wish you to do what you want in the coming year, and not to do what you don’t want, or just a little bit! Stay as beautiful, loved and caring!

From a teenager or adult child

Dear, dear mother, I congratulate you on the holiday! May the new year bring you only pleasant worries, less grief and more joyful moments! Be he althy, successful and cheerful!

My dear, Happy New Year to you! Let all sorrows and worries fly away with a snow blizzard, and the coming year will begin with new plans, joyful anticipation and achievements! I wish you to remain as optimistic, friendly and energetic!

Happy holiday, my dear! Let the new year be as many reasons for joy as possible, and as little as possible for sadness. I wish you he alth, good luck and undying optimism in spite of everything!

Happy New Year Mom! I wish you next year, so that luck accompanies you in work and creativity, so that your he alth remains strong, and your friends remain faithful. Let only pleasant surprises and new achievements await you!

Dear mom, Happy Holidays! Forget this night about all the hardships of the outgoing year! Let only good news, pleasant acquaintances and successful undertakings await you in the future!

Happy New Year, dear! With new happiness! May the symbol of the year bring you many joyful meetings, good luck in business and happiness in your personal life! I wish you to remain as smiling, caring and sensitive, and most importantly - he althy all year round!

Dear Mom, Happy New Year to you! Let everything badremains behind, and ahead lies only success, prosperity and new discoveries! I wish you to fulfill all your plans, meet many interesting people and live in harmony with your heart!

Happy New Year Mom! I wish you to achieve everything that you plan in the coming year, find time to relax and continue to please those around you with your radiant smile and kindness! I love you!

Mamulechka, I wish you a Happy New Year! May all your best wishes come true and your plans come true! First of all, I wish you he alth, if it is, then everything else will follow!

Dear mommy, I wish you a Happy New Year! I wish you that your hands always remain warm and affectionate when you hug me, and your lips open in a smile as often as possible.

I really want all your dreams to come true as soon as possible and give you the most desired thing in this world!

I wish you as much love as possible from our dad, so that he brings you huge armfuls of flowers and many gifts. I promise to give my love every day, and not just on holidays.

Happy New Year to you, dear mother, remember that I will always love you, and you will forever remain in my heart as the best role model and the person with the widest heart.

Happy New Year dear Mommy! May every day be filled with happiness and love for you. Let Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden bring you a whole bag of precious gifts at the stroke of twelve at night. And let this bag be so huge that it will contain all my love for you andimmense respect for your ability to move through life, avoiding obstacles and turning all desires and dreams into reality.

I want you to stay as beautiful and sweet so that our dad never takes his eyes off you. So that your work brings only pleasure and helps to reveal all your talents.

Dear mom, you are the dearest person on the planet for me! I congratulate you on the New Year and wish you the fulfillment of all your desires. So that you visit those countries that you have always dreamed of. And I found my purpose in life, and moved on the road that is meant only for you.

I really want to fill your soul with warmth and care. And I dream of being on this New Year's Eve with you under the tree and making many, many wishes! After all, if you try very hard, believe in New Year's miracles, then they will definitely come true! And our family will be happy for years to come.

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