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Before the new year, there is not always time to think about a verbal wish. You can write a congratulation to a girl on the New Year yourself, in your own words, or you can resort to the help of ready-made ones. We have written for you short beautiful congratulations in prose. The main thing is that the congratulations should be from the heart, then it doesn’t matter who actually came up with it.


  • Touching, tender congratulations to your girlfriend (from a guy)
  • Congratulations for a girl friend or colleague (from a man, boyfriend)
  • Short wishes for a girl in your own words

Delicate and touching prose

My dear sunshine! I am extremely glad that I finally met that very beautiful and long-awaited girl who won my heart. I want the coming year to bring us countless tender and unforgettable moments of happiness, warm sunshine and wonderful memories! Happy new year!

Beautiful lady of my heart! I was captivated by your beauty, meekness and charm. May you be more beautiful, sweeter and dearer to me in the coming year. In the new year I will try to fulfill all your dreams and give you a sea of love, affection, care and tenderness! Happy New Year 2023!

My sweetheart! Another happy year we spent together! May the coming year keep warmth in our relationships, a gentle sparkle in our eyes, butterflies in our stomachs and our unforgettable moments filled with love and tenderness! Beloved, be happy in the new year!

My little and fragile princess! You, like a bright sun, illuminate my path all year round, with you I learned what it is to love and enjoy this feeling. Thanks to you, I learned to dream and believe in miracles. Thank you, my sun, that you inspire me to new victories and overthrows. May the coming year give you as many unforgettable and tender moments as there are stars in our vast Universe, give you he alth and peace, and I will take care of everything else myself! Happy New Year, love!

My beloved flower! You are the most beautiful and amazing creature in the world! Please, in the coming year, remain as direct, desirable, sweet, incredibly beautiful, charming and mine! Happy New Year!

The joy of my soul! In the past year, you and I have gone through a lot, but we have retained tenderness, devotion and love for each other. May the outgoing year take with it all the bad weather, sorrows and your tears, and the coming year will prepare for you a lot of laughter, joy, fabulous moments and boundless love! You are my most important value in life! Happy New Year!

My favorite! You fill me with light and joy, give me calmness, peace and warmth! May you be in the coming yearyou will never know illnesses, sorrows and sadness, you will always smile and give joy. I am always there and will protect you from adversity and sadness! Happy New Year 2023!

My angel! Every day I thank the Universe for having such an extraordinary, beautiful and charming girl with me! Honey, may 2023 bring you joy, peace of mind, great well-being and unforgettable moments! I will be by your side and will always try to give you only joy and love! Happy New Year!

My joy! You are my reliable rear, my best friend and faithful companion. Every day spent next to you gives me strength, inspiration and meaning to live. Dear, may 2023 fulfill all your desires, give joy, comfort, warmth and peace. And I will be there and help you in everything! Happy new year!

My favorite! The outgoing year was not easy for us, but this is not a reason to be upset and prophesy that 2023 will be difficult. Let me be your magician in the coming year, fulfill all your desires, give joy, peace and warmth, love you more than anything in the world, help you in all matters and make you happy! Happy New Year, dear!

My light! You help me to be better every day! Only with you I became who I am now. I really want you to be happy, extraordinarily beautiful, loved and enjoy every moment in the coming year! I will try my best to make you even happier! Happy New Year 2023!

Keeper of my heart! Every day I wake up with a joyful thought that with me the mostextraordinary and amazing girl! You are like an angel every day protecting me from bad thoughts and people. In the coming year, may you have everything that you dream of, what you so desire and even more. And I will be by your side, love you very much and do everything to make you the happiest!

My beloved and charming! You captured my heart at first sight. I am grateful to you for appearing in my life and filling it with meaning every day! In the coming year, I promise that I will love you even more, help you, inspire you, delight and fulfill your every whim! Happy New Year my love!

New Year greetings for a girl friend or colleague

My dear friend! We have been friends for so many years and have already eaten more than one pood of s alt. Therefore, in the coming year I want to wish you the fulfillment of desires, good he alth and a reliable man nearby! Happy New Year, girlfriend!

My good! Thank you for being a reliable friend and a wonderful person! May you have everything that you have always dreamed of in the coming year, all your plans come true, and he alth never fails! And for your family I want to wish warmth, well-being and prosperity! Happy new year!

My dear friend, you are always there, support me in the most difficult moments and give me fun and positive! My dear, may the coming year give you untold we alth, dizzying success, great luck, endless happiness and true love! Happy New Year!

Mygood! Thank you for our friendship, your support and kind words in this hour of trouble. In the coming year, may you be lucky in love, increase your salary and position, and happiness, joy and well-being do not leave you. Happy new year dear!

My faithful and reliable friend! You are always there when I need you, with your care and kindness you help me cope with troubles and sadness. And in the coming year, my dear, I want to wish you as much joy and happiness as there are seconds in a year, sincere love and the implementation of your plans! Happy new year!

My dear! Friendship with you is wonderful, fun and reliable! I am very happy that I have a friend like you. In 2023, I want all your wishes to come true, your plans to come true, good he alth, endless happiness, and sincere love. Happy new year dear!

My dear friend! You are my salvation in hours of sadness and anxiety, a reliable keeper of secrets and a wonderful person! In 2023, may you have excellent he alth, a full wallet, a good boss, a beloved man and a big family! Happy new year my dear!

My dear friend! Thank you for your support, shoulder and winter evenings with delicious tea! May you have well-being in the family, prosperity in your wallet, promotion at work, peace in your soul and countless joyful moments in the coming year! Be happy in the coming year!

My dear! You and I have been through a lot that only cemented our friendship! Our meetings give joy, positive and a huge amount of emotions! Want,so that this year you remember only good, joyful and cheerful, and all the bad things are forgotten after the chiming clock. May 2023 bring you great he alth, family well-being, joy and the fulfillment of all your plans. Stay the same sincere, cheerful and wonderful! Happy New Year!

Short Wishes Happy New Year 2023

Sweet ______ (name)! The year 2023 is coming and it is preparing for you a huge box of joy, a big bag of happiness, countless unforgettable moments filled with love and warmth! Happy new year!

My good! Although everyone says that the coming year will be difficult, let it be the most successful, happy, full of bright emotions for you! Happy New Year!

___ (name)! Let the coming year be easy, fun, full of travel and unforgettable experiences! Wishing you he alth, success and pure love in 2023!

My sweet ___ (name)! You are a beautiful and wonderful girl! I want to wish you peace, inner harmony and happiness in the coming year! Happy New Year 2023!

Honey! May the coming year be easy, full of joy and love for you, and favorable for the implementation of your plans. Happy New Year!

Beautiful __ (name)! May 2023 bring you great he alth, bright victories, true love and many sunny days! Happy New Year!

Darling! May your wishes come true in the coming year, he alth does not fail, and good mood does not leave! Happy New Year!

My good! The coming year has preparedfor you a dizzying success, excellent he alth, fulfillment of desires, unforgettable travels and vivid emotions! Greet 2023 with a smile! Happy new year!

Sunshine! May the coming year be extraordinarily bright, eventful and memorable! He alth to you and fulfillment of desires in 2023!

Congratulations in prose - a win-win option for wishes. But here it is worth choosing those that will reach the depths of the soul and touch the addressee to tears. At the same time, it doesn’t matter at all what they will be: short or long, nominal or without addressing by name. The main thing is that they were intended specifically for Her and were spoken sincerely. Therefore, the choice of congratulations and a gift for your girlfriend should be approached with special care and attention.

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