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Traditional winter holidays - Christmas and New Year - a great occasion to get together with the whole family, together with the children at a large table, talk about holiday traditions and make decorations for the house and the Christmas tree. Today, on the eve of a series of magical holidays, we invite you to learn how to make a Christmas angel with your own hands and create your own little miracle. In our article you will find a description of crafts from completely different materials, including those that are often considered waste, as well as simple diagrams and descriptions for them. So let's get creative!

Choose from what and how we will do:

  • from paper cones
  • accordion
  • from paper napkins
  • vytynanki
  • flat cardboard figurines
  • from felt
  • from s alt dough
  • from foamiran
  • crochet angel
  • from plasticine
  • cross stitch
  • beaded
  • from a light bulb
  • from cotton pads

Paper cone angels

We suggest starting with simple crafts - from paper cones. For this you will need:

  • paper, both regular office paper andspecial thick: torchon, for scrapbooking, you can take watercolor white sheets;
  • scissors: straight and curly;
  • glue stick and PVA;
  • a simple pencil to trace patterns;
  • colored pencils and felt-tip pens (for coloring and painting small details);
  • sequins, buttons, ribbons, beads and beads are useful for decoration.

You can download, print and cut out the diagram below. Work in any case begins with the manufacture of the cone. There are two options for how to make a cone.

  1. Twist a bag from a sheet, glue it together. Cut off the excess part of the paper from the wide side, which will be the base of the toy.
  2. Using a template or a compass, draw a circle, cut along the radius, then twist and glue the cone.

The head of a little man can be glued from paper, cardboard, a small foam ball, a large wooden bead. The head can be decorated with a wreath of paper flowers, a halo of shiny foil. You can paint the face, or you can not do it - follow your creative plan.

Handmade Christmas Messenger can be a free-standing figurine or hanging on a Christmas tree. In this case, it is necessary to provide a ribbon, a rope so that you can hang it.

If you put a garland of LEDs inside the paper figure, which do not heat up and are safe, you can make a cozy, glowing in the darkdecoration for the holiday.

Cutting Patterns

Angels accordion

Folding paper like an accordion and making another toy with your own hands is quite simple. Bend the paper like a ladder, making equal indents. For convenience, you can draw lines at a distance of 1 cm from each other - this way the accordion will turn out to be even and neat.

The face can be drawn or printed. You can decorate such a house keeper with beads, glitter glue, ribbons.

Paper napkin angel

Angel of white paper napkins can be made with a surprise inside. This surprise (as well as the advent calendar) will especially appeal to the smallest participants in the holiday. Insert a round candy (lollipop, chocolate in a wrapper) into the “head” of the figure. This will give volume and shape to the head of the toy and will be a treat for the baby.

So, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to make an angel from a napkin with your own hands.

  1. Unfold the napkin, lay it flat on the table, in 1 layer.
  2. Place a candy in the center.
  3. Gently crimp the candy with your hands to shape the head without tearing the napkin. Secure with a ribbon or small elastic band.
  4. Fold the wings behind your back from the secondnapkin folded in half.
  5. Decorate the figurine as you wish. You can draw a face, stick a halo of gold ribbon or cardboard.

Vytynanki angels

Openwork silhouettes of little keepers will look great on a window or a solid background: a wall or a door. Just below you can download, print stencils of angels and cut out figures of Christmas creatures for free.

For cutting, it is better to use a breadboard (stationery) knife, as it allows you to create subtle intricate patterns. As a backing, if you don't have a special mat (rug), use a plastic cutting board or a piece of waste cardboard, such as from a shoe box.

Small children cannot do such complex manipulations, adults can help them. For kids, take the simplest patterns. Ornament can also be cut with nail scissors.

Flat cardboard angels

Flat figurines of God's messengers from cardboard can also be cut with a stationery knife. Use our diagrams or draw your own silhouettes.

You can immediately take colored cardboard:

  • coated;
  • velvet;
  • foil;
  • patterned;
  • embossed.

Or cut people out of corrugated cardboard, which is used for boxes. And paint or paste over the finished figure:

  • cotton or linen;
  • canvas (burlap);
  • lace;
  • beaded;
  • colored craft paper.

Don't forget to poke a hole (for example, with a hole punch) and thread a ribbon - to hang an angel on a Christmas tree or a door handle.

Cutting Patterns

Felt angel

Christmas toys made of felt can be sewn with a decorative seam or carefully glued along the contour with a glue gun or Moment-Crystal glue.

Step-by-step sewing of felt toys is perfect for beginner craftswomen, because working with felt (another name for felt) is quite simple, for many reasons:

  • it is dense, holds its shape well;
  • the edges of the material do not crumble, do not interfere with sewing;
  • variety of colors allows for many creative ideas.

By the way, in needlework stores you can buy felt even with a thematic pattern suitable for sewing Christmas angelsDIY.

Felt patterns

S alt dough angel

Crafts from s alt dough for the Christmas holiday are very voluminous and "alive" due to the use of natural ingredients for the preparation of the mass. This material is safe and perfect for children's creativity. Easiest S alt Dough Recipe:

  • 1 tbsp wheat flour;
  • 1 tbsp fine s alt ("Extra");
  • 0.5 tbsp cold water;
  • 1 tbsp l. PVA glue.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to dissolve the s alt. Otherwise, the crystals will interfere with the sculpting process.

If desired, the s alty dough can be kneaded immediately with color by adding food coloring - those with which eggs are dyed for Easter.

Or paint the finished dried toy. You can take gouache paints (for kids) or acrylic paints (for older artists). After the paint has dried, coat the s alt dough toy with varnish to add shine and strength. You can leave the product unpainted, savingnatural color.

S alt dough is a very malleable material. From it, tiny figures are obtained, and large compositions, consisting of several parts, which are molded and dried separately, and then mounted together (with PVA glue).

You can make prints and patterns on the test. You can use a plasticine knife (stack), also interesting prints-drawings are obtained from:

  • caps from pens or felt-tip pens;
  • twigs, leaves dried since autumn;
  • lace and mesh (it is better to take hard linen).

In the finished product, do not forget to leave a hole for the ribbon. Drying crafts from s alt dough is best as follows. Put dough products on a baking sheet covered with baking paper or tracing paper and place in the oven. Heat the oven to approx. 100 deg. and leave the figurines to dry.

Or you can "bake" 20 minutes. preheated to 200 degrees. oven. In this case, the product will turn out ruddy and appetizing, like a bread crust.

Angel from foamiran

Foamiran - foamed cardboard - malleable, plastic material. Please note that the outline on foamiran should not be drawn with a pencil or pen. Use an ordinary toothpick. It seems to push through the soft surface of the material, then cut the details with scissors along the resulting groove.

For small foam board Christmas messengers, you can apply the same patterns asfor crafts made of paper and cardboard. Figures made of foamiran with sparkles will look especially impressive. For decor use:

  • rhinestones, sequins, sequins;
  • wooden and lacquered beads;
  • ribbons, lace, braid.

Crochet angel

Remember the openwork napkins that our grandmothers knitted with tiny crochets from mercerized cotton yarn? Crochet - skilful airy crochet - is now at the peak of popularity. Thanks to our simple and intelligible schemes, you will cope with this, at first glance, a difficult type of needlework!

At the heart of all patterns is the alternation of air loops, columns with a crochet and without a crochet. As an additional decor for filigree angels fit:

  • beads;
  • beads;
  • embroidery;
  • Lurex trim, gold threads.

And you can also crochet a Christmas tree.

Plasticine angel

Plasticine is a favorite material for creativity of all children without exception. To create wonderful Christmas angels with your own hands, take air plasticine. He is verysoft, supple, tactilely pleasant, the colors blend perfectly with each other. The finished plasticine craft dries in the air for two hours, becomes almost weightless and retains strength.

After complete drying, small details (eyes, smiles) can be painted on with markers or felt-tip pens.

Angel cross stitch

Cross-stitch is another type of old handicraft, the interest in which is being revived these days. On our page there are schemes and layouts by colors, according to which you can easily embroider wonderful colorful heralds of the Christmas holiday.

For embroidery you will need:

  • canva - loose fabric for needlework;
  • hoop to stretch fabric for embroidery;
  • colored threads - traditional floss, wool, silk, cotton.

Some needlewomen prefer to complement cross-stitch with other embroidery methods - stem stitch, knots, loops, etc. Your imagination will tell you what the final version of the work will be. For decoration, a baguette with a painting is well suited - when some elements are painted on a cardboard passe-partout, making the picture complete.

Beaded Angel

Bead weaving is painstaking manual labor. Our charts will help youunderstand the intricacies of beadwork and create real New Year's masterpieces. Beads in crafts can be connected in series, in parallel or in a circle - depending on the pattern of the part you are doing.

Beads can be used:

  • shiny;
  • matte;
  • faceted - "Charlotte";
  • glass beads - elongated tubules-cylinders;
  • rainbow;
  • metallized.

Stock up with wire of different thicknesses - to connect suitable beads of various sizes and diameters of the inner hole.

If you like this kind of creativity, check out more beaded Christmas trees and beaded snowflakes.

Light bulb angel

Light bulbs that have served their time can become the basis for creativity. They make an excellent skeleton - the body for the future angel. By adding a little imagination and details from different materials, we get a unique toy, the second of which will definitely not be in the world!

Wings can be made from decorative craft feathers, cut out of cardboard or felt. A large bead or cork from a drink is useful for the head. The hairstyle can be made from threads or woolen yarn.

Complete the toyon the Christmas tree with a halo of foil, a book or angel notes - from a folded piece of paper. Here is a perfect example of upcycling - recycling of unwanted materials.

From cotton pads

Cotton pads seem to be asking for New Year and Christmas crafts. They are white, soft, with neat edges. Let's take advantage of them! To make do-it-yourself angels from cotton pads, you can cut out the details, almost like from felt or paper, make notches that imitate feathers in the wings. And you can use it as a whole - folding and twisting.

Be sure to add decorative shiny elements:

  • beaded eyes;
  • halos of shiny metallic wire and foil;
  • buttons, beads, sequins.

By the way, patterns on cotton pads can be drawn with acrylic paints-contours in tubes with narrow spouts.

Using these diagrams and tutorials, you know how to make Christmas angels. Create for he alth! May the kind guardians that you create with your own hands bring goodness and endless happiness to your hospitable home!

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