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Coloring pages with the Tiger, the symbol of 2023, are a good way to spend time with your child, being creative. Both adults and children like to fill in a white sheet of paper with color, on which there is only an outline of the future drawing. Such an activity helps children develop fine motor skills of their hands, learn colors and activate the parts of the brain responsible for speech, while adults relax, relieve tension and stress after a hard day.

Introducing the symbol of 2023

The upcoming year 2023 according to the Eastern calendar will be held under the auspices of the Blue Water Tiger - an animal distinguished by artistry, good learning and sufficient luck. In general, the year will be successful for everyone, albeit very dynamic.

Of course, for children, the promises of horoscopes will not be as interesting as the story of the tabby cats themselves. For example, in nature there are six species of tigers: Bengal, Indochinese, Amur, Chinese, Sumatran and Malayan. Among themselves, they differ not only in habitat and skin color. It can vary from red-brown or orange-red to white-gray, but always with a recognizable black stripe pattern.

Tiger is well knownkids, as a frequent cartoon character: Sher Khan from Mowgli, Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, Tig from Tig and Leo and many others. I wonder what species each of them belongs to? You can reflect on this with your child by coloring their pictures.

How can you color the Tiger coloring pages

Children's coloring pages can be downloaded for free and printed on your own using the selection below, but to revive the image and fill it with colors, you will have to go to the stationery store. In order not to get lost in the variety of goods offered, let's focus on what you can color in:

  • pencils - allow you to mix different colors and get many shades and tones, but the drawings are not too bright;
  • markers and felt-tip pens - give bright and saturated colors, but if the layers of strokes intersect, the drawing will not be neat;
  • watercolor colored pencils - have the advantages of ordinary pencils and watercolors, the only negative is the high price;
  • watercolors - to paint with them, you need to print children's coloring pages on thick enough paper;
  • gel pens - in addition to bright colors, they can have various effects (metallic, sparkles) that will make the image unusual;
  • rainbow pencils - in them the stylus is a mixture of several colors; they are not suitable for realistic images, but Christmas coloring pages will make them truly fabulous.

If a child is just learning to color, then he should try to drawvarious accessories so that he can figure out which one he likes best.

Interesting tricks and tips from artists

Coloring is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Here, too, there are secrets. Here are some of them:

  1. Before you start filling in the outlines with color, the felt-tip pen and gel pen should be tested on a sheet of the same paper to see how the strokes fall and make sure that the paint does not flow.
  2. When coloring a drawing of a tiger with pencils, you can use the frottage technique. A relief surface should be placed under a sheet of paper, which, for example, will imitate hairs on an animal's fur. This will make the image more voluminous.
  3. White details can also be drawn with colored pencils. To do this, a tracing paper is placed on the drawing, those places that should remain white are pressed through with a pencil. After that, the tracing paper is removed and carefully passed with a stylus at an angle so that the squeezed places remain white.
  4. To paint large areas without overlapping several layers, you can simply warm up the stylus. This will soften the binders in the pencil and make it last longer and brighter.
  5. Due to the fact that the colors in markers and felt-tip pens practically do not mix, they are best used for abstract or cartoon coloring.

When you want to take a breather in the pre-New Year's fuss, you should get felt-tip pens and coloring books. Such a creative time-out will help you gather your thoughts and charge you with positive energy.

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