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New Year 2023 is approaching. And although there is enough time left before it, it's time to think about it: how to celebrate this merry holiday? What dress and shoes to wear, what makeup and hairstyle will suit the image? What jewelry to choose? But the image will remain incomplete, because the point is not set - nail art. And on parsing today is a white New Year's manicure.

Table of contents:

  • Start started
  • White snow
  • Gold and silver
  • Nothing extra
  • French classic
  • Draw New Year

Start started

The first and most important thing in manicure is the shape of the nail. It is necessary to choose the right length, sawdust shape, determine the combination of decor and coverage area.

As it is a white color, there will be no particularly strict requirements. White looks great on long nails, and is well suited for lovers of short ones. It does not require special conditions for sawdust. It can be anything: oval, square, almond and other shapes.

Probably only one nail shape needs attention. This is the so-called fan, when the cuticle is narrow, and the free edge of the nail is wide. In this case, you just have tofix the shape with extensions.

White snow

White color is universal. Suitable for any look and any color scheme. You can revive the white background with sparkles. It is enough to decorate one or two nails, and the manicure will become more lively and elegant.

Sequins can be used to decorate drawings or use to draw a jacket. They can be used as a completely independent element, for example, to make a stretch from the free edge to the cuticle and vice versa. They can be added to a cover, base or top for a shimmer finish.

In order for the sparkles to contrast beautifully with the white background, they must be colored. But this is a matter of taste.

Gold and silver

White background goes well with silver and gold. Manicure is gentle and unobtrusive. But, you need to understand that these two additions can be lost on the coating. Therefore, you should not choose decor from thin lines, for example, monograms or detailed drawings. But French or geometry will look good. Of course, if the silver or gold is rather dark, then the design can be quite interesting.

It is also worth paying attention to such a decorative element as rubbing. Gold or silver plating on a white background looks very elegant. To enhance the festive notes, you can add a picture on top of the cover.

Cat's eye top in gold orsilver gives the manicure a special elegance. It does not catch the eye, does not make the nails "flashy" or vulgar. A subtle spray, just a hint, and a beautiful overflow will undoubtedly decorate any design.

Nothing extra

The 2023 trend is minimalism. Strict monotone, without any frills. But the soul needs a holiday! How not to go beyond the new trend in nail art?

  • Cat Eye Shimmer Top
  • One small rhinestone on one finger,
  • French on nude or pastel finish,
  • Thin lines of abstraction on one finger.

White gel polish allows you to apply all of the above. Ombre coating from white to camouflage deserves special attention. It turns out a very gentle, beautiful white New Year's manicure, which does not need additional decoration. Especially if you cover it with a shimmery top.

French classic

White manicure means not only covering, but also decorating the nail with this color. A white jacket on a nude background is a classic that will never lose its popularity. Basically, everyone is used to the fact that such a design is intended for a wedding celebration. But it is also popular for the New Year holiday.

For a festive party, a white jacket is perfectly complemented by snowflakes and stars, themed drawings (balloons, candies,mittens, etc.), rhinestones, pearls and even modeling.

If there is no particular desire to make the design heavier with drawings, then you can finish with a shimmer top.

Draw New Year

For lovers of nail art, the white background gives you unlimited possibilities. On such a substrate, any drawing will look bright and festive. What can you draw to create a festive mood?

  • Painting. Basically, these are monograms, curls, ethno-ornament. Any colour. This nuance, by the way, corresponds to the general color scheme. For example, a green dress. On a white cover, a green pattern will perfectly complement the look.
  • Snowflakes, stars. You can decorate the center of a snowflake or star with small rhinestones.
  • Funny cartoons. Snowmen, deer, mice, bullfinches and other heroes of the New Year.
  • Symbol of the year. New Year 2023 is the year of the blue water tiger. A schematic representation of this animal, blue stripes on a white background, and rhinestone eyes. Why not a white New Year's manicure?
  • Goodies. Lollipops, liquorice, tangerines… A white background will make the image stand out.
  • Christmas toys. They are always popular. All kinds of balloons, crackers, streamers and confetti.
  • Clothes. Mittens, scarves, Santa Claus hat, socks, Christmas gift bags.
  • Nature. Winter forest, spruce twigs, fir trees and snowdrifts.

Each of these options are easily complemented with decorative elements: rhinestones, broths, yucca flakes, glitter, broken glass, foil, acrylic powder and more. The arsenal of each master is rich for every taste.

White New Year's manicure is a great opportunity to realize any fantasy. Such a background is non-binding, universal for any image, suitable for any evening, whether it's a corporate party or a home circle. White manicure meets the requirements of any dress code and is appropriate after the holidays.

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