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Who doesn't know the famous soothsayer Vanga? Her name is known to many and has become a household name. A slang expression appeared: “Wangyu”, which is interpreted as: “Let me guess” or “I predict”. Vanga's popularity has spread throughout the world, and her power, as a clairvoyant, is comparable to Nostradamus, whose quatrains still come true. Vanga's predictions for 2023 are already beginning to excite the imagination of many fans of the famous clairvoyant. What did grandma Vanga want to warn us about?

Table of Contents

  • Fulfilled Prophecies
  • Death of the USSR
  • The symbol of Russia is a bear
  • The death of Kursk
  • Chaos in the country
  • Plague from the East
  • Predictions for 2023

Fulfilled Prophecies

Grandma Vanga lived in the 20th century. Therefore, most of the predictions can be easily tracked for veracity.

Death of the USSR

Shortly before the collapse of a mighty power, Vanga predicted events that shook faith in the power of a huge country. In 1990, she predicted the poverty of Soviet citizens, the collapse of the USSR, tanks in the capital. As everyone remembers, this event actually happened. The country split into two camps: those who survived and those whofabulously rich. Here is what the clairvoyant said verbatim:

“Hearing but deaf. Sighted but blind. Mothers who have forgotten their children. Brothers killing each other. Welcome in the house - experience beyond the threshold.”

Until now, researchers of the gift of the clairvoyant are arguing: did these predictions come true or not?

Vanga's interesting phrase "Good in the house - experience beyond the threshold" is suggestive. After all, most of the scientists, in the 90s with the collapse of the USSR, left the country in which they became unnecessary. The lack of earnings, the closure of research institutes and other centers left no choice for many specialists. They were forced to seek application of their knowledge in other countries.

The symbol of Russia is a bear?

Once Vanga predicted a new president:

"A brown bear will come out of the shadows, and his power will be for many years."

Then few understood the true meaning of the words until Vladimir Putin came to power. Well, the symbol of the United Russia party - the brown bear - put everything in its place in this prophecy.

The death of Kursk

A very well-known prediction that alarmed the public and made skeptics doubt. We are talking about the death of Kursk. Literally Vanga said this:

“Kursk under water. All the people in it will perish.”

Many then thought it was nonsense: Kursk is far from the sea, and the river is not powerful enough to flood the city and the entire population. The news of the death of the submarine "Kursk" became a bolt from the blue. The entire crew was killed. That's when the words became clearsoothsayers.

“Yellow plague from the east” - quote from Vanga

We should also remember the strange, but very accurate prediction that Vanga made back in the 90s. She said:

"Mirror year will take millions of lives. A terrible plague will come from the east. The world will plunge into the power of a terrible, forgotten disease. Around the coffins. Doctors are powerless in the fight against infection. Roads will be closed and countries will close their doors.”

Then no one understood what kind of plague they were talking about, and gradually the prediction was forgotten.

He was remembered in 2023, when the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic hit the world. And everything came together:

  1. Mirror year - 2023.
  2. A terrible, forgotten disease. Perhaps Vanga confused with the pneumonic form of bubonic plague, the symptoms of which are very similar to covid.
  3. Coffins all around.… Yes, the death rate has exceeded all conceivable limits.
  4. Doctors are powerless. And again, it's true. Sometimes it really is.

The pandemic has swept the whole world, as Vanga said.

Predictions for 2023

Vanga's predictions for 2023 are rather poor. She said that the world would "remove the consequences of what people have done to themselves." Perhaps she meant environmental issues, or maybe something else. Bulgarian clairvoyant said that the Earth's axis will change the angle of inclination. But this is already a well-known fact. The angle of inclination of the earth's axis is constantly changing and the full cycle is 26,000 years. It will take at least 15,000 years before the deviation becomes apparent. Here's a drastic changewill lead to the complete death of all living things, which is doubtful.

In addition, Vanga predicted the beginning of significant climate change in 2023. Floods, fires, depletion of fresh water. Even if right now all countries stop air pollution, the global climate will get warmer by 1.2-2 degrees. However, everything is in the hands of humanity, and if we change our minds, perhaps this prophecy of Vanga will go into the category of those that have not come true.

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