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In the New Year 2023, the reign of the Black Water Rabbit comes. He will present interesting surprises to everyone who believes in magic. For the New Year, relatives and friends prepare gifts and surprises for each other.

It is also customary to have calendars in homes. It can be bought in paper form and attached to the wall or downloaded to a computer and installed on your desktop. In this section, various versions of calendars with the Rabbit have been prepared, from which you can choose the one you like and download it for free.

Characteristic of the year

A rabbit in life is a soft fluffy lump, shy. In astrology, he embodies the feminine, care and generosity. He is naturally non-confrontational and is able to heal people.

Rabbit cannot be called a coward because of outward obedience. He is able to show the most heroic qualities in extreme situations. The animal is dependent on the opinions of others, so its success directly depends on friends and colleagues.

Rabbit makes reliable friends who have pleasant manners and a high level of sociability. He is also a wonderful family man and will never leave his family without a livelihood. Will work so hard tothe family needed nothing.

What awaits us in the Year of the Rabbit

The coming period is considered by many to be the happiest. It will not bring special shocks and strong unrest. On the contrary, life is expected to be calm and measured, as is the traditional behavior of the owner of the year.

It is believed that during the whole year negative situations, quarrels and disagreements are not expected in families. New Year promises romance and kindness, family happiness and communication. You can plan marriage or the birth of a child in the calendar.

The most favorable time in the year of the Water Rabbit is winter. At this time, success will accompany all undertakings in business. Therefore, it is recommended to take on projects immediately after the New Year, and the profit will be guaranteed.

To attract good luck, astrologers recommend using purple in clothes (the owner's favorite shade of the year). It is better to schedule important events on lucky dates that contain the numbers 3, 4 and 6. In the lunar calendar, months 1, 4, 8 and 11 will be happy for making financial transactions and opening deposits.

Calendar for New Year 2023 with a picture of an animal will be a great addition to your desktop. It will also help you plan important events and memorable dates. The electronic calendar for the New Year 2023 can be printed on a color printer and placed above the workplace at work. This will create coziness and comfort in planning the workflow.

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