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Working in the same team, I want to deliver pleasant emotions to others and before the holiday you must definitely choose what to give inexpensive and original to colleagues on February 23, so that everyone is satisfied with the surprise presented. It is always difficult for girls to decide, so in the article we will offer different options so that you can please your colleagues with pleasant little things without spending a lot of money. And useful tips will help you choose what to give colleagues for Defender of the Fatherland Day will be relevant and interesting.

How to choose an original and inexpensive gift for colleagues on February 23

In order not to lose face and find a really necessary and interesting present, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of tips on how to choose an original and inexpensive gift for colleagues at work on February 23 and what things are best to focus on. By adhering to simple rules, you can easily choose the appropriate option for each individually or in general.

    • First of all, you need to decide onhow much you plan to donate money for a gift. To do this, count the total number of men and multiply by the approximate cost of a present for one person. This figure should be divided by the entire female part of the team, so you get the exact amount that you will hand over.
    • Be sure to do everything in advance, because any general fundraising takes time, and among the wide variety of options offered, you still need to decide on surprises. And if you leave the search to the last moment, then in a hurry, you are likely to make the wrong purchase.
    • Determine whether you will have the same surprises for all your employees, or do you prefer to get confused, but choose a present for each that suits his character. Just keep in mind that the second method requires a lot of work from the person on whose shoulders this responsibility falls.
    • Be sure to consider what men do, maybe your present will be themed according to the style of the holiday or the speci alty in which they work.
    • Take into account the average age of the team, if they are young guys, they will be delighted with original gizmos, but for older people, the classics are more suitable.
    • Don't forget about the corporate party, it's good when prepared presents are presented at it. However, if you have to organize it only at the expense of the female part of the team, then you won’t get an inexpensive gift for colleagues on February 23.
    • Create an original speech with which you will present surprises. Without preparation, you are likely to simply stumble or not say everything that was originallyscheduled.

    What can not be given to colleagues on February 23

    If you are faced with a difficult choice of what to give your colleagues an inexpensive, but original gift on February 23, then, of course, you need to prepare well and think over the appropriate option. After all, there are quite a lot of men and we must try to please each of them, the most important thing here for the fairer sex is to know what you can’t give colleagues on February 23 and what things are best avoided.

    • Useless souvenirs, men don't like these items, because they are absolutely of no use. Of course, they cost quite a bit, but no one will experience the joy of such surprises.
    • Too valuable gifts, at work it is not very customary to present expensive things to colleagues. Of course, this is not stated anywhere in the rules or charter, but it is better not to cross the line even in 1000 rubles per person.
    • Personal items, this category should be completely excluded, because certain boundaries are set at work, which you should not cross at all. Moreover, not every girl or wife will like it if a man brings a gift from work in the form of underpants with a cool pattern or an inscription.
    • Try to avoid personal hygiene products as well. Firstly, it’s not a fact that you can find a suitable option for each colleague, since you hardly know the tastes of all employees. And secondly, for a long time, many men have been rather tired of such surprises, as well as the socks that they always give them.
    • Intimate things, even if you decide themto hand over for the sake of an ordinary joke. After all, not everyone is ready to understand and accept such gifts, and they can be very offensive.
    • Eau de toilette or perfume - you shouldn't even try to choose them, because every man will have to look for his own unique fragrance, and this is very difficult and long.

    List of 35 best inexpensive but original gifts for a colleague on February 23rd

    It's time to start the main choice and think about different options. We propose to start with a list of the 35 best inexpensive, but original gifts for a colleague on February 23:

    1. name frame for license plate;
    2. key holder in the form of a grenade with a carbine for attaching to a belt;
    3. military felt home slippers;
    4. miniature tool kit;
    5. paper organizer;
    6. foldable keychain cup;
    7. magnetic car holder for smartphone;
    8. backlit keyboard, very convenient for working in the evening;
    9. boxes for storing papers, with a window for notes, where you can write what's inside;
    10. headphones in the form of bananas or sushi;
    11. gift certificate to a men's perfume shop;
    12. photo frame on the desktop, it's good if you get pictures in military uniform when the guys were still in the army;
    13. retro shoe shine set;
    14. Newton's pendulum;
    15. hourglass with metal chips;
    16. a bottle of good cognac or whiskey in a set with dark chocolate;
    17. business card holder;
    18. engraved lighter;
    19. stylish men's umbrella with pistol grip;
    20. rotating glasses pair;
    21. dried fish bouquet;
    22. name flask for various drinks in military style;
    23. hard wood puzzle;
    24. book for self-development;
    25. board game;
    26. paperweight with cool writing;
    27. high-quality military dry ration;
    28. a set of signs in a humorous style;
    29. scratch card "100 important things";
    30. chocolate in the shape of a gun;
    31. army name flask;
    32. Budenovka hat for going to the bathhouse;
    33. powerbank;
    34. apron with congratulations on February 23 and the inscription "The man said, the man did";
    35. a set of honey of different varieties.

    Remember, when you don't have any ideas for inexpensive gifts for colleagues on February 23, you can just think of options with certificates for a small amount. So every man can go to the store and buy the item he needs.

    List of ideas for original and inexpensive gifts to colleagues on February 23 from the universal category

    Any surprise can be made unusual and valuable for a person by putting on it a significant emblem, engraving or even a picture of the addressee. We invite you to familiarize yourself with a selection of interesting ideas for inexpensive original gifts for colleagues on February 23 from the classic options. It is these items that will be useful to every person, and it doesn’t matter if he is old or still very young.

    • T-shirt with the inscription, even in a playful way. But remember thatfor each colleague, you need to come up with a unique phrase, maybe even the one that he most often likes to say.
    • Flash drive, now everyone should have such an attribute, because you constantly have to transfer information electronically. You can choose it in a small volume, but in an original form, for example: an airplane, a tank, a little man, a military vehicle, an army badge, or just a personalized version.
    • Congratulatory cup, in addition, if you have enough money, you can order a certificate of honor for everyone, which will then show off at home or at the workplace.
    • Desk organizer with integrated single fish tank and small lamp.
    • 3D tank slippers, pretty cool surprise and feet will always be warm.
    • Key Finder is a useful item, especially if there is often a problem with a lost key.
    • A piggy bank in the form of a soldier or an electronic version of the "Safe", everyone will like this surprise.
    • Make a tank out of four bottles of beer and paper, such a gift can just show off on a shelf or be used already on a festive evening.

    In addition, check out such inexpensive classic gifts for colleagues on Defender of the Fatherland Day as:

    • flash card-card "From February 23";
    • stirring mug;
    • Headphones with zipper to avoid tangled wires;
    • gloves that respond to touch phones;
    • personal diary;
    • stand forUSB-powered tea or coffee mug warmer;
    • beer glass "February 23";
    • cover on the back of the chair so that small children do not stain the upholstery;
    • weather forecaster.

    Even the most versatile inexpensive gift for colleagues on February 23 can be themed by wrapping it in khaki or camouflage color in green-brown tones.

    What to give inexpensive, but original colleagues on February 23 for work up to 500 rubles

    One of the more useful categories is workplace-related surprises. After all, such items are always useful in business, and they can be put to good use. That is why we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our tips on what you can present to inexpensive, but original colleagues on February 23 for work up to 500 rubles.

    • A perpetual desk calendar that they can use all the time without having to change it every year.
    • Mouse pad with built-in calculator, especially for people working with numbers. And you can also consider the option with a stand for the hand.
    • Stationery organizer, it's good if it has two departments. So one can easily fit all the pens, and the other pencils.
    • Hammock for legs, everyone knows how tired the whole body is at the end of the working day. And if you hand over such a device, then men can comfortably sit in the work area and not feel overwhelmed at the end of the day.
    • Thermo mugwill be a real surprise, especially when you can’t drink a cup of hot coffee in the morning, you can take it with you and cheer up on the way to work.
    • Waterproof phone case, a very relevant gift for men working outdoors in different weather conditions.
    • Heated Cigarette Lighter Lunch Box good for drivers, but office workers might want to consider USB.

    In addition, you can offer such ideas for inexpensive, but original gifts to colleagues on Defender of the Fatherland Day, such as:

    • bath towel with the owner's initials or the inscription "February 23";
    • stand organizer for desktop phone;
    • name book for each employee;
    • socks in a sealed jar "A real man!";
    • mug - you can choose it with a funny inscription or photo.

    When you buy useful gifts for colleagues on February 23, you can be sure that they will definitely like them, because men are very practical people and will be happy to receive the item they need.

    Ideas for inexpensive original gifts to colleagues on February 23 personally from myself

    Often, girls prefer people with whom they are very good friends to acquire not only a general surprise, but also prepare an additional one. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of ideas that you can give an inexpensive original to colleagues on February 23 personally from yourself.

    • Notepad,the option with a combination lock would be very interesting so that an outsider could not view the records stored in it.
    • Beer helmet is perfect for a man who loves foamy drinks and is not averse to relaxing with friends, drinking, but at the same time, so that his hands are always free.
    • Handmade soap packed in a box. It is best if you manage to choose an original fragrance that suits this particular person.
    • Keyboard vacuum cleaner, it is not very powerful, however, it will be enough to remove the accumulated debris.
    • Convenient mug holder to avoid damaging the table surface with heat.
    • A flashlight on a keychain is useful so that in the dark you can safely illuminate the lock and easily open the door.

    And also consider such options for inexpensive gifts personally from yourself to colleagues on February 23, from which they will be delighted:

    • keyboard cleaner slime;
    • alarm clock with target;
    • key chain hanger;
    • cufflinks with owner's initials;
    • tie clip;
    • notebook.

    Try to keep in mind that any personal gift to colleagues on February 23 should be no more expensive than the general one, so as not to embarrass other employees. Or just present the prepared gift in private.

    What to give to colleagues inexpensively, but original on February 23, made by hand

    When there is little money for surprises, you canshow your imagination and prepare inexpensive, but original gifts for colleagues on February 23 with your own hands. So the simplest thing can be decorated in an interesting and unusual way. And do not even think that you will not like the presents, on the contrary, they will cause admiration and surprise on the part of the male part of the team.

    • Tank made of socks and corrugated paper, especially true if you have a small amount of money. Only we recommend buying socks made of quality material so that there is no residue from translucent models, on which holes appear after the first use.
    • Make from ordinary towels to each work colleague as a gift on February 23 a soldier. It will not be difficult to make it, the main thing is to show your imagination.
    • Make a real military vehicle out of sweets, of course, don't make it too big. Although it is quite laborious to collect such a composition for each man, your gift will be very original and inexpensive.
    • Create a homemade card for each defender and be sure to sign it with a unique quatrain that suits the addressee.
    • Bake a cake or other sweet treats to bring to work for a little belly feast. Don't forget to decorate it in the Defender of the Fatherland Day themed style to make the surprise look more impressive.
    • Buy each employee a piece of laundry soap, socks in a metal can, a vest, brewed tea. For all this, print onprint holiday-style packaging and prepare a separate large box that will neatly fit all purchased items. And sign the main cover personally for each addressee.

    And also in addition we offer such original handmade gifts to colleagues on February 23, as:

    • beer bottle bouquet and snacks;
    • mugs in blouses made of felt;
    • cognac in candy cake;
    • holiday-style gingerbread;
    • chocolate made in the shape of shoulder straps;
    • Small coffee bean topiary;
    • beer can cannon.

    If you don’t know at all how to make this or that gift to your colleagues on Defender of the Fatherland Day with your own hands, then just look at the training master classes that are publicly available on the Internet. There you will be told in detail where to start, what material is needed and the stages of creation.

    Inexpensive gift-impressions to colleagues on February 23

    If you want to organize one common surprise that all employees will remember, then you should consider the category of inexpensive gifts-experiences for colleagues on February 23, from which they will be delighted.

    • Organize a celebratory meeting in a cafe with tables booked of course, the reservation may not include too much budget. And those who want to take a chic walk can always pay extra and buy whatever they want.
    • Departure of all employees for a game of paintball, it's quite exciting and interesting, especially if it's not enoughwho has been to this kind of entertainment. At the end of such an active holiday, you can organize barbecues in nature.
    • Have a tea party in the office to celebrate the holiday modestly in a comfortable and intimate atmosphere.
    • If your manager gives you the go-ahead, you can order beer and snacks directly to the office to be brought by a courier. Men will definitely be surprised and delighted with an unplanned holiday.
    • Quest room is now quite a popular place, and if you do not have a very large team, then you can go for such entertainment. There you will have to work hard, and be sure to start listening and hearing each other in order to get out of the trap.

    30 interesting inexpensive but original gifts for colleagues on February 23 up to 300 rubles

    And we also offer you another selection of 30 interesting inexpensive, but original gifts for colleagues on February 23 in the amount of up to 300 rubles, which they will sincerely be happy with:

    1. desk calendar with company symbols;
    2. name pen in a gift box;
    3. computer care products;
    4. colored highlighters for text;
    5. name keychain;
    6. document folder organizer;
    7. desk stand for small pieces of paper;
    8. set of automatic pens;
    9. calculator;
    10. multitool;
    11. multifunction folder;
    12. pillow with anti-stress filling;
    13. beautiful cactus, which will also be useful for an office where there is a lot of computertechnique;
    14. rubberized non-drying cloth in a car case;
    15. cataclysm survival kit;
    16. table sand painting;
    17. decorative pillow in the form of a log;
    18. original style passport cover;
    19. washable pens;
    20. keyboard stand with mug compartment;
    21. cardholder;
    22. universal car charger;
    23. wireless mouse;
    24. USB lighter;
    25. desktop mini fan;
    26. set of small towels;
    27. handmade postcard;
    28. ashtray that absorbs smoke;
    29. stylish tie, you can even with a funny pattern;
    30. chocolate for real men.

    In the article we tried to give a lot of different interesting ideas what to present on February 23 to colleagues at work inexpensive and original this year, and what options will be the most relevant. Be sure to encourage employees with pleasant little things, because it’s good when there is a friendly atmosphere and mutual understanding in the service, then it’s much easier and more pleasant to work.

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