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In our country, there is a wonderful tradition to congratulate all men on Defender of the Fatherland Day, and work is no exception, so the question of what corporate gifts for February 23 to choose for the team becomes more relevant than ever. It is clear that these will most likely be purely symbolic gifts. However, they must be interesting and useful and, most importantly, enjoyable for their recipients.

It is worth noting that in business etiquette, the moment of gifts is quite strictly regulated. In order not to break the established rules, it is better to follow them. The most important thing in such recommendations is the price of the presentation. In no case should it be too high. Therefore, the best idea for corporate gifts on February 23rd would be to organize a good, but budgetary congratulations for the perpetrators of the upcoming holiday. Then such a gift will definitely not cause any unpleasant conversations or awkward situations.

How to choose a good corporate present for Defender of the Fatherland Day

If you are confused and do not know what corporate gifts to buy on February 23, we suggest presenting them in your work team toto please all the heroes of the occasion and demonstrate sincere concern, as well as the attention shown by the authorities, then it will be useful for you to learn about some selection rules. These are absolutely simple recommendations, which nevertheless should be strictly adhered to in order to avoid various awkward situations and not turn the holiday into an event overshadowed by misinterpreted moments.

The first thing you should definitely remember is that all gifts must be the same or at least very similar to each other. This will avoid such an unpleasant moment when you singled out someone with your congratulations and, as a result, he will feel awkward among his colleagues.

The second and no less important rule - so that a wonderful friendly atmosphere reigns at work, and employees respect you not only for work achievements, but also for attentive attitude towards employees - give up the idea of corporate gifts for Defender of the Fatherland Day in the form of this only cash prize. Of course, money is never superfluous. But even if you chose just such a present, be sure to complement it with a small souvenir, for example, a postcard or a figurine. This will show you care and will definitely please your employees.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that congratulations should be carefully prepared. You can connect the entire female part of the work team to his organization. For example, they can take care of the festive decor in the office and delicious treats, and you, as an attentive leader, will present corporate gifts on February 23from the authorities to each employee and make a solemn speech. Such preparation will allow you to create a real holiday in the workplace, which will positively set up the whole team for you, and will contribute to even more productive work.

List of 35 best corporate gifts for congratulations on February 23

If you find it difficult to decide on a good present, then we offer you a list of the most relevant and local options that are sure to be a good choice. The presentations presented below have been popular for many years with the most advanced companies and this is really a great solution for management to organize a good congratulation to the work team on Defender of the Fatherland Day:

    1. A birthday cake with an original shape, such as a battle tank.
    2. Festive dinner in honor of the celebration and its culprit.
    3. Whiskey stones.
    4. Deluxe edition book.
    5. Compact shoe-shine kit.
    6. A flash drive of the original form with a large amount of memory.
    7. Real men's socks in a tin.
    8. Shaving set.
    9. Wooden cufflinks with the initials of the hero of the occasion.
    10. Mug for your favorite drinks in the original form.
    11. Quality and roomy thermal mug.
    12. Amulet bracelet in the shape of a red leather thread.
    13. Souvenir commemorative figurines for desktop.
    14. A set of personalized glasses complete with a flask.
    15. Beautiful coasters for mugs and glasses.
    16. Handmade soap in the form of smallplanes or tanks.
    17. Ice molds in the form of skulls, dice, etc.
    18. T-shirt with a symbolic inscription: "For the defender".
    19. Military passport cover.
    20. A box in the shape of a military box with a key for men's secrets.
    21. Thematic photo frame.
    22. Beard Grooming Kit.
    23. Pocket screwdriver with a set of interchangeable bits.
    24. Unusual keychain with alarm.
    25. Perfumed shower gel.
    26. Ergonomic travel pillow in khaki.
    27. Wooden house key holder.
    28. Sports water bottle.
    29. Camo towel.
    30. Pedometer.
    31. Anti-stress toys.
    32. An engraved pen in a beautiful case with the country's coat of arms.
    33. Delicious bouquet.
    34. A bottle of wine in a gift wooden box.
    35. Camo thermos.

    Delicious corporate gifts for Defender of the Fatherland Day

    Wonderful corporate gifts for February 23 for men will be all kinds of treats and goodies, which are the most popular options for a present for a variety of holidays. For example, this time we suggest you pay attention to:

    • Various figurines made from delicious natural chocolate: black, milk or even white. You can choose different shapes and sizes of these figurines, and you can buy them in modern confectionery and chocolate shops.
    • Festive basket filled withdelicious candied fruits, dried fruits and nuts - a really useful gift that will not only be a tasty treat for your employees, but also a good option for a lunch snack.
    • Honey with nuts. Incredibly tasty, he althy and sweet version of the treat, which is sure to become your man's favorite treat at work. It will be a great solution, in particular for a business gift for partners on February 23.
    • Coffee gourmet set, because your employees, probably, from time to time are distracted from work to drink a cup of invigorating coffee. We offer to present them with a gift set consisting of several varieties of coffee beans and fragrant syrups for the drink.
    • A chocolate card that looks like a normal card but is also edible. Such a postcard can be eaten right for tea.
    • Ginger biscuits, baked in the shape of various military paraphernalia, such as a combat machine or pistol, grenade tank, etc. Such a treat can be beautifully packaged in a festive box decorated with a large bow.
    • A selection of assorted teas beautifully packaged in a themed tin box. Such tea can be enjoyed at work during a lunch break.
    • Packaged Fortune Cookies. Inside each cookie there is a cool prediction or a cheerful congratulation. Agree, such a treat will turn every tea party at work into an exciting adventure.

    As we have mentioned many timesPreviously, sweet gifts are an excellent choice, both for an independent gift and as a sweet addition to the main congratulations. It all depends on what budget was allocated for corporate gifts for Defender of the Fatherland Day.

    Practical and necessary gifts for the team on the occasion of the holiday

    As you know, most men are quite pragmatic and appreciate their usefulness in congratulations, and therefore, for a present, you can choose useful things that the heroes of the occasion will sincerely rejoice at:

    • Grenade-shaped alarm clock with a high-pitched chime that gets louder when you try to snooze it. Now you can be calm, because with such a fun alarm clock, workers will never be late for work again.
    • Lighter. A really useful thing that every man needs and needs, and if it is also made in an unusual design, for example, in the form of a revolver, then it will turn out to be a very cool, original and inexpensive corporate gift for February 23.
    • Good holder designed to securely fix and hold your smartphone in a comfortable position. Such a holder can be used both at work on the table and in the car to make using the gadget even more comfortable.
    • Tool set in a compact case, which will be convenient to transport and take with you to the country house, outdoor recreation or carry in the trunk of a car so that you always have all the tools at hand first necessary.
    • Set of useful accessoriesfor car. Choose, for example, such things that every motorist needs, such as seat covers with fun and not boring prints, mini vacuum cleaners designed to clean the interior, fun flavors and more.
    • Portable charger that looks like a live grenade, which will be very cool, and most importantly - themed corporate gifts for the team on February 23.

    Business gifts useful for work

    Relevant and in demand are various business gifts for February 23, that is, things that can be useful to a man at work. This is a universal solution for any office and large company, regardless of the type of activity. We propose to dwell on this option, if you want to make the most neutral presentations, the following ideas will suit in particular:

    • Unusual notebook with black sheets. It looks very interesting and unusual, but a notepad is an accessory that will definitely come in handy for your employees. It is worth noting that a special pen with white ink is included with such a record book. Really good idea for inexpensive corporate gifts on February 23rd.
    • Hammock for legs, which is placed directly under the desktop and allows you to take the most comfortable position during work, so as not to get tired.
    • Compact but roomy business card holder, which will allow you to conveniently store a large number of bank and business cards. You can choose forgift with an interesting print, such as camouflage or personalized models.
    • Various computer accessories needed for work, for example, a mouse with a pleasant backlight to make it convenient to work even in the dark. You can also choose interesting mouse pads (with a photo, with touching congratulations or funny pictures). A special lamp for the computer, as well as a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the keyboard, will be a useful thing.
    • Dated diary for keeping important records - great corporate gifts for partners on February 23rd. Such books can have a very unusual design, for example, have a personal engraving or be in a wooden cover, which is very popular now.
    • Multifunctional desktop lamp called "Bonsai". Such a lamp includes several very useful functions at once: lighting, wireless charging, and a Bluetooth speaker.
    • A handy organizer designed specifically for the office desk. It will allow you to organize your workspace in the most practical and convenient way, which will contribute to grocery and easy work. Such products are made of different materials, plastic options will be optimal for the price.
    • Cactus in an interesting pot shape is a very cool desktop decoration. Traditionally, cacti are placed somewhere near the computer so that they absorb its radiation. In addition, inexpensive business gifts for February 23 in the form of a blooming cactus will look very nice in any office.

    Corporate gifts for February 23 for hobbies and leisure

    If you want to show maximum participation and attention to your warriors, then present them with gifts related to their hobbies and hobbies, as well as recreation in their free time after work. Suitable gifts for the home. For example, you can choose corporate gifts for February 23 of this type:

    • Massage cover that can be used on various chairs: your favorite home, car seat, office or computer chair, etc. This cape will allow you to relax your muscles and get a good invigorating massage for the whole body.
    • Special picture frame for collecting wine corks. Very exciting, I must admit, an occupation that many men are now fond of - true wine gourmets.
    • Travel & Travel Kit. Such presentations will also come in handy if your employees often go on business trips. The set includes a stylish cover for a travel suitcase, a comfortable sleeping pillow, and a light-blocking mask. To make the present also thematic, suitable for the holiday - give preference to models in camouflage colors.
    • A set of skewers in a convenient black tube - corporate gifts for colleagues on February 23, if you as a whole team like to go out into nature to have fun and cook a delicious barbecue.
    • Camo plaid with sleeves. Great idea for a gift, especially since it's a cold winter andit will be very pleasant to warm up under such a warm blanket after work.
    • Neon earphones, which, thanks to their bright color and the fact that they are highlighted in the dark, will never be lost in a man's bag, briefcase or pocket again.

    To make your corporate gifts for employees look festive on February 23 - pack them with beautiful decorative paper, for example, in military colors. Also, elegant bows or festive tin boxes are suitable for decoration. Then your congratulations will look really cool and solemn.

    Themed corporate gifts for Defender of the Fatherland Day

    Of course, probably the most popular on the eve of such a holiday as Defender of the Fatherland Day are the so-called symbolic or thematic presentations. So, on February 23, employees can be presented with corporate gifts in the form:

    • Handmade postcard, which can be purchased at various handmade stores. Various details are used to decorate such cards, but to make the congratulation as individualized as possible, you can also use photographs of the heroes of the occasion.
    • Wall newspaper, which can be prepared together with the female part of the work team. Decorate the congratulatory wall newspaper with your favorite pictures of your employees, write a few wishes and make beautiful and funny drawings, and also remember unusual situations from the life of your employees in short stories. It will turn out verycool symbolic present for Defender of the Fatherland Day.
    • A signature ration pack that looks like a real army ration, only inside it contains various delicious treats (candies, nuts and marmalade in the package "Ambulance from hard work"). Your employees will definitely like and remember such a present.
    • All sorts of comic awards, made in the form of real medals, cups or certificates, as well as figurines based on the Oscars. A great memento that will be a wonderful decoration of the desktop in the office. Your employees will be very flattered to receive such congratulations from the hands of their superiors.
    • The personalized cover of the famous Forbes magazine depicting a photo of the heroes of the occasion. With the help of Photoshop, you can come up with cool inscriptions and various signatures to make the gift thematic and as individual as possible. This is a really cool and unusual business gift idea for February 23rd from a cool and fun guide.

    Wonderful gift-impressions of a corporate nature on February 23

    If you want your present to be remembered by employees for a long time, but you don’t know which one to choose yet, then we are happy to present to your attention wonderful options for impressions, namely:

    • A trip to the bowling alley with the whole team, where it will be really fun and interesting to celebrate this holiday in the company of friendly employees.
    • Karting - another great idea for a great corporatea gift for February 23 to men at work. Get a go-karting certificate and you can be sure that the heroes of the occasion will have a great day and have great fun.
    • A trip to a shooting range or a shooting range, where the men of your team will have an amazing opportunity to try their hand and skills in shooting from different types of weapons: from a revolver or a pistol to a machine gun or perhaps even a combat bow.
    • Certificate for a barbershop shave - visiting such a fashionable men's establishment will definitely please your employees. And this is a present that will turn out to be a really useful business gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day for stylish men.
    • Movie tickets for the film premiere. As a rule, on the eve of this holiday, a large number of fascinating historical films are released on the screens, so your present will be a very good idea for corporate presents in honor of Defender of the Fatherland Day.
    • Going to a cafe for a festive lunch during a break. Here you can lay a delicious festive table for the heroes of the occasion, and they will be very happy with such a simple and at the same time very pleasant present on the occasion of the coming celebration.

    I would like to draw your attention to the fact that impression presentations are rightfully considered the best and coolest ideas for congratulations. After all, emotions are something that is remembered for many years. And therefore, such congratulations remain in memory for a long time and compare favorably with boring corporate "gifts"which employees already receive for various reasons.

    Finally, I would like to once again draw your attention to the fact that even if you have a very large and prestigious company, business etiquette is the same for everyone. Therefore, you should not present overly expensive corporate gifts to male employees on February 23, which will only create an awkward situation. You can choose something useful or pick up cute souvenirs as an addition to the cash prize. But at least a greeting card in honor of the holiday should be required. It's the little things like this that help create a good work environment and win over your employees.

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