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On the eve of the men's holiday itself, I want to give gifts to all close men, including colleagues, but the budget is not rubber. Therefore, the question reasonably arises of what to give to work colleagues up to 500 rubles on February 23. At the same time, I want the surprise, despite the modest budget, to be beautiful, appropriate and pleasant to a colleague. We suggest not to worry ahead of time, in the article you will find many worthy options, it remains to make a choice and please colleagues with a present.

What not to give colleagues on February 23

Inexpensive present - does not mean bad, tasteless or meaningless - this is the main rule that you should remember when choosing a gift for February 23 to colleagues up to 500 rubles. If you think about ideas in a timely manner, then the present can turn out to be very, very successful, it is enough to avoid only a few common mistakes:

    • Don't give shaving cream or other shaving accessories. Even the fact that you pack them in a beautiful gift bag will not make the present better! It is unlikely that you know your colleague so well to understand the intricacies of his hygiene preferences,so why donate unnecessary things;
    • Magnet is far from the only themed item on a tight budget. Such presents can be given to a class of commercials up to 7, but not to colleagues at work;
    • Flowers are a universal gift for a woman, and not for a man, so even a dark, strict bouquet is not an option. At best, a colleague will give it to his wife;
    • gifts at work on February 23 up to 500 rubles mean exactly gifts, and not a certificate to the nearest stationery store for that amount or even worse, a bill in an envelope or postcard.

    List of 39 best gifts for colleagues on February 23 up to 500 rubles

    If it seems to you that for fifty rubles it will not work to buy a good gift, we will convince you of the opposite by offering top 39 presents that your colleagues will like and will cost quite inexpensively. You just have to choose what to present to your colleagues on February 23 up to 500 rubles:

    1. Scratchcard 100 books a man must read.
    2. Cuban cigar.
    3. Beautiful coasters for mugs and glasses.
    4. Mug with name inscription.
    5. Handmade soap.
    6. Military themed phone case.
    7. Stylish keychain.
    8. Ice molds in the form of skulls, dice, etc.
    9. Stylish document cover.
    10. Sensory gloves.
    11. Bright headphones.
    12. Smartphone stand for desktop.
    13. Anti-stress toy.
    14. A box in the shape of a military box with a key for men's secrets.
    15. Beard Grooming Kit.
    16. Flying alarm clock.
    17. Thematic photo frame.
    18. Mulled wine set.
    19. Alcohol game Darts.
    20. A bottle of good beer.
    21. Stylish scarf.
    22. Spectacular baseball cap.
    23. USB wristband cable.
    24. Travel chess set.
    25. Stylish alcohol case.
    26. Plaid with sleeves.
    27. Movie tickets for the themed movie premiere.
    28. Tequila tasting kit with small bottle of drink.
    29. Military themed cupcakes.
    30. Pocket screwdriver with interchangeable bits.
    31. Massage oil with masculine scent.
    32. Mini smartphone projector.
    33. Skull-shaped glasses.
    34. Cactus in a themed pot to place next to a laptop.
    35. Cool decision maker.
    36. Poker set.
    37. USB hub mug warmer.
    38. Set of colorful stickers.
    39. Delicious ambulance in a jar.

    Presents for professional activities to colleagues

    Souvenirs at work is a rather problematic section of gifts, because it is impossible to know the interests and hobbies of all colleagues, but business souvenirs are always appropriate and relevant! They will not put you in an awkward position, they will not cause misunderstanding. It remains only to make a choice, for example, we offer to give 500 rubles to colleagues on February 23 such souvenirs:

    • Eco-notebook for the office will help you record important events, thoughts, necessary information and at the same time become part of the image. After all, solid products in a wooden cover in eco-style are nowat the peak of popularity and will appeal to every man.
    • Inscribed pen A business person never has too many pens. One should be in a briefcase or jacket pocket, the second - at the workplace, one more - at home. So the donated pen, also stylish, named, will definitely not be superfluous.
    • Stylish desk organizer for your office desk will allow you to clean up your workspace, which contributes to the quality of work and less fatigue. Choose models made of plastic or metal that will fit into the overall style of your office and will appeal to a man.
    • No Staples Name Stapler is a beautiful modern little thing with an interesting, futuristic design that allows you to put a name inscription or wishes. Such a stapler fastens paper without staples, it works on the principle of origami.
    • A set of vouchers with motivational inscriptions will be used as a material for notes, the adhesive side allows you to place such stickers on the board, folders with documents, at home on the refrigerator or monitor, and motivating or funny inscriptions on the sheets will cheer you up.
    • A flash drive with an interesting design will never be superfluous for a representative of any profession from teachers and office workers to doctors and engineers. Information is important in any profession, and a flash drive is a convenient way to transfer and store it.
    • Mouse pad with a personal wish will definitely come in handy for an office worker, or a colleague who has a computer or laptop at home. The main thing in choosing this souvenir is to find or order an originaloption with a funny picture or congratulations.

    Delicious gifts for colleagues on February 23

    Various tasty souvenirs and gifts are the best answer to the age-old question of what to buy colleagues for 500 rubles on February 23rd. It is an edible gift in the conditions of such a modest amount that will look appropriate and successful. Especially the sea options, we offer the most successful:

    • Tea in a stylish men's tube will not only be delicious, but also an incredibly beautiful gift that you want to admire. Choose an aromatic drink with an original taste in a stylish package, and the recipient of such a gift will be 100% happy with his luck.
    • Whiskey Flavored Coffee is a sophisticated and aromatic drink for connoisseurs of this rich, spicy taste. A man who loves strong coffee will definitely appreciate its interesting taste with a subtle note of alcohol. Moreover, such drinks are sold in beautiful packages, so the gift will also look very solid.
    • Jam with cognac is another boring delicacy for a man with a sweet tooth. Such jams have a very pleasant aftertaste with a slight heady effect - the perfect solution for a stylish and at the same time inexpensive surprise.
    • Honey with gold - a beautiful and spectacular surprise. This is one of the best things that you can give to employees on February 23 up to 500 rubles. The presentation looks rich, useful and definitely not boring.
    • Basket of candied fruits - a beautiful, sophisticated surprise that combines usefulness and pleasant appearance. Such a gift is appropriate evenmen who are fond of he althy eating and strictly monitor their diet.
    • Gingerbread cookies in the form of shoulder straps, tanks and other symbols of the holiday - quite appropriate, tasty and beautiful surprise that will be relevant for colleagues of any age and with any degree of acquaintance.
    • Tea party organized by the entire women's team for men is a delicious gift and at the same time a lot of positive emotions, men will definitely like this gift solution. Yes, and the benefit to the face - such gatherings are an excellent element of team building.

    gifts for hobbies to colleagues on February 23 up to 500 rubles

    When choosing inexpensive gifts up to 500 rubles for employees at work, pay attention to the hobbies of colleagues. Hobbies will serve as an excellent hint of what to give, so that despite the modest price, the present will really please the recipient. We will offer options for the most popular male hobbies. We are sure that at least several options will suit you:

    • Portable flashlight for books for reading fans. This is a convenient and useful thing, it is easily attached to the edge of the table, the cover of a book and gives a soft, eye-friendly light to read even in the dark, without disturbing others, or enjoy a cozy twilight. This present also looks very nice.
    • Sports bottle will be useful for an athlete, a frequenter of gyms and just an active person who does not like to sit still. Choose a stylish, genuinely masculine product and the recipient of the gift will definitely be grateful.
    • Nominal sportstowel - another option for an inexpensive gift to colleagues on February 23 up to 500 rubles. If men are fond of sports, then this thing is indispensable and will always come in handy, because even if you have such a towel, a change will not hurt.
    • The sauna set will be useful for those who like fragrant steam and sauna atmosphere. A man can now have his own set of hat and sheet, or hat, mug and broom, which will make the process of enjoying the steam even more enjoyable.
    • Warm balaclava will appeal to both lovers of winter jogging and fans of fishing and hunting. It looks stylish and brutal, while not restricting the ability to breathe, but protects the face from the cold. Keeping with the theme of the holiday, you can buy a model with khaki colors.
    • Multifunctional penknife is useful for every man, it is appropriate for a picnic, walking, fishing, camping and hundreds of other situations. Such an accessory simply must be in the pocket of a real man.
    • Wristbands with a cool design - a modest but useful gift to colleagues on February 23 up to 500 rubles, which will definitely not be superfluous, because every man, if he does not play sports all the time, then don't mind kicking a ball, playing a game of tennis, wristbands come in very handy in this situation.

    Creative gifts for colleagues

    A small budget is not synonymous with a boring gift, so show your imagination, even with a small financial investment, you can find interesting, funny, creative and unusual surprises. We offer you a list of such successful and cooloptions, just choose what your colleague or colleagues will like:

    • Glove warmers - a small but very useful thing. No wires, just small products with a special filler, which is enough to heat in the microwave or oven and put in gloves, the heat is guaranteed for a long 6 hours! For lovers of walks or winter forays into nature - the perfect solution.
    • Set for heating brandy or cognac. It is a special stand where a candle, a tablet and a glass are placed, in which the drink is heated to reveal all the richness of its taste and aroma. This is an incredibly original gift to colleagues on February 23 up to 500 rubles.
    • Men's lip balm is useful for every modern person, so feel free to give. Moreover, the little thing is offered in a completely brutal, masculine packaging, has the appropriate aroma and leaves no gloss on the lips.
    • The book-safe in the form of a Kama Sutra or other interesting book is a beautiful detail of an office or home environment. It is convenient to store some important things in such a safe, and at the same time it is not striking. Showing imagination when choosing the appearance of the product, you will please the recipient a lot.
    • Puzzle based on the photo of the recipient in an interesting way is a cool surprise for men, make interesting portraits of men in the form of commanders or generals and order puzzles based on this picture - a chic idea that will definitely will not be boring!
    • Funny custom cartoon for surethe recipient will like it. This is a relevant and cool gift to a colleague for February 23 up to 500 rubles, which will definitely not disappoint him. The main thing is to make fun carefully so as not to offend, but only to amuse.
    • An interestingly shaped lunch box will appeal to lovers of delicious homemade food that is more convenient to bring to work. Such accessories are presented in a wide range and have an interesting, creative design. You can choose an option for every taste of a man.
    • Wall newspaper for colleagues from the ladies' team - an inexpensive gift option that will be remembered, will give a lot of emotions to every man.
    • Shower gel in a gun bottle is a beautiful, spectacular gift that, even though it belongs to the category of hygiene, will serve as a very creative and fun way to congratulate men.

    You can make almost any present creative, it is enough to effectively pack it or make a commemorative engraving. Thus, even an ordinary thing can be made memorable and colorful, one of a kind.

    Inexpensive themed surprises for February 23rd

    Guessing what you can give your work colleagues up to 500 rubles for February 23, pay attention to themed souvenirs, they are always relevant and relevant, they are inexpensive and look interesting. We suggest taking a closer look at the following options:

    • A box of sweets stylized as dry rations - a funny, interesting and inexpensive surprise in the style of the holiday. You can put everything you like in such a “dry ration”, or buyready-made version, where even the packages of sweets will be made in army style.
    • Handmade postcard in holiday style will appeal to connoisseurs of hand-made things, especially since such presents have been very popular in recent years, so the idea will also be “in trend”.
    • TheT-shirt with a cool slogan "to the best fighter of the office front" is a funny and creative little thing for a fun guy. Such a gift will definitely come in handy on summer outings or just to wear at home.
    • Travel pillow in khaki is the best answer to the question of what you can buy for 500 rubles to colleagues at work on February 23, if they often go on business trips.
    • Beautiful beer bottle opener in the shape of a grenade is a chic accessory that will always cheer you up and make your favorite drink even tastier. Such cool little things should make a man's life.
    • Submarine-shaped tea infuser - a small but useful and cool accessory that can make ordinary tea drinking fun and memorable.
    • A bottle of alcohol "dressed" in a military uniform - a chic idea for an unusual gift up to 500 rubles to employees on February 23rd. You can choose a man’s favorite drink in an inexpensive price category and order a similar “clothes” for him. It will look stylish and unusual.

    To make a gift for the team successful, but at the same time not to go beyond 500 rubles, you can chip in with the whole team and buy one thing for all the men of the office. Depending on thenumber of employees, you can buy a coffee machine, a new electric kettle and a set of cups for your lunch break, a beautiful aquarium in the office to liven up the atmosphere, etc.

    Surprises for colleagues at home

    When deciding what would be useful and interesting to buy as a gift to colleagues on February 23 up to 500 rubles, pay attention to things and accessories that are useful for a man's home. Still, for every defender, his house is a safe harbor where you want to arrange everything with maximum comfort. We suggest you pay attention to the following options:

    • Wooden house key holder is a beautiful entryway addition. With the right choice of product, it will become a chic decoration and addition to the interior. Colleagues will definitely love such a cute and necessary accessory so that the keys do not get lost all over the house.
    • A beautiful frame-dispenser for wine corks will help a man to collect beautiful wooden corks from his important bottles of wine. A successful surprise solution for a modern, stylish man.
    • A beautiful snack dish is a chic gift idea for colleagues up to 500 rubles on February 23, such a thing will help you comfortably watch your favorite TV matches, enjoying seeds, nuts, pistachios from a convenient dishes, where there is a compartment even for garbage.
    • A stylish pillow with camouflage design or a warm greeting will definitely find a place on a man's favorite sofa and will remind you ofimagination and attention of colleagues.
    • A funny kitchen apron for a real man depicting a torso, or a Batman suit - a creative and fun gift option in a friendly team, where such jokes are appropriate and welcome.
    • Replaceable house slippers-tanks will warm your feet and come in handy in the cold season, as well as cheer you up. A very cool, cozy surprise from caring colleagues.
    • Wall clock with natural moss - a cool answer to the question of what to give at work for 500 rubles on February 23. Such a thing will become an elegant decoration of the house, it will look modern and spectacular, while not only showing the time, but also generating much-needed oxygen.

    Men's classic gift for February 23

    The idea of giving gifts to colleagues on Defender of the Fatherland Day was born a long time ago, there is a whole culture of presenting such souvenirs and, of course, a category of so-called classic presents, which are usually presented to men, has formed. For example, for 500 rubles, colleagues at work can be presented on February 23 with such traditional things as:

    • Strategic stock tin socks are a cute twist on a traditional and even somewhat boring gift. In this form, it will be very exciting, bright and memorable.
    • A convenient business card holder in a fabric cover will be useful for a modern person who has accumulated a lot of "useful people" business cards, as well as at least a dozen discount and client cards. Thanks to your giftwill be able to put things in order in pockets and desk drawers, and the necessary business cards will be much easier.
    • Compact Shoe Shine Kit is the right accessory that fits comfortably in your desktop drawer, car glove compartment or briefcase.
    • Stylish wooden bow tie will be a spectacular decoration for solid men's looks. This is a fashion accessory that will be more than relevant for a gentleman.
    • Effective leather bracelet - on February 23, up to 500 rubles, you can give your colleagues a stylish jewelry that will definitely not go out of fashion for a long time, it will look very courageous and appropriate. Even brutal handsome men like such accessories, so the gift will not disappoint the recipient.
    • Certificate for a barbershop shave - a great idea for a true gentleman, the procedure will give a lot of pleasure and introduce you to the traditions of true men's salons.
    • Men's belt with a cool buckle will never be superfluous in the wardrobe of a real man. A similar gift of up to 500 rubles to employees on February 23 is a classic of the business genre, so feel free to give, millions of men have already been delighted with this gift, your colleague is unlikely to be an exception!

    Choosing a gift, especially for unfamiliar men, is always a puzzle. But any puzzle has a solution, and as our article shows, this particular puzzle has more than one! Therefore, just think a little and the decision - what to buy for 500 rubles to colleagues on February 23 will come by itself, and our advice will help a lot with this!

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