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Winter is a series of holidays. New Year, Christmas, Valentine's Day - all this is behind and the triumph of men is not far off, so the logical question arises what to give the boys on February 23, 8, 9, 10, 11 grade. If everything is simple and clear with the older generation, then the younger generation of future defenders requires a special approach - you need to think carefully about choosing your surprise. The boys are not yet defenders, but their good deeds should already be encouraged by gifts for February 23.

Caring girls, as a rule, begin to think in advance how best to celebrate the holiday. Our tips will definitely help when choosing a worthy gift for guys on February 23 in grades 8, 9, 10, 11. In this article, we will talk about the most interesting gift ideas for classmates on Defender of the Fatherland Day, which will delight them.

A few basic selection rules

When deciding to choose gifts that are really capable of making you happy, you need to take into account important points and rules:

    • when choosing, be sure to take into account the interests of the guys themselves. If the kid has a hobby and you know him -try to buy a present that is associated with it;
    • don't forget about the age of the future recipient. If the surprises are chosen by the classmates themselves, then there will be no problems, because they are the same age. Well, when parents choose presents, it is not easy for them to adequately assess what exactly boys of this age like;
    • determine in advance exactly how much you will allocate for a future present. A gift for boys on February 23, 8, 9, 10, 11 grade should not be very expensive, because it is bought with the girls' pocket money, and not at the expense of the parent's wallet;
    • an important principle of equivalence must be respected. Have you decided to present different gifts according to the interests of each boy? Then their price should be more or less the same.

    Hint to all girls: even though boys in high school try to appear serious and mature, they are still happy with delicious sweet presents. Therefore, when planning a festive treat for the whole class, you can order a themed large cake in the pastry shop, decorated with a photo of all your boys. Such a surprise will surely become a very welcome present by February 23 and will be remembered by everyone for a long time.

    List of forty good gift ideas for February 23 for boys

    Do you want to be sure not to make a mistake with the choice of a surprise for the boys? Then use the TOP ideas that have been tested by hundreds of boys. Choose your perfect gift for boys on February 23rd in high school:

    1. New quality headphones.
    2. Interesting board games.
    3. Special USB lamp for computer.
    4. Tickets to the military glory exhibition taking place in the city.
    5. Various useful sports equipment.
    6. Baseball caps or T-shirts with themed prints or slogans.
    7. A must-have diary and pen set for any high school student.
    8. Interesting photo magnets with memorable moments from school life.
    9. Convenient flashlight flash drive.
    10. Unusual 3D puzzle.
    11. Chocolates for boys in personalized packaging.
    12. The same name mugs.
    13. Laser with a set of various nozzles.
    14. An unusually shaped piggy bank.
    15. Fortune cookies baked by class girls.
    16. Beautiful handmade cards for the Defender's Day.
    17. Original card holder.
    18. Delicious huge cake for boys.
    19. Original video greeting from classmates.
    20. Military composition of sweets in the form of a battle tank, etc.
    21. Delicious cupcakes with unusual "camouflage" cream.
    22. Cool explosive alarm clock.
    23. Lunch box with the inscription "To the Defender of the Fatherland".
    24. Inscribed piggy bank "For a cherished dream".
    25. A handy bag for sports equipment.
    26. Quality portable speaker.
    27. Original thermo-bottle for hot drinks.
    28. Compact USB mini keyboard cleaner.
    29. Special bike holder for gadgets.
    30. Unusual telescopic sandwich maker.
    31. Discs with interesting games for boys.
    32. Named towels for each classmate with their initials.
    33. The original flash drive in the formfavorite superhero.
    34. Surprise evening caught on camera for the boys to remember.
    35. A joint trip to a cafe.
    36. Dumbbells, expanders, special rollers for the press.
    37. A book on the interests of the boy.
    38. Convenient portable charger.
    39. An Oscar for every boy in the class.
    40. Fashion youth luminous bracelets.

    The best present is bright emotions

    Still undecided and wondering what to give high school students on February 23? Give not material things, but unforgettable impressions! This is always a win-win option for congratulations. If you organize fun activities for the whole class, you will definitely have a fun time. So how to please the boys on that holiday, so as not to disappoint? Choosing good hints:

    • go bowling. Order several tracks at once, split into separate teams and arrange a competition! Great mood and a sea of bright emotions are guaranteed;
    • fun kart racing is the cherished dream of many boys. So why not organize exciting races for them? Well, after that, all together look at the cafe for ice cream;
    • paintball competition is also a cool and unforgettable surprise. You can organize wall-to-wall competitions - that is, a team of boys against girls;
    • an interesting sightseeing trip to the places of experienced military operations, a trip to the military museum, etc.;
    • interesting quest - it's always coolan adventure that will rally the whole class even stronger. This is the best solution to the question of what to give guys on February 23, 8, 9, 10, 11 grade for friendly guys;
    • going to the cinema together will be a great way to have an unforgettable time with a friendly company;
    • hike to the shooting range where classmates can spend time shooting;
    • winter rink. Well, what is a real winter without ice skating? So if the weather helps, go to the skating rink together;
    • fun field trip with the whole class. And it doesn't matter that it's winter outside, even winter picnics have their charm!

    Various collective entertainment always brings classmates together. Therefore, this is one of the best options to get to know each other even more and a fun adventure for everyone! All the more important are such gifts for high school students on February 23 in the final grades, so that school years are remembered better and longer.

    Informative surprise options for February 23 for boys

    At school, we all develop, expanding our horizons. So the presentations of this direction are very appropriate for high school students. You can safely present the boys on February 23, 8, 9, 10, 11 grade one of the following gift options:

    • all kinds of experiments like growing crystals and other interesting processes. Your surprise will be interesting to the boy, do not hesitate;
    • thematic educational encyclopedias (about military equipment, various types of weapons, heroes of those distant times);
    • cognitivea map of the world, which will be a great help to fill in the gaps in the field of geography.

    School is, first of all, the house of science. So gifts to classmates, allowing you to strengthen knowledge, are a great idea for Defender of the Fatherland Day. Especially when it comes to high school, when it's time to think about the future.

    For a generation of young athletes

    To make your classmates grow up to be real defenders, it would be nice for them to present something related to the development of their courage and endurance. You can make a present for everyone individually, or you can choose good sports equipment for everyone. Choose ideas from the options below:

    • quality soccer ball. Football is already a classic of our childhood and youth. All generations enjoy playing it. So this is a useful gift for boys on February 23 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th grade;
    • sport barbell is a great way to get a beautiful toned body. All kinds of exercises on them will help the boys get in great physical shape;
    • special boxing gloves. Is there a punching bag in the school gym? This means that gloves or a helmet will certainly not interfere with the boys;
    • twister is a trendy game for today's youth that perfectly develops balance and flexibility.

    Great class idea - the so-called secret giver. What does it mean? The girls take turns pulling out the names of the boys, who will choose a present. In this case, no future defenderwill be left without an unusual present, and the celebration will turn out to be memorable and fun!

    Cheap doesn't mean boring and corny

    All girls try to adequately congratulate their classmates. However, they do not yet have a lot of money, so holiday gifts are symbolic and are a pleasant sign of attention. Would you like to make a worthy and inexpensive gift for boys on February 23, grades 8, 9, 10, 11? We invite you to pay attention to our ideas and tips:

    • puzzles-trinkets - cool things to develop logic. This is a budget commemorative gift;
    • "sweet" table for class kids, a nice friendly tea party with various desserts. For each future defender, order a delicious cake in the form of military equipment in the confectionery;
    • new gadget case never get in the way of your classmate;
    • darts - great fun for high school students;
    • new functional calculator will always come in handy for a student;
    • Stylish passport cover is a cool gift idea for a high school student. This is a good answer to the question of what to give boys on February 23 in grade 11;
    • funny luminous headphones - a stylish gift for this age;
    • a disc with a good war movie or a musical selection of songs from those old times.

    Even if you choose a chocolate bar for a present, you can always present it in an original way, replacing the usual standard wrapper with a personalized one. The Chocolate Guys Himselfthey will eat it, but they will definitely save the wrapper, and of course they will appreciate your originality!

    Practical Defender's Day surprise ideas for boys

    Confused what to present to future defenders for the upcoming celebration? Choose useful things, they will never hurt anyone. So what to give the boys on February 23, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th grade from this area? Choose:

    • a quality lunch box, which is so convenient to store lunch brought from home. By the way, such things are very popular among European students;
    • set of original notebooks with black sheets. You can also pick up a writing pen with white ink in the kit;
    • notebooks with personalized cover. The design of such products, as well as their size, can be very different;
    • set of bookmarks for books and notebooks. They can be in the form of unusual plates on paper clips, etc.;
    • modern computer accessories will also come in handy. Various funny mouse pads, special display lights and other unusual items;
    • USB LED Light is a handy device to effectively illuminate your keyboard at night;
    • wall clock decorated in military style. You can often find instances depicting scenes of a military battle;
    • unusual multi-tool credit card - this is a good answer to the question of what can be given to boys on February 23, 8, 9, 10, 11 grade. This practical item successfully combines a ruler, bottle opener and other tools;
    • lighter in the form of a revolver. Outwardly, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from a weapon;
    • special computer glasses will always come in handy for an avid gamer;
    • various hiking gear. It will come in handy if the boys love to arrange joint outings into nature. You can present them with compasses, camping lights, a tent, etc.;
    • a popular spy pen with a built-in video camera among guys. Isn't this a necessary attribute of every true spy?

    So that the future present to a classmate does not look too boring, take your time and choose a truly non-trivial accessory that stands out for its design. Inexpensive doesn't mean dull!

    Originality is always in fashion

    So, turn on the fantasy and choose an original gift for boys on February 23, 8, 9, 10, 11 grade:

    • cute disco ball will allow you to have fun friendly parties. Also a cool night light for a teenager's room;
    • comfortable sensory gloves make it easy to use gadgets in the cold;
    • fashionable audio hat with built-in headphones;
    • special machine for making puffed popcorn;
    • Unusual 100 Most Important Things Scratch Card. With her help, the guy will set goals for himself and celebrate their achievement;
    • original "Soldier's Ration Pack". Buy a package in advance and decorate it in army style. Then put your"dry rations": tea bags, sugar, dry biscuit biscuits;
    • fun military style wall calendar. It can randomly place photos of boys with funny characteristics and pleasant wishes;
    • cute chameleon mug that changes design when filled with hot drink;
    • an illuminated star chart that can always be placed on the wall to study the signs of the zodiac. All the constellations on it are covered with special paint and unusually glow in total darkness;
    • cheerful smiley keyboard is the perfect gift for boys on February 23, 8, 9, 10, 11 grade from girls. With its help, you can actively use funny emoticons during correspondence;
    • original express sculptor. What it is? On the frame are metal rods, which, when touched, take on the shape of a hand and other objects. A wonderful present as a kind of anti-stress;
    • unusual "Letters of happiness", which you need to send to each classmate by e-mail on the eve of the Defender's Day. A guarantee of pleasant emotions and smiles from such a surprise is one hundred percent!

    Ninth grade for many boys will be graduation, because often many of them do not go to tenth grade, deciding to go to college. So the girls need to carefully prepare memorable presents for the Defender's Day. You can, for example, design albums in an original way by placing photos of funny moments from the life of the whole class in them. Or print an unusual and colorful wall poster.

    DIY surprises onDefender of the Fatherland Day

    A good gift is not necessary to buy. If you want to make a strong impression, something made by you personally will be a great solution. What to give the boys on February 23, 8, 9, 10, 11 grade with their own hands? There are many options, choose:

    • embroidered towel, which the girl made herself. The image may be different: the name of the boy, a nice inscription "True Superman";
    • photo frame that you decorated with seashells, straws, various tinsel;
    • original glass, vintage decorated with nail polish - also a great gift for boys on February 23 8, 9, 10, 11 grades with their own hands;
    • named Hollywood star with the initials of a classmate, which is made of multi-colored beads;
    • cup-souvenir of the boy's favorite sweets, small chocolates or coffee beans;
    • a scarf and gloves personally knitted by you with a cool pattern;
    • glazed gingerbread made in the form of a tank, order, etc;
    • colorful name card for each boy, addressed to "the best conversationalist", "cute joker", "passionate fan", etc.

    A handmade gift for boys on February 23 in grades 9, 10 is a great idea, because it not only demonstrates the attention of girls who did not forget to congratulate their boys, but also care, work invested in a surprise. Buying a present is much easier than making it, so "hand-made" gizmosso precious.

    Actual fashionable presents for February 23 to classmates

    If we talk about the most fashionable surprises among teenage boys, then, of course, it is worth noting the following things:

    • Stylish glowing neon shoe laces. With them, your classmate will be a fashionable guy;
    • high quality selfie stick for the cool shots teens often post on social media;
    • fashion pins - super cool badges for youth clothing, bag or backpack;
    • special tattoo sleeves - isn't that a cool accessory? Many boys dream of him, you can believe;
    • motivational posts with appropriate captions to decorate a teen's room;
    • fashionable camouflage teenage tie - a worthy gift for boys at school on February 23 8, 9, 10, 11 grade;
    • special bowl with a convenient gadget stand. It is a deep container with a double bottom, seeds, nuts, etc. are poured on top, and shells are thrown from below. Plus, the product has a recess for a smartphone;
    • bright anti-stress pillow "Future Defender". And in the theme of this holiday, and the nerves will always calm;
    • youth funny socks in a can. This cheerful gift is relevant for such a purely masculine holiday. Deciding to get to the socks, the boy will have to open the jar of congratulations;
    • flash drive that looks like a wristband. Stylish and bright bracelet will definitely appeal to the boys! And a flash drivealways at hand, and the accessory looks fashionable;
    • Stylish camouflage umbrella. He is able to effectively complement the image of a teenager.

    Having given enough time and effort to choosing a present, you will be able to find a really cool option that the kid will definitely like and make him the star of any party! And for teenagers, this is paramount.

    Buying a gift for boys on February 23, 8, 9, 10, 11 grade is not so difficult if there is a desire and time for this. You need to show as much imagination as possible, and as a result, your present for classmates will really be the best of the best!

    Sometimes classmates themselves hint to girls what exactly they would like to receive as a future surprise. You need to be able to listen to such hints. And, of course, you should avoid banal stuff like a shower kit, deodorant and other boring presents. Keep in mind that your surprise should be memorable and original. Having received truly unusual congratulations and gifts from you on February 14, the boys will try and thank you on March 8!

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