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On the eve of the most romantic holiday of the year, everyone thinks about what to give their soulmate on February 14th. For some, relationships are just beginning, for others, the adventure is in full swing, and for others, it would not hurt to rekindle the slightly extinguished flame of passion. There are also those who do not mind in honor of this holiday to please a friend or girlfriend. In each of these cases, you will need your own suitable gift for Valentine's Day. Our article will help you choose a thing, accessory or impression, thanks to which your loved ones will feel the wings behind their backs, and friends - the warmth of your sincere soul.

  • TOP 40 romantic gifts for February 14

      Honey with gold for massage
    1. Bouquet of kinder surprises
    2. A box of premium alcohol based marmalade
    3. Notebook with a photo of your beloved/beloved
    4. Chocolate heart figurine
    5. Set of meat delicacies
    6. Pair sweaters - for you and her
    7. Tea gift box
    8. Pillow with your photos
    9. Heart shaped s alt lamp
    10. Illuminated photo painting
    11. Sky Wall Map
    12. Aromatic bathing set
    13. Key rings with halves of heart and engraved names
    14. Mug and soft toy
    15. Cartoon dolls from photo
    16. A box of sweets and flowers
    17. Surprise in a wooden box
    18. Photo postcard
    19. Festive collage
    20. Congratulations on the billboard
    21. Decorative magnets with your photos
    22. Porcelain cup with your design
    23. Heart appliqué from photos
    24. A whole box of gum Love is
    25. Thermal glass "From the warmest heart"
    26. Star Umbrella
    27. Personal bathrobe
    28. Paid massages at the best spa
    29. Master class according to the hobby of the second half
    30. Plasma ball
    31. Smartphone case with your photos
    32. Paired mittens
    33. Jar of sweets "Delicious help"
    34. Heart-shaped heating pad
    35. Inscribed chocolate bar
    36. Fondue night
    37. Watch with your photo
    38. Set of honey jars with different flavors
    39. Handmade Jewelry

    What to give on February 14 to a girl, a guy, if the relationship is just beginning?

    For couples who are just starting a relationship, this date on the calendar is a great opportunity to finally muster up the courage and take a little more step towards a love adventure. A Valentine's Day gift for a girl, a guy in this case should be cute, with a good touch of romance.

    Usually, at the initial stage of a love story, people are not yet familiar enough with each other's hobbies and hobbies, so it's better not to take risks and notbe limited to presentations of a narrow topic. We offer you some good ideas on what to give on February 14 if the relationship is just beginning. Among them are both original and practical options.

    If the relationship is just beginning, you can give a girl on February 14:

    • Photo shoot. Many girls dream of showing off photos with their soulmate to their friends. However, it is not so easy to arouse delight or even slight envy with the help of pictures against the backdrop of a carpet or boring buildings. Another thing is a professional photo shoot in a studio surrounded by garlands decorated with hearts and other romantic decor. Such a gift for a girl on Valentine's Day from a guy will become the embodiment of a cherished fairy tale!
    • Paired t-shirts for me and her. Couples who have just started dating need to emphasize their feelings, to remind each other that there is no one in the world that is as beautiful and loved. Paired t-shirts with halves of a heart will become a symbol of your unity and an original declaration of love.
    • Movie tickets. Be sure to buy two - for her and for yourself! It doesn't matter what movie. Yes, it may not live up to your expectations, but does it really matter? It is much more important that the seats are in the last row. If a boring scene suddenly appears on the screen, you can arrange your own!
    • Dinner on the roof. It is advisable to choose a cafe where not only delicious food is prepared, but also from where you can admire the sunset and the city, gradually plunging into darkness. However, thismaybe a regular pizzeria. The main thing is that the place is conducive to the contemplation of beautiful views.
    • Quality jewelry. It's too early for an engagement ring, but an exquisite pendant or a small ring with a sparkling pebble can be safely presented to your beloved on February 14th. You just need to know her zodiac sign to choose the right jewelry with a mysterious meaning.
    • Basket of fragrant and juicy fruits. In winter, every girl yearns for warmth. You will certainly lift your beloved to the 7th heaven with happiness, handing her a festive basket filled with rare fruits from sunny countries. Together with them you will give her a piece of summer.
    • Luxury bouquet. It doesn't have to be flowers. Or rather, not only about them. You can give a girl a romantic gift in the form of a bouquet of sweets and toys on Valentine's Day. No matter how old your soul mate is, a little girl still lives in her soul, whose eyes shine at the sight of fluffy bears or bunnies.
    • Surprise box. Have you forgotten that the traditional attribute of this holiday is Valentine's Day? It is not necessary to pass it into the hands of a loved one. It is much more interesting to present it in a box. And then the girl will receive two nice presents at once.
    • Love letter. Behind all these instant messengers, it seems that we have completely forgotten how to write letters. But how many emotions can cause the appearance of an envelope in the mailbox. Such an unexpected nice gift for a girl on Valentine's Day is the best surprise. The main thing is to write in legible handwriting.
    • SPA certificate. If you are sure that your chosen one is worthy of a royal holiday, give her such a present! The spa will become a true paradise on earth. And by the way, you can also keep your favorite company.

    If the relationship is just beginning, you can give the guy on February 14:

    • gift pack of tea or coffee. Don't underestimate this idea. This is a very cozy present that can reveal the depth of your feelings to your loved one.
    • Bowl with phone stand. Designed for those who can not get rid of the habit of eating while watching videos or movies. By choosing to give a guy a practical gift in the form of such a bowl on Valentine's Day, you frankly hint that you do not blame him for this habit.
    • A personalized bottle of wine in a beautiful box. Of course, your loved one will share such a treat with you. But the very moment of presenting the present will be remembered for a long time.
    • Unicorn portable charger. An indispensable attribute of the modern generation. From now on, nothing will separate you. Even if the guy is on a hike or a business trip, he will always be able to recharge the dead device and get in touch with you.
    • Kigurumi Pajamas. A party-goer will be able to attend parties in it, a merry fellow - to entertain friends, and a modest quiet man - to see the sweetest dreams. Such an original gift can be presented on Valentine's Day to a guy who loves everything unusual.
    • Photo on canvas. For a guy who knows his worthsuch an idea is the best way to compliment his beauty and charm in an unusual way!
    • Shock puzzles. Before you enjoy their taste, your loved one will have to strain the brain and show their ingenuity. For more enthusiasm, present him with puzzles from which to assemble your photo.
    • Calendar with 365 scratched hearts. He thinks it's just decoration. But in fact, under the erasable layer, the most incredible tasks for every day await him. Such a calendar can be presented for Valentine's Day to a loved one who lacks adventure in life.
    • Homemade cookies or cake. Sweets from the store will never compare to the baked goods you made. Here's what you can give a guy for Valentine's Day made by hand. This is especially true if your favorite has a sweet tooth.
    • Thermo cup. A hot drink poured into it creates magic! As soon as tea or coffee enters such a vessel, its appearance changes. Amazing pictures of constellations, Star Wars heroes, abstract drawings can appear on the cup.

    If a relationship is just beginning, a loved one can be invited to have fun skating or attending a master class. So together you will experience new emotions, namely, they bring together the most. In a few years, you will remember with a smile a fun weekend or a moment when you tried to learn how to dance salsa together.

    What to give your girlfriend, boyfriend on February 14

    Ifrelations have been going on for more than a year, it will certainly be easier for you to choose what to give your beloved girl, beloved guy on February 14th. In this case, you literally read your partner like an open book: you managed to study his addictions, figure out what he / she likes and what not. In order not to miss, you need to choose a thing based on the interests and hobbies of the second half.

    Ideas for what to give your girlfriend for Valentine's Day:

    • UFO mask. If a girl is serious about taking care of herself, subscribed to a bunch of video blogs about beauty and he alth, this device will come in handy for her. It outperforms conventional sheet masks as it combines premium care with the latest technology.
    • Jewelry Stand. Useful for your beloved, whom you managed to give a lot of jewelry, and now she needs a place to store it all.
    • Juicer. Suitable for a caring hostess and a girl leading a he althy lifestyle.
    • A book on your favorite topic. Such a useful gift can be presented on February 14 to a girl who loves to read literature, and even the presence of electronic books has not diminished this love.
    • Travel makeup bag. Useful for a traveler or a loved one who is forced to spend her life on the road.
    • Disc with your favorite movie. Here's what you can give your beloved girl for Valentine's Day, if for her a cozy evening always begins with an interesting melodrama, an exciting adventure or a creepy horror movie.
    • Hugging Pillow. Such a romantic gift can be presented on February 14 to a girl who needs love and care when you are not around. The hugging pillow will ensure a comfortable rest and pleasant dreams.
    • Creative kit. If you are lucky enough to find a craftswoman, do not forget to give her something that matches her hobbies on this day: instructions for making crafts, a box for creative supplies, everything for sewing or crocheting.

    Ideas of what to present to your beloved guy on February 14:

    • Sweatshirt with attractive print. A comedian will be delighted with a cool phrase, a music lover will be delighted with the logo of his favorite band, and a gamer with a motif from his favorite computer game.
    • Vintage shoe care kit. It can be presented on February 14 to a beloved man who holds a high position and approaches his image with responsibility.
    • Foot Massager. So you show care for your loved one, who spends almost all day on his feet and in the evening needs a quality means of relaxation.
    • Popcorn maker. Such an unusual gift can be presented on Valentine's Day to a guy for whom watching an interesting movie is not complete without these crunchy treats. Now he doesn't have to run all over the city looking for popcorn if he suddenly wants to set up a real movie theater at home.
    • Carpal Expander. Suitable as a practical gift for February 14 for a beloved man who leads a he althylifestyle and devotes a lot of time to training.
    • Portable speaker. Like the one who does not go out without music from the house. With such a speaker, you will be able to listen to your favorite songs at full volume during training or picnics with friends.
    • Warm wool blanket. Suitable for a guy of any age and hobbies. Is it possible to imagine a more comfortable evening than under a blanket and with your favorite book or movie?
    • USB heated mug. Such an unusual gift can be presented on Valentine's Day to a guy who spends a lot of time in front of the computer.

    On such a day, you must definitely move away from banal rituals: start the morning with breakfast in bed, take a walk through the romantic places of the city. If you have not been anywhere for a long time, book a room in a country cottage and go there as early as possible. If possible, give your loved one a trip to the mountains or to the sea.

    What to give a husband, wife on February 14?

    For a couple who is tied by the knot, Valentine's Day often becomes a chance to open the soul to adventure, reminisce about romance, surprise your soulmate. When choosing what to give your husband, wife on February 14, you need to take into account the interests, age, willingness to spend the holiday in the most insane way. Here are some cool ideas on how to express your love on such a day.

    You can give your husband on February 14:

    • Unusual cake. This is not about a sweet treat, but about cans of beer laid out as several tiers orcola topped with the main attribute - a bottle of whiskey (cognac, vodka, liquor).
    • Erotic game. For your pleasure and entertainment, several stages of different levels of intimacy will be offered, which will be a fresh breeze in your relationship.
    • Photobook with love story. Buy an album, decorate it with the most special pictures from the years of your marriage, put stickers on it and give it to your loved one.
    • gift certificate. As a romantic gift for your husband on Valentine's Day, you can give the opportunity to visit a barber shop, go to a spa treatment or shop at your favorite store.
    • Notebook-book with reasons why you love your spouse. Remind your husband of his virtues that are of special value to you.
    • Interesting quest. It is not necessary to go far away in pursuit of emotions. You can present a quest from several stages to your spouse on Valentine's Day just at home. Let your loved one go in search of the main gift, passing several tests with nice bonuses.

    You can give your wife on February 14:

    • Beautiful heart pendant. Melt the ice in the soul of your beloved, help her regain faith in your romance.
    • Aromatic bath with petals. Such a romantic gift can be presented to your wife on Valentine's Day if you have not realized incredible fantasies for a long time.
    • Photo Clock. The wife will be very happy to receive a watch with a beautifulphoto on the dial. This could be a group photo of you or a photo of you and your children.
    • Wooden Valentine. You can do more! A huge wooden valentine card with your names and a declaration of love is not just an original gift for your wife on February 14th. Such a present can be hung on the wall as an honorary interior decoration.
    • T-shirt with a beautiful compliment. Express what you are embarrassed to say for some reason. These can be phrases like: "The most caring wife", "This is what the best wife in the world looks like", "The king's wife".
    • Evening in the best hotel room. Change the environment. It's good at home, but it's better in a hotel for a holiday!

    Spouses can also arrange a romantic evening for two at home or in their favorite cafe, sending the children to visit their grandmother. Or another nice option how to spend this day is to visit a Russian bath. And he alth benefits are in trouble, and the soul will rest!

    What to give a friend, girlfriend on February 14?

    If for you Valentine's Day is not only an occasion to please your soulmate, but also to please your faithful friends, then you should think about the question of what to give a friend, girlfriend on February 14th. Such presents should express attention, care, your gratitude for the fact that these people manage to endure your difficult character.

    What can I give for Valentine's Day to a friend from a friend:

    • Certificate for shopping at your favorite store. Only girls understand the addiction to acquiring a newclothing or makeup.
    • A cup with a beautiful picture or a funny inscription. A friend will definitely appreciate your unsurpassed humor if you choose a mug for her with words such as: “Little bastard”, “Successful, beautiful and always irresistible”, “It will be as I said.”
    • Pizza maker. Such a gift for February 14 for a friend from a friend cannot be underestimated! From now on, you don’t have to call and order food delivery. Girlfriend can cook it herself.
    • Bakeware. A friend who loves not only to bake, but also to make pastries beautiful.
    • Aroma lamp and aroma oils. It can be presented from a friend to a beloved friend on Valentine's Day as a romantic and sincere gift. Aromas have a positive effect on mood, relieve stress, charge with inspiration.
    • Florarium. Will a girl pass by such beauty? Miniature oases of nature are indispensable in the interior, which clearly lacks harmony.

    What can I give for Valentine's Day to a friend from a friend:

    • Exquisite photo frame. The most precious memories need special decoration. You can give a friend a product with crystals or shells on February 14th. A girl who is fond of photography will be delighted with such a surprise.
    • Sketchbook. A suitable option for a creative person who can be inspired at any moment.
    • Concert ticket. Ideally, you should definitely keep a friend company! Togetherthe emotions experienced mean a lot, not to mention the fact that you will remember this day for a long time.
    • Light-projector of waves or starry sky. Such a gift will please a romantic girlfriend who appreciates comfort and beautiful things.
    • Bath set: s alt, fragrant soap, body scrubs. With the help of such a nice gift to a friend on February 14 from a friend, you will be able to express how much you care about the girl and how dear she is to you.
    • Long-lasting rose. A suitable gift option for a girlfriend on Valentine's Day from a friend who wants more. Such a rose cannot be compared with an ordinary flower arrangement, as it retains its freshness and beauty for several years!

    And here's what you can give a friend on February 14 from a friend:

    • A board game based on a popular computer game or movie. It will help a friend feel like a hero of exciting battles. Such an original gift from a friend for a friend on Valentine's Day will definitely not let you get bored!
    • Portrait from photo. Let your buddy see himself as an adorable Star Wars hero or a Viking who won more than one battle.
    • Beer map of the world. A way to combine business with pleasure. Such an original, cheerful gift can be presented on February 14 to a friend for whom a vacation without a glass of beer is not a vacation!
    • Talking hamster. A fun Valentine's Day gift from a friend for a bored friend. With such a hamster, his life will be filled with joy, because it isthe creature can say words very funny.
    • Selfie stick. Every time you look at a friend's Instagram photos, do you feel like they're missing something? Maybe it's all about perspective! With such an accessory, selfies will become successful, beautiful and will definitely earn a lot of likes.
    • 3D puzzle. Challenge the intellectual and make the lazy one turn on the brain a little! Such an interesting gift can be presented from a girlfriend on February 14 to a friend who often boasts of his superpowers for solving complex problems.

    Now you have a lot of gift ideas for February 14th, which means that there will be a holiday! Do not forget to supplement the purchased item with a beautiful speech. Put all your feelings into words, even if you can only come up with a couple of sentences.

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