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Creative and creative personalities, as well as people who want to bring a fairy tale to life for their loved ones, tend to choose unusual gifts for February 14th. Such a phrase is sure to conjure up something like flying in a hot air balloon or sailing on a yacht. You are not far from the truth if that is what you have presented. But there are other ideas too! From our article you will learn what is unusual to give for February 14 to relatives, friends, loved ones, classmates. We will reveal many interesting options for you.

  • TOP 40 unusual gifts for February 14

      Hollywood Star Souvenir
    1. Running alarm clock
    2. Candy floss machine
    3. Heart or donut pillow
    4. Lamp with moon phases
    5. Table-tray
    6. gift wrapped towel
    7. USB cable with backlight
    8. Water Drawing Tablet
    9. Set of scented candles
    10. Table stand for a bottle and snacks
    11. Coffee gift Wrap
    12. Box with soap roses
    13. Heart Earrings
    14. Divination Bath Bomb
    15. Body Painting Kit
    16. The icon with the image of the planet orspace
    17. Miniature herbarium painting
    18. Picnic stand
    19. Set of colorful bookmarks
    20. Ginger Bizet Cookies
    21. 12 flavor honey soufflé set
    22. Assorted nuts
    23. Anti-stress sculptor "Heart"
    24. Sofa armrest organizer
    25. Rainbow neon light
    26. Telescope
    27. Dart set
    28. Set of double-ended markers
    29. Cookie Folding Mirror with Comb
    30. USB Drum Kit
    31. Owl Lunch Box
    32. Red Heart Headphone Splitter
    33. Dinosaur storage box
    34. Swarovski painting on a love or romantic theme
    35. Heart-shaped mug and saucer
    36. gift tea in test tubes
    37. Festive collage
    38. Big pillow toy
    39. Fondue set

    Unusual gifts for February 14 for a girl

    A guy who manages to choose an unusual gift for a girl on February 14th will get hot kisses and warm hugs. Valentine's Day is a suitable opportunity to surpass in romance all previous boyfriends of your beloved. Prove to her that you are the best, just like a prince who descended from the pages of her favorite novel. Here's something unusual you can give a girl on February 14:

    • Flower arrangement in gift box. Combines tenderness and impresses with its presentability. You can feel free to deliver such a surprise to your beloved directly to the office or university.
    • Tea ceremony. It turns out that in brewing teaa whole art can be hidden. You knew that, didn't you? Do not confess to a girl if you suddenly did not know. Better invite her to share the mysteries of the ancient secrets of making tea with the full disclosure of its taste. You will learn interesting facts from the history of tea, get in touch with real secrets. Relaxing musical accompaniment will additionally create the right atmosphere.
    • SPA facial treatment. Every girl wants to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. Help her in this difficult task. An unusual gift for a girl on Valentine's Day in the form of a certificate to the spa will reveal the fullness of your care for her.
    • Oil painting master class. If you have seen more than once, with what brilliance in the eyes of your beloved examines the masterpieces of artists, take a step towards revealing her talents. They are in everyone! With the help of a painting master class, the girl will feel like a real artist and create her first work.
    • Japanese style lunch. Oriental cuisine continues to drive people crazy. Why not give your girlfriend an unusual Japanese-style dinner for Valentine's Day, which would consist of seafood soup and rolls.
    • Salsa Lesson. In dance, sometimes feelings can be expressed much better than words. As an unusual gift for your beloved on February 14, you can present a certificate for attending a detailed master class dedicated to this incendiary manifestation of the Latin temperament.
    • Festive photo shoot in the style of Love-story. With its help, it will be possible not only to escape from the boring routine, but alsospend the whole day on emotions. In addition to the pleasure of shooting itself, you will find a whole collection of funny photos that you will definitely want to share on social networks.

    Unusual gifts for February 14 boyfriend

    If a girl sets herself the goal of taking her beloved by surprise or making her speechless, she should think about the question: what is unusual to give a guy on February 14? Extraordinary presents do not necessarily require huge financial investments, especially if the relationship has just begun. But if the love story has already gained momentum, you can be generous and choose an exclusive unusual gift for February 14 for a guy. Our insights will point you in the right direction.

    • Cognac tasting. An exciting experience for true gourmets! The beloved man will be touched and surprised, because only the most creative person could come up with such an idea!
    • Half-hour flight in a flight stimulator. Such an unusual gift for Valentine's Day can be presented to a guy who is open to new experiences, including extreme ones. Flight stimulator - an opportunity to feel like a real pilot.
    • Visit Turkish hammam. Worthy rest for the real sultan of your heart. In the hammam, not only water procedures, but also fragrant foam massage, tea ceremony, peeling are waiting for your beloved.
    • Breakfast in bed. You need to start the holiday in the morning - with an appetizing and fragrant treat, decorated in the spirit of Valentine's Day. On February 14, a guy can be presented with an unusual breakfast of fried sausages,held together with toothpicks in the shape of a heart.
    • Fruit and vegetable bouquet. If ladies are given flowers, then a man will obviously gladly accept an edible composition in a beautiful box.
    • Certificate for shopping at your favorite store. Let a man deny his addiction to shopping, but he definitely will not refuse such a nice gift.
    • A wind tunnel flight for two. Here's what unusual and original you can give for Valentine's Day to a guy who is ready for the craziest adventure. Your presence will add more romance to this leisure.

    Unusual gifts for February 14 husband

    Choosing unusual gifts for the husband on February 14, wives have to rush from one extreme to another. It is important for some to once again confess their love, for others - they want to kindle a flame, and still others - they strive for diversity. Each situation needs its own version. Taking into account all the factors, here is what you can give your husband as an unusual gift on February 14:

    • Dinner at a Georgian restaurant. Georgian cuisine surprises with its diversity, aromas and unique taste. A romantic dinner with the opportunity to taste delicious barbecue and the best wines will suit both young couples and experienced spouses.
    • Dive into the world of VR games. Such an unusual gift for Valentine's Day is suitable for a husband who dreams of briefly transporting himself into the virtual world, overcoming monsters, and completing a mission.
    • Subscription to the pool. If a spouse works from morning to night in conditions that are not very harmonious, he certainly needs to be provided with a wayrelieve stress. Swimming in the pool will help develop muscles after sedentary work, relieve fatigue, restore harmony inside.
    • Visit the museum of photo illusions. In such a place, the spouse will take a bunch of interesting pictures, which will then surprise friends.
    • Fondu evening. Such an unusual gift for Valentine's Day can be given to your beloved husband, who has always dreamed of tasting the best delicacies from Switzerland itself. An evening of fondue will be an exciting adventure for two spouses, no matter how long the marriage lasts.
    • Gym membership. Does your spouse dream of being like famous athletes, looking at which girls' hearts skip a beat? Surprise him with a membership to the best gym with modern equipment.
    • Ethnic drumming. An experienced teacher will teach you to catch the rhythm and fascinate the listener with the atmosphere of antiquity. Here's what you can give on February 14 to a husband who loves ancient traditions, mysterious rituals and unusual musical instruments.

    Unusual gifts for wife on February 14

    And it is not at all easier for a husband to pick up unusual gifts for his wife on February 14th. All girls are capricious, their mood is changeable, sometimes even the most expensive thing seems not entirely appropriate. But what is the right thing to do in this case? Valentine's Day is your chance to move away from the traditional, throw banal ideas away and open up to the new. Here's something unusual you can give your wife on February 14:

    • Dinner at the jazz club. Doesn't compare to eating in the kitchen. And even more pleaseda lover of spending evenings in a sublime atmosphere. A woman who loves this genre of music, your idea will definitely drive her crazy.
    • Aroma massage at the best spa. Such an unusual gift for Valentine's Day will help your wife relax. The whole procedure consists in applying a pleasant aroma composition to the body, and then working out painful points to pleasant music.
    • Visage master class. Your spouse can wipe the nose of any beauty blogger! Prove it to her by giving the opportunity to comprehend the secrets of makeup from the best masters.
    • Weekend in the country. As Valentine's Day falls at the height of winter, you have the chance to please your loved one with sleigh rides, outdoor cooking over a campfire, ice fishing, and a romantic dinner by the fireplace.
    • Singing or dancing lesson. Suitable for a creative person who, after taking care of children and you, will not take care of himself in any way. But time does not wait. Realize the sweet dreams of your beloved - let her reveal her talents!
    • Certificate for custom tailoring. Does your wife dream of dressing like a style icon? Then this one is for her! Such an unusual gift can be presented on Valentine's Day to a wife who always strives to be on top.
    • Stonetherapy. In such an unusual gift for your wife on February 14, all your concern for her will be revealed. The procedure uses volcanic stones of different temperatures. They are laid out on certain parts of the body. Will please a woman of any age.

    Spouses can arrangean unusual trip to an ancient city, a horse ride for two or an interesting quest in a special room (if you don’t have enough adrenaline in your life). You can also spend several hours at dinner or a gala dinner on the top floor of the capital's tallest skyscraper. You don't have to take a lot of food with you. Enough pizza and a bottle of wine.

    Unusual gifts for February 14 to a classmate, classmate

    With the approach of a romantic date, not only adults are racking their brains over presents. Children will also have to pick up an unusual gift for February 14 to a classmate, classmate. This is especially true for girls and boys who feel sympathy for certain guys in the class. We will show you how to unobtrusively talk about feelings or just do something nice.

    Here's something unusual you can give a classmate on February 14:

    • keychain with car model, cartoon or video game character;
    • balaclava mask with the image of a skull;
    • cup with Darth Vader;
    • pen with invisible black;
    • T-shirt with the logo of your favorite band;
    • name notebook "Brilliant Ideas";
    • flexible USB keyboard;
    • light ring for selfie;
    • board game "home football";
    • Spiderman gloves;
    • game-console;
    • headphones on a snake;
    • luminous shoe laces;
    • 3D T-shirt;
    • submarine tea infuser;
    • a set of crayons for drawing;
    • chalk board in the shape of a cat.

    That's whatunusual can be presented on February 14 to a classmate:

    • beading set;
    • beautiful hairpin;
    • drawing board with 3D effect;
    • flying minion toy;
    • hairstyle set;
    • lunch box in bright colors;
    • mirror on stand;
    • chest box with many compartments for different jewelry;
    • scarf in the color of one of the faculties of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry;
    • to-do list poster with scratch layer;
    • photo album;
    • music box;
    • poster of your favorite band;
    • smartphone case with ears.

    For Valentine's Day, a boy can be presented with an ultra-large computer mouse pad in bright colors. And on February 14, a girl can be presented with a manicure set in a case. It is also appropriate to give classmates on Valentine's Day personalized boxes of sweets, fortune cookies, fragrant macaroons.

    Unusual gifts for friends on February 14

    In addition to surprises for the second half, many are also looking for unusual gifts for friends on February 14th. Why not pull your beloved girlfriend or friend out into the world on such a romantic holiday, deprive them of speechlessness with an unexpected present or make an unforgettable impression on them? All in your hands! Valentine's Day isn't just about sweet couples. You can safely give surprises to your best friends. We, in turn, will help you figure out what is right.

    Here's something unusual you cangive a friend on February 14 from a friend:

    • gift basket with famous brand cosmetics. Who else but a girl understands such things. A girlfriend is unlikely to expect something worthy from her boyfriend, so all hope is on you.
    • Inflatable pool toy. Despite the winter outside the window, such a present will be received with joy, because you can and should prepare for the summer in advance!
    • Underwater Camera. Here's what you can give your friend for Valentine's Day if she loves to explore the underwater world and is not afraid to challenge herself.
    • Foreign language audio course. For a dreamer who is ready to discover unknown countries, the first thing you need is to learn the language! Do a good deed - give the appropriate course.
    • Puzzle calendar. With this accessory, your friend will become a master of time. Such a thing can not be compared with the usual flip model - every month you need to create a new calendar from the cubes, which is exciting in itself.
    • Cup with crown. Such an unusual gift can be presented from a friend on Valentine's Day to a friend who, in your opinion, is worthy of the title of queen.
    • Handmade chocolates set. It is a pity to eat such sweets, because they look like works of art, but their aroma will not deprive you of any chances.

    Here's something unusual you can present on February 14 to a friend from a friend:

    • Laptop table with fan. A useful and original thing for a girl who is constantly doing something,being alone with this gadget.
    • Fluffy slippers with animal faces. You know that beauty requires sacrifice and the girl is forced to walk in high heels for hours. In the evening, she will enjoy changing into comfortable, fluffy slippers.
    • Anti-stress coloring. Not only creative people will like it. Such an unusual gift can be presented on Valentine's Day from a friend to a friend who devotes a lot of effort to career growth, is constantly at the peak of her abilities.
    • Beautiful neck pillow, for example, in the form of a cat, giraffe with a long body. This is something you want to use. And just looking at her will delight the girl!
    • Flower in gold. It can be presented to a friend on February 14, if you plan to confess your feelings over time. Such a thing is not cheap, but how many emotions it will bring to a girl.
    • Space lollipops. Unique sweets with a 3D pattern seem to frankly hint: you are ready for your girlfriend not just to get a star from the sky, but to give the whole Universe filled with billions of stars.
    • Growing kit. Will please the girl who loves plants.

    But what an interesting gift you can give on February 14 to a friend from a friend:

    • Auto Stirrer. Will save a friend from the risk of filling the entire stove with porridge or other food, which he accidentally leaves unattended.
    • Table punching bag. A random person will think: "Just a funny decoration," but in fact it isa great opportunity to blow off steam by getting rid of negative emotions with a couple of blows.
    • Apron with superhero body. It can be given to a friend for Valentine's Day if he copes well with cooking and generally feels confident in the kitchen.
    • Inscribed Hollywood figurine. Only the best deserve this award. This thing seems to tell a friend that heroes are not only on the screens. If a friend has done a lot for you, supported in difficult situations, inspired, shared advice, this option will suit him.
    • Beard comb. An irreplaceable thing for someone who got along well with facial hair, and for someone who is just learning the art of self-care.
    • Bouquet of smoked meats. A fun and unusual gift from a girl for a friend on Valentine's Day, which will first surprise, and then give great pleasure to the stomach.
    • Beer helmet. Every merry fellow and avid festival goer dreams of her. However, even a fan of watching a football match at home on the couch with a beer, this thing will also come in handy. No need to hold a glass in your hand, cans with a drink are easily attached to the helmet, and from there the drink enters the mouth through a special tube.

    You can also buy a Bluetooth tracker for your friend to search for lost things - once and for all, you will save him from unnecessary inconvenience. If a musician sleeps somewhere in it, a ukulele will suit him as a present. A friend on this romantic holiday will be delighted with a set of lenses for a smartphone that will help her get good photosinsects, small flowers and other small items. Pastel pencils are capable of awakening an artist in a girl, with which you can create unique paintings.

    Now you have in stock several ideas of unusual gifts for Valentine's Day for loved ones. The value of the thing is not as important as the feelings with which you hand it to your loved one, loved one or close friends.

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