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On the eve of the holiday, we are all looking for the best, most successful present for our loved ones. However, in order to choose a good surprise, you need to know what you should not give to loved ones and loved ones on February 14th. This article is a kind of warning to all lovers, avoid the gifts and ideas described below and you will be happy!

How to choose the right gift

Any gift can be both good and bad, there is no universal recipe for choosing presents. Therefore, you should always focus on the personality of the recipient, for example, what you should not give your wife on February 14 can be perfect as a present for a man or just a good friend.

In addition to the identity of the recipient of the gift and your relationship, there are some other aspects to consider:

  • Financial capacity of the gift recipient. Everyone wants to reciprocate, and this answer should not hit the gifted person’s wallet, otherwise, instead of joy, the surprise will only cause annoyance.
  • Interests - this is the main criterion for choosing a present. Hobbies, character, profession, lifestyle - everything must be considered! Why would a homebody have a suitcase and a set of garden tools for a hardened city dweller with an apartment on the 15th floor?
  • Conditions of life. A large, beautiful and fashionable bean bag chair is cool, but in a one-room apartment where the recipient of the gift lives with his parents, he clearly does not belong and such moments must be taken into account.

TOP 37 bad gifts for February 14

Despite the fact that in each case there are some unsuccessful gifts, there is also a general list of what should not be given to anyone on February 14, be it a girlfriend, husband, good friend, or even a sister, brother. Just remember this list and never offer the options collected here as a surprise to your loved ones:

    1. Socks.
    2. Shaving foam.
    3. Money.
    4. Postcard from the supermarket.
    5. Animals.
    6. Home fitness equipment.
    7. Gym membership.
    8. Porcelain figurines.
    9. Heart keychains.
    10. Shampoo.
    11. Grocery baskets.
    12. Certificates for a supermarket or household goods store.
    13. Religious items.
    14. Comb.
    15. Phone case with photo.
    16. Food processor.
    17. Winter hat.
    18. Garden tools.
    19. Artificial flowers.
    20. Cigarettes.
    21. Certificate for cleaning, house cleaning.
    22. Dumbbells.
    23. Slimming underwear.
    24. Paintings, landscapes and bad reproductions.
    25. Decorative wall plates.
    26. Tutorials for foreign languages.
    27. Floor scales.
    28. He alth teas (for weight loss, treatment of kidneys, heart, etc.).
    29. Heart-shaped fridge magnets.
    30. Fake pillows and other "jokes".
    31. Bouquet of sausages, fish, vegetables.
    32. Rugs and carpets.
    33. Tobacco for hookah and the hookah itself.
    34. Discs with pirated music and movies.
    35. Casual wear.
    36. Shoes.
    37. Piercing jewelry.

    The worst gift for Valentine's Day is, of course, its absence. And no arguments that you do not believe in this holiday, do not recognize it, etc. I don't work here. Therefore, you still have to buy something for a loved one, so it’s better to think about choosing a worthy surprise in advance.

    Inappropriate hints

    Many mistakenly consider Valentine's Day to be an appropriate occasion to hint at a relationship deepening or transition to a new stage. And if a verbal hint is acceptable, then it’s definitely not worth making a present with subtext. It will leave only unpleasant impressions and emotions. The most unpleasant hint gifts are:

    • The keys to your apartment, as a hint that it's time to move in together. Agree, you can make such an offer in a more beautiful and sophisticated form. And such a gift looks somehow awkward, and causes embarrassment of the recipient or recipient - obviously not the effect you were striving for when making such a wide offer.
    • A ring for a man is a really bad gift for a guy on February 14, which, as it were, hints that he is obliged to present you with jewelry, also a ring, that is, a hint of marriage . Such a completely non-virtuoso blackmail will definitely not bring the desired closer, butit just leaves a bad aftertaste. In addition, it is considered bad luck to give men rings. So the present is a failure from all points of view.
    • Certificates for various trainings for couples - such events may be useful, but by making such a gift, you hint that in your tandem everything is far from cloudless and without a specialist and help you don't figure it out. Such hints are unpleasant in themselves, but in the form of a gift, also on such a romantic occasion, they are tactless and simply insulting.
    • Books on family psychology is a direct indication that it is time for your soulmate to learn how to behave in family and relationships. And is it a gift? No, rather, it is an attempt to masterfully humiliate and offend a person. If you didn’t have such thoughts in your mind, then the gift urgently needs to be changed.
    • Twins if you live separately. On February 14, you do not need to give double towels or pillowcases and other accessories if you live separately for now. This will be perceived as a push to get to know each other better and not always such a gesture can be correctly perceived.
    • Self with a red bow. By presenting yourself in the nude style, you are not just hinting, but directly saying what you are waiting for and want. Such straightforwardness can frighten, shock a partner if the other half is not yet ready for a more serious and close relationship. You need to shock wisely, as well as seduce!

    What not to give your girlfriend

    Relationships with your girlfriend need to be built gradually with the mind,gifts in this difficult matter play an important role. We offer you a list of what you do not need to give a girl for Valentine's Day, so as not to spoil the holiday either for her or for yourself:

    • Set of decorative cosmetics - in theory, a useful thing that is relevant for every girl. But the question is whether you will be able to choose the desired brand, shade, necessary funds. As practice shows, where a man sees red, a woman can spill half a dozen semitones, guessing the right shades in this situation is very problematic, isn't it? So it is better to refuse such a decision if you are not 100% sure what exactly the lady wants to get.
    • Intimate hygiene products - agree, a very strange and inappropriate gift. And we wouldn’t even mention it if we didn’t see beautiful gift packages in cosmetics stores with similar products inside. A so-so option that can only cause embarrassment and ultimately turn out to be useless, you are unlikely to be aware of such personal preferences of your soul mate.
    • Strong alcohol - definitely a bad gift for a girl on February 14th. Even if a lady does not mind sipping cognac or whiskey, this does not mean that it is worth giving. An “alcohol ceiling” acceptable for ladies - champagne, fine wines, exotic liquors and vermouths, but not brutal tequila or strong single m alt whiskey.
    • Vacuum cleaner - may be useful, but never a romantic and sophisticated gift. He will show that you treat the girl exclusively as a housewife and, as it were,hint at its place and role in your life. No lady will be happy with such an unrefined hint!
    • Kitchen apron, even the most beautiful one belongs to the same category of purely kitchen goods that ladies are not so pleased to receive!
    • Flyer to the club for one person hints that you should take a break from each other, or the relationship is not so serious, otherwise you would hardly let your girlfriend have fun without you .

    Unsuccessful gifts to wife on February 14

    It turns out that even a close and already very well-known person is not so easy to choose a gift. In this section, we will tell you what you do not need to give a woman on February 14 if you do not want to bring discord and conflict into your family. Still, a spouse is, first of all, a beloved woman, and it’s definitely not worth offending or upsetting her with a present. Therefore, exclude from the list of potential options:

    • Frying pans and pots - in general, all kitchen utensils cannot be considered a good gift. It is necessary for both of you, it is a household item, and by presenting such things as a gift, you seem to save on your family and your spouse. Not a pleasant feeling.
    • Epilators - a thing that you definitely don’t need to give your wife, even if it’s a useful invention, but it will be unpleasant for your wife to know that you are thinking about such things as women’s hair removal. Pretend that your spouse is always perfect, and what efforts she makes for this should remain a secret to you.
    • Vitamins,medical devices should top the list of what not to give on Valentine's Day! This is a hint of age, of poor he alth. Do not offend your wife with this option. Worse could be only a certificate for medical examination.
    • Hairspray - a classic of the Soviet era. But the shortage period has long since sunk into oblivion and now you can buy varnish in every store, so show your imagination and take the trouble to choose something more interesting, cute and fun.
    • Soft toys - such a gift is appropriate for a girl under 18 - 19 years old, in all other cases, such a present says only one thing - you absolutely do not know how to please your spouse and buy the first thing that came to mind or came to hand. It is unlikely that this is the meaning you would like to invest in a gift.
    • Cookbook is another weird nod to your wife's poor cooking skills. If you meant something else, then it is better to refuse such a presentation. If your spouse is fond of cooking, it is better to give her a chic notebook for writing down your favorite dishes, this gift no longer has an unpleasant connotation, and it will definitely be useful.

    Bad gifts for husband on February 14

    Not only a woman can be offended and upset about unsuccessful surprises, it is also easy to offend her husband with an unsuccessful present, only he can hide it better. So, to prevent the holiday from turning into a family drama, avoid these unfortunate Valentine's Day gifts for your beloved husband:

    • Home Appliances for you or the whole family.A toaster, a dishwasher, an electric kettle are certainly useful household items that your husband will also use, but this does not mean that they are suitable as a gift! After all, your spouse did not give you a set of tools or a mop! Such gifts only say that you want to give something to yourself at the expense of your spouse.
    • Reading and computer glasses. This is a useful product, and if you just present it to your husband for no reason, he will be grateful. But on this particular holiday, hinting at physical defects or age is somehow not very romantic.
    • T-shirts and thermal underwear - unpleasant and not at all sophisticated gifts, in which, of course, there is care, but all the same, such purely practical gifts fit poorly with such a beautiful holiday.
    • Bed linen is more of a gift for women that definitely doesn't fit a man. It seems to be both useful and pleasant, but still a man is not able to appreciate all the beauty of a set of bed linen. This is a gift, again, to your beloved.
    • Furniture - one of the items that you should not give your loved one on February 14th. This is an attempt to combine a gift and a useful purchase for the home, saving on your beloved spouse.
    • Tickets to the theater, opera, ballet in most cases are considered an unsuccessful gift for a man. Not all representatives of the stronger sex love such cultural events, and an attempt to “cultivate” a spouse in this way is not the best holiday solution.
    • Home decor, various hearts on the walls, petals onbeds - all this is more suitable for a woman. Such elements of a romantic holiday are alien to men and cause, at best, a fleeting smile. Practical natures do not understand such "frills", so do not waste your efforts.
    • Tools You shouldn't give a man, you can hardly guess what your spouse needs. And even knowing a specific set, you don’t assume which case is more convenient, which firms are better, which handles should be, etc. There are hundreds of nuances that are not available to women, so why take the risk?
    • Love is… gum block- bad gift for February 14th, not masculine at all, well, it's not serious, really!

    Symbolism: what not to give in order not to spoil the relationship

    There are a number of beliefs that it is impossible to give to loved ones and lovers, so as not to destroy relationships, spoil them and not bring discord into your harmony. To believe or not to believe in them is a personal matter for everyone, but why take unnecessary risks? Therefore, it is better to refuse the following options:

    • Sharp objects (knife sets, embroidery needles, knitting needles, even the most beautiful ones) - such things can "cut" the thin fabric of your relationship. Sharp objects lead to conflicts and quarrels, so refrain from giving beautiful knives to your loved one or chic sets of knitting needles to your favorite needlewoman.
    • Mirrors also belong to the list of what not to give. It is believed that the mirror reflects relationships, and breaking it, damaging it, losing it, or even scratching it, you do exactly the same with your feelings. Who needs such a riskespecially since there are hundreds of better gift ideas in the world.
    • Pearls in all its forms should not be presented. Earrings, brooches and even necklaces with this stone are an unsuccessful gift for your beloved on February 14, symbolizing tears. Is this what you wish for your soulmate? If you decide to give jewelry, choose other materials and stones, and leave pearls for another occasion and occasion.
    • Glass items - glasses, vases, various crystal dishes. These items are very beautiful, but their fragility will become a symbol of your relationship. And you hardly want feelings to become fragile and fragile. Therefore, it is better to refuse glass products, all the more thin and easily breaking on this holiday.
    • S alts by themselves and in sets of dishes symbolize s alt, and it is known to lead to a quarrel. Therefore, when choosing beautiful dishes as a gift for your wife, girlfriend or just a friend, make sure that there are no s alt shakers in the set. Why tempt fate once again?
    • Handkerchiefs - a useful thing, but it's better not to give it. The fact is that handkerchiefs - a symbol of tears and misfortunes, you will agree - are not the best symbolism for a romantic holiday. Therefore, even the most beautiful cambric shawls are on the list of those items that you should not give a boyfriend or girlfriend on February 14.

    There are many beliefs that tell what exactly and why you can’t give a girl or a guy on February 14th. For example, donated red underwear is considered a gift for treason, the clock will count the time of happiness,presented knitted things to a man lead to a cooling in relations. Naturally, following all the signs does not make sense, especially if you have not even heard of them before. The main thing is not to give something that your soul mate sees as a bad omen. That is, focus on her or his belief in superstition.

    Bad gifts for your beloved guy on Valentine

    In this category, we will tell you about the most unfortunate gifts for a guy on February 14, so that you do not make such mistakes and, accordingly, do not spoil your excellent relationship. So, you definitely shouldn’t present to your loved one:

    • Flowers is a purely feminine gift. Even if you choose a modest, not lurid bouquet, your idea will definitely not cause special emotions in the representative of the stronger sex.
    • The inscriptions on the car, made with washable markers, special paints, as well as stickers on the car from the male point of view, all this is an act of vandalism in relation to his beloved iron friend. A man will not see any romance here, and even more so in the process of creating such a “masterpiece” it is very easy to damage the painting of the car. In addition, even the highest quality paints and markers are not easy to wash off.
    • Scented candles - absolutely not a man's surprise, so the guy will not see any point in your gift. This is a purely female version of the present, give it to your mother, girlfriend or sister, but definitely not to your beloved guy.
    • Napkins, tablecloths - another completely unfortunate gift for a guy on Valentine's Day, which is better to refrain from.
    • Living plants will not be useful to a young man, except perhaps a cactus that does not require care at all and that is not a fact. Men do not know how and do not like to care for indoor plants, so this is a waste of money.
    • Manicure or pedicure certificatenot every man will appreciate. And if you are not 100% sure of the reaction of your faithful, then it is better not to risk it, otherwise the guy will simply be offended or will not understand your gift.
    • Wardrobe items depicting hearts, cupids. Do you really believe that an adequate guy would wear a sweatshirt with a picture of a heart or a T-shirt with a bright cupid? These are purely thematic things that have no practical value. The most the average guy would wear this piece of holiday design to the garage to tinker with his car.
    • Condoms, lubricants - very straight forward. A frank and even vulgar gift that a guy definitely does not expect from a girl.
    • Diaries, notebooks and stationery - completely unnecessary and unsuccessful gifts for a guy on February 14 if he is over 16 years old. At the university, he will buy a notebook for himself, and a man will not need various coasters and notebooks, believe me.
    • Romantic photo shoot a girl will like it, that is, you make a gift to a man who is needed and convenient for you. This is selfish and will cause nothing but irritation in a man.
    • A cloud of balloons in the shape of a heart - a beautiful gesture to which a man will remain completely indifferent. We remind you guys are naturepractical and all romantic gestures are perceived as stupid.

    Don't turn your loved one's social media page into a hotbed of hearts and various "cute quotes". A man is unlikely to be happy with the abundance of hearts and cute ones on his page, and this will not cause absolutely any positive emotions, except for irritation.

    Not the best ideas when a relationship is just starting

    The beginning of a relationship is the most fragile period, when every little thing, every nuance is important, especially an ill-conceived gift can only destroy a nascent feeling. Remember that you can not present on Valentine's Day if the relationship is just beginning:

    • Sex Shop Items is rude, vulgar and too straightforward. For couples with a long relationship, such surprises are very appropriate, but immediately after they met, giving such things is contraindicated.
    • Bedding alludes to sex, and if you haven't crossed this line yet, such a hint will be rather tactless.
    • A disc with a candid film a girl will not like if the relationship is still in the formation stage. Such a gift seems to be pushing her towards something and is a very straightforward hint. Be thinner, act more carefully.
    • Expensive jewelry - Unfortunate gifts for a girl on Valentine's Day, if you've just met. Such gifts always oblige to something, it is not a fact that your chosen one will accept such a present.
    • Hotel room for two alludes to completelya certain continuation of the holiday, for which the other half may simply not be ready at the moment, then why push, even so straightforward?

    Now you know exactly what gifts you should not give on February 14 to your loved ones, which means that the chance to choose the perfect present has become even higher! Good luck in finding a successful surprise and may your significant other enjoy it.

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