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The most romantic holiday of the year will come very soon, but you still haven't decided what to give your friend on February 14th? Valentine's Day is not only an occasion to make an unexpected surprise to your soulmate, but also an opportunity to please the guy with whom you are friends. The present can be of any shade - be romantic, funny, useful and completely unexpected. In our list, you will certainly find useful ideas that will help you choose a good gift for a friend on Valentine's Day from a girlfriend.

  • TOP 40 gift ideas for a friend on February 14

      Urban backpack
    1. Chocolate with a postcard
    2. Heart-shaped night light
    3. Safe book
    4. Gaming headphones
    5. Big mouse pad
    6. Bath set
    7. Exotic fruits
    8. Box of chocolate tools
    9. Digital photo frame
    10. A book on your favorite topic
    11. Table mini bowling
    12. Aerofootball set
    13. Auto food stirrer
    14. Light bulb cocktail glass
    15. Luminous shoe laces
    16. Box of beer cans
    17. Fitness bracelet
    18. Pedometer
    19. Tea set in test tubes
    20. Favorite band logo sweatshirt
    21. Silver bracelet
    22. Beer belt
    23. Bouquet of balloons
    24. Certificate to buy from your favorite store
    25. Fluffy sleep mask
    26. Travel organizer
    27. Keychain for finding keys
    28. Nutcracker
    29. Credit card case
    30. Inscribed men's wallet
    31. Whiskey Stones
    32. Ashtray
    33. Scarf in the style of the houses of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books
    34. Cup constructor
    35. Thermal bag
    36. Memory card
    37. Bluetooth tracker
    38. Figurine figurine of your favorite movie character
    39. Stand for pens and pencils in the form of a column

    What an inexpensive gift to give a friend on February 14

    There's nothing wrong with giving an inexpensive Valentine's Day gift to a friend. Such an act is logical if your income is too modest, you have recently started to be friends and have not yet studied the interests of the guy, or you are afraid to embarrass the person. In this case, here's what you can give a friend inexpensively on February 14:

    • Headphones. It can be a wireless model or cute banana-shaped accessories. The first option will appeal to a person with an active lifestyle, who does not need to deal with tangled wires. The second one will please the gamer, the guy who is crazy about extraordinary things.
    • Chameleon mug. What could be better than a little magic on a day like this? This thing is literally changing before our eyes - one has only to pour hot tea into it orcoffee. A chameleon mug is a great inexpensive gift for a friend on Valentine's Day, if you just want to please a person without too much hint.
    • Computer mouse. In fact, this thing can be of absolutely any style and shape - stylized as a racing car, a funny little animal, or sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow! A computer mouse will please a person who spends a lot of time at the computer.
    • Popcorn machine. A simple and fun gadget that will help a guy just create a movie theater atmosphere at home. Watching movies under the crunch of popcorn is more interesting. Not only an adult guy will be delighted with such a thing! Such a gift for February 14 can be given to a boy, for example, a classmate.
    • Board game or souvenir cards. They will appeal to the person who is the soul of the company, who loves to throw parties and come up with interesting stuff for guests. With the help of a board game or cards, the guy will be able to captivate his friends, tearing them away from their gadgets.
    • Cat neck pillow. This inexpensive and useful gift can be presented to a friend on Valentine's Day if he travels a lot, goes to training, spends active time on the weekends.
    • Lace bracelet. A fashionista and a connoisseur of unusual jewelry will be delighted with such a stylish accessory. And most importantly, you can make this gift for a guy on Valentine's Day with your own hands! The principle of weaving is very simple, you will master it in just two or three steps.
    • Table punching bag. decoration, funnya souvenir and at the same time a means of relaxation in the midst of a stressful day! Now your friend will be able to direct the energy in a safe direction without hurting anyone with his irritation.
    • Diary and pen. Here's what you can give inexpensively on Valentine's Day to a friend who is graduating from school, studying at university, working or just about to get his first job. A diary will never be superfluous, it will help you plan your day and not forget anything.
    • Heart-shaped heating pad. A nice winter gift, because in February it is not uncommon for the temperature to drop very low, and the guy will certainly need additional warmth to fall asleep.
    • A bottle of delicious wine and a personalized chocolate bar. A connoisseur of alcohol and a lover of romantic evenings will be delighted with such a present. Of course, this idea is only suitable for a person who has reached the age of majority. Otherwise, limit yourself to chocolate.
    • Projector lamp. Like a guy prone to romance. A good option for a teenager. Such a thing is inexpensive, but it can give a lot of emotions.

    Another option for a budget gift to a friend for Valentine's Day from a friend is a calendar with funny photos. Since February is only the beginning of the year, this idea is very relevant. You need to choose the most fun moments from the general trips, walks, trips to clubs and concerts, which will become the main feature of the calendar. You can sort photos by color scheme - choose cold shades for winter, gentle for spring, bright for summer and autumn.

    What's nicegive a friend on February 14?

    Choosing what is nice to give a friend on February 14, do not pass by edible surprises. Material things are good, but sometimes it’s more appropriate for a guy to present a sweet present, gift wrapping of coffee or tea. Especially when it comes to really friendly relations, where no one expects more. Here are some options for nice gifts for a friend on Valentine's Day from a friend:

    • gift pack of coffee. It is not necessary to choose too expensive sets. You can limit yourself to a bag of coffee, on which a label is pasted with the inscription: “Thank you for the friendship”, “For the best friend” or “Friendship for ages”. A guy will be very pleased to receive such a compliment.
    • Tea gift wrapping. This present will also express your sincere friendly feelings without unnecessary abstruse phrases. Tea packaging can be decorated with inscriptions: "You are a true friend", "For a beloved friend".
    • Wool blanket. Keep you warm in any circumstance, add coziness while preparing for exams in a cool dorm room, or complete an evening with a book at home. For a guy, it is better to choose gray, brown shades to please.
    • Sea bath s alt. A guy needs to take care of his skin and beauty no less than a girl, although for many this will sound strange. Sea s alt moisturizes the skin well, and also enhances the protective functions of the body, so for the February changeable weather and the risk of catching a cold, this option is very relevant.
    • Sketchbook with unusual cover. In himit is convenient to leave different sketches and draw. The cover can be a fun theme that a guy with a good sense of humor will appreciate: a man with a deer head or a famous cartoon character.
    • Apron with Superman's body. Such a nice gift can be presented on February 14 from a girl to a friend who does a good job in the kitchen without female help. Even if before that the guy was not too interested in cooking, perhaps such an apron will become motivation and inspiration to discover new talents.
    • Basket with cold cuts: sausages, sausages. Here's what you can give for Valentine's Day to a friend who loves beer. He will certainly appreciate your efforts and get the most out of them.
    • Inscribed Hollywood figurine. Every guy is pleased when they recognize his merits and appreciate the qualities of character. With the help of a personalized figurine, you will be able to express admiration to a friend that cannot be put into words.
    • Spider-Man Gloves. A nice gift for a boy on February 14 or a merry friend. Such a thing will only complement the image, because the guy is certainly a hero from birth!
    • Fun print T-shirt. It is not necessary to be limited to love topics, because we are talking about a friend. On Valentine's Day, you can give a guy a gift in the form of a T-shirt decorated with cool phrases, like: “I don’t break the rules, I live by my own”, “As if I’m specially the best”, “I have a conscience, but I don’t carry it with me. I am afraid to lose". Here fantasy is not limited. You won't find the right oneoption in stores, you can easily issue a print to order. The main thing is that the phrases match the character of the guy.
    • Correct style baseball cap. What is your friend excited about? From rap, rock or is he a fan of streetwear? No matter how original your buddy is, you can please him with a baseball cap of the right style, and he will proudly walk the streets of the city in your gift.

    Other Ideas for Nice gifts for a Friend on Valentine's Day:

    • tabletop fireplace;
    • snorkeling goggles;
    • shower radio;
    • beard comb;
    • named thermal mug;
    • spinner;
    • 3D puzzle;
    • scratch to-do list poster or travel card;
    • disk with your favorite game;
    • beer helmet;
    • souvenir plate;
    • constructor;
    • puzzles;
    • RC car;
    • mini laptop fan;
    • keyboard backlight.

    You can also give a friend a nice gift in the form of a portrait from a photograph on February 14 from a girl. He will be delighted or even slightly shocked when he sees himself as a Star Wars hero, a brave Viking or a fashion model guy, whom all girls are crazy about. If you're not sure that your friend will get this idea right, you can go the other way - print his best photo on canvas. A portrait of himself will certainly please a guy who knows his own worth.

    What is an original, unusual gift for a friend on February 14?

    To produceimpression, you need to carefully consider what is original, unusual to give a friend on February 14th. It depends on how exactly this day will be remembered by your friend. Each guy sees such a thing as originality in his own way. gift ideas for a friend on Valentine's Day should originate from his hobbies and passions. We offer you some interesting options on this topic:

    • Bowl with phone stand. Many guys like to chew on nuts or seeds while watching a video or movie. And sometimes the result of such pleasure is scattered garbage, which does not look very nice. With such a bowl, a friend will be able to enjoy food neatly, without the need to look for dishes to collect waste, and even more so without food leftovers scattered here and there.
    • Multitool Shovel. A real find for a guy who loves extreme hiking, as well as outdoor recreation in general. This item will help in any situation, because it easily turns into various useful tools: hatchet, saw, hank, nail puller.
    • Embroidered personalized towel. An interesting and at the same time unusual gift for a friend. The most important thing is that the guy will never confuse his thing with someone else's, because it will be declared in beautiful letters about the real owner.
    • Set of photo magnets. Here's what the original can be presented from a friend on February 14 to a guy who is fond of photography, travel, collects interesting things. The guy will be pleased to receive as a gift a set of magnets with photos from his personal archive.
    • Inscribed bottle of wine in a wooden box. If you just hand over a bottle of drink, a friend will drink it and only memories will remain about the present. And it is quite another thing to give a friend a bottle in a personalized box for Valentine's Day. Of course, the same fate will befall the wine - it will be drunk on this or another day. But on the other hand, the guy will have a beautiful box that can later be used as storage for another bottle.
    • Glowing sky map. It is unlikely that there is such a romantic who will remain indifferent after receiving such an interesting present. Luxurious luminous map of the starry sky will become a window to the vast Universe, not to mention the fact that it will decorate any room. Such an unusual gift for February 14 can be given to a friend who spends hours looking at the sky.
    • Star Wars Lunchbox. Here's something unusual you can give for Valentine's Day to a friend who is a fan of this famous masterpiece. A lunch box is equally necessary for a student, office worker and tourist.
    • Stop-holders for books "Bicycle". When there are much more books than shelf space, you have to allocate a corner on the table for them. And as usual, stacks of books don't want to be neat. And that's when the stops-holders come in handy. This original gift for February 14th can be presented to a friend who reads a lot and usually does not pass by a bookstore without buying a novelty.
    • Balaclava scarf. It will come in handy for a fan of extreme sports, cycling and an active festival goer wholikes to raise dust under the stage. However, even a fan of fashion or more casual street style will find the right use for such a thing.

    If you want to give a friend an unusual gift for Valentine's Day, choose virtual reality glasses. This modern present will help a friend to be transported to a completely different world, experience new sensations and feel at the center of what is happening. He is waiting for bright impressions that he wants to share with everyone.

    A few more ideas on what kind of original gift you can give a friend on February 14 from a girlfriend:

    • multiframe;
    • s alt lamp;
    • indoor mini fountain;
    • starry night printed socks;
    • music box;
    • candy in a jar "Sweet dose for a superhero";
    • 3D lamp in the form of a guitar, human brain, car or heart;
    • an umbrella stylized as a Samurai sword;
    • set of cocktail straws with mustaches;
    • smartphone cooling case;
    • Mobile cat phone holder "Cat support".

    What is fun, funny to give a friend on February 14?

    Funny gifts for a friend on Valentine's Day are not necessarily limited to the theme of jokes. Among them there are also things that are of practical use and will definitely come in handy for a modern guy. If you want to impress a friend, bring a smile and positive emotions, our list is for you! This is especially important when the guy is counting on more, but your heart is already taken, and youwant to cheer him up on this day. Here's what fun, funny you can give a friend on February 14:

    • Unicorn portable charger. Modern youth loves the theme of emoticons. Their presence not only in the phone, but also on the items that you use every day is a sign of style! A portable charger will help out in any situation when the device is discharged. And its unusual design will not leave indifferent the guy who keeps up with the times.
    • Shark muzzle slippers. These shoes are sure to grab attention. Slippers are warm enough to provide comfort when the apartment is cool and you want coziness. Such a cool gift for February 14 will definitely surprise a friend.
    • Pistol Selfie Stick. Your buddy still hasn't got that useful accessory and are you tired of seeing him stick out his hand in an attempt to take a cool selfie? Then it's time to give him a monopod. And to make the present unusual and cheerful, it is better to choose an accessory of an extraordinary design. Selfie stick in the form of a gun - only for the bravest!
    • Smile pillow. It is pleasant to take a nap on it, and it also adds positive to the room. Such a fun gift can be presented on Valentine's Day from a girl to a friend who needs more positive in life. Or, conversely, a smiley pillow will be a great idea for a fun guy.
    • Superhero Mug. Depending on who you associate your buddy with, you can give them a Batman, Zorro, or Captain America emblem item.
    • Beddingunderwear Cosmonaut. Here's something funny and cool you can give a friend on February 14, if he is torn to the unknown corners of the universe with his soul. Each time, going to the land of dreams, he will come into contact with a truly cosmic theme. Who knows, suddenly in these dreams the secrets of the universe will be revealed to him?
    • Avocado Rubber Ring. So what if it's still winter outside! It is worth preparing for the summer in advance. With such an inflatable ring, a friend is provided with increased attention on the beach, including from girls.
    • Bath ducks. Adulthood is not a reason to believe that the guy has grown up and such pleasant toys are useless. Bath ducks are always fun. A very valuable message is hidden in this cool gift for a friend on Valentine's Day - a child lives in everyone and there is no need to rush to become a dull adult!
    • Talking hamster. So that a friend is not too bored, give him such a funny friend. The talking hamster is able to repeat phrases and make funny sounds. What is not a surprise for a comedian and a merry fellow?

    And a few more ideas that you can give a friend on February 14 from a girl funny and cool:

    • Column "Bulldog with glasses";
    • alarm clock with propeller;
    • flexible anti-stress pencil;
    • car-transformer remote control;
    • prediction ball;
    • fluffy animal hat;
    • canned socks in a tin;
    • beer map of the world;
    • piggy bank Golden loaf
    • money box "Stash".

    It doesn't matter if you decideyou give a friend an unusual, inexpensive or funny gift for Valentine's Day. The value has the meaning you put in. In the most ordinary thing, you can hide a hint of sympathy, unrequited love, and with the help of a budget present, you can make a person happy. The better you know the tastes of a friend, the higher the chances of not miscalculating. We hope our list of gifts for February 14 inspired you.

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