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Every guy has to work hard on the eve of February 14, because deciding what to give a girl for Valentine's Day is not so easy. This event goes hand in hand with the presentation of valentines, declarations of love and unexpected surprises. Ideally, a gift for a girl on Valentine's Day should be an unexpected surprise and at the same time meet the needs of her beloved. But what if nothing comes to mind except postcards, bouquets of flowers and chocolates, but you want to be original? If so, check out our list of gift ideas for your loved one on February 14th!

  • TOP 40 Valentine's Day gift ideas for a girl

      Wall clock holder
    1. Cosmetics organizer
    2. Panda night lamp
    3. Inflatable unicorn
    4. Hamburger Beach Mat
    5. Phone projector
    6. Virtual Reality Glasses
    7. Panel of stabilized plants
    8. Hair chalk set
    9. Pineapple Air Mattress
    10. Laptop table with fan
    11. Selfie light ring
    12. Eiffel Tower heart shaped wall clock;
    13. Thermal flask
    14. Inflatable chair
    15. Wall multi-frame
    16. Pocket mirror with cat
    17. Leather wallet
    18. Fine wrist watch
    19. Travel for two to a country resort
    20. Painting master class
    21. Game console
    22. Ebook
    23. Roller skates
    24. Sweet bouquet of Kinder surprises
    25. Jar of cosmetics: lip gloss, hand cream, essential oils
    26. Certificate to her favorite lingerie or clothing store
    27. SPA set
    28. Underwater camera
    29. Flower in a pot
    30. Flash drive with engraving
    31. Souvenir Confession Plate
    32. Set of magnetic bookmarks
    33. Hair dryer
    34. Fluffy plaid
    35. Beautiful candlestick
    36. Cushion Tray
    37. Pizza knife in the form of a bicycle
    38. Travel head pillow
    39. SPA socks

    What is original and unusual to give a girl for Valentine's Day?

    To answer the question of what is original and unusual to give a girl for Valentine's Day, you need to discard all stereotypes. Of course, a bouquet of flowers, a soft toy and sweets remain classics of the genre. But there are many other ways to impress your loved one. For example, here is an original, unusual gift you can give a girl on Valentine's Day:

    • Cartoon doll from a photo. A portrait figurine will be a memorable gift for a lifetime! It will be the one and only, because the masters will create it from a photograph of a particular person. ATin this case, your favorite. The doll can convey absolutely any subject - profession, hobby, romantic motives. In any case, such a doll will want to brag to her friends and share a surprise with Instagram subscribers!
    • Exotic fruits in a hatbox. Such an unusual gift for February 14 for a girl will be a real summer surprise. In winter, not only there are not enough colors for a good mood, but also vitamins. This gift will solve two problems at once, delighting your beloved with the summer warmth from distant Thailand and the amazing taste of such exotic treats as: rambutan, passion fruit, longan.
    • Bouquet of heart balloons. Such an unusual composition will take your beloved by surprise. You can surprise a girl with her both in the morning and directly during a romantic date.
    • Painting on boards. Thanks to the unusual design, this piece of art will never be deprived of compliments. You can depict a love motive in the picture or your own happiness using the best shot of your couple. This picture will best convey the depth of your feelings.
    • Heart-shaped umbrella. He will cover his beloved from the rain, giving moments of romantic charm even in the most gloomy weather. Under such an umbrella it is pleasant to walk the streets of the city.
    • Pillow with your photo. Here's something original and unusual you can give a girl for Valentine's Day if she loves comfort. Such a pillow will become a bright addition to the interior and will remind her every time how much you love
    • 3D Cosmos lollipops. From such an unusual gift for February 14, the girl will be delighted! Every guy who is deeply in love dreams of getting a star from the sky. How about gifting your loved one an entire galaxy? Handmade lollipops shimmering with all the shades of the unknown universe will satisfy both the romantic nature and the fan of unusual things.
    • Illuminated makeup mirror. A girl who closely follows her appearance will be delighted with such a present. It will be the best assistant in creating attractive everyday or evening looks.
    • Original pendant. If a girl likes the legends and culture of the Vikings, she can be presented with a product in an ethnic style. A nature who is interested in space and the secrets of the Universe will suit the “Galaxy” sphere pendant, but a connoisseur of exquisite things will look for an elegant silver jewelry.
    • Candy bouquet. Such an original gift for Valentine's Day can be presented to a girl who loves sweets. Thanks to high-quality materials and the plausibility of designer paper buds, these arrangements look as luxurious as real flowers. But their main feature is that edible sweets are hidden among the stems and buds.

    From original, sincere gifts to a girl on February 14, you can present a music box with her favorite tune, a certificate to the spa, horseback riding or a large box of strawberries. A great surprise will be a box with chocolate figurines, complemented by a voluminouspostcard-box.

    What a romantic gift to get a girl for Valentine's Day

    Romance - something without which it is impossible to imagine Valentine's Day! Kisses, love confessions are very important, but the other half is undoubtedly waiting for something unusual from you. And even if you are not too prone to sentimentality and romantic adventures, you can deviate from the rules on this holiday. Let your loved one be surprised! Here's what you can give a romantic girl for Valentine's Day:

    • Rose in Gold. Such a surprise worthy of the best! Under the layer of gold lies a real preserved rose, which will never fade and never cease to delight with its exquisite brilliance. Such a romantic gift for a girl on February 14 costs a lot of money, but is your significant other unworthy of this?
    • Nominal gift set. Having opened such a box, the girl will find a tea mug with her own name, a pack of cocoa, coffee and dried fruits.
    • Heart from photo cards. Choose the best shots of you having fun with the girl, as well as her favorite selfies, and glue them to a large piece of paper in the shape of a heart. You will get a kind of romantic collage.
    • Sweet box with flowers. Here it is - a recipe for quickly conquering a woman's heart! Two main weaknesses are hidden in the box - mouth-watering macaroons and flowers. This option is suitable for guys who are looking for something inexpensive, romantic to give a girl for Valentine's Day.
    • Love themed sweatshirt. So will you letthe whole world to find out how much your beloved woman means to you! The sweatshirt can be decorated with halves of a heart, images of doves or kissing cartoon characters.
    • Marmalade based on premium alcohol. Soft apple, rich creamy taste, echoes of gin and refreshing mint - all this is hidden in an elegant box of delicious sweets.
    • Honey with gold for massage. The secret of Cleopatra's charm lies in these products! Let your girlfriend keep her youth and attractiveness. Honey with gold will help to bring the body in order, make the skin soft and he althy.
    • Festive photoshoot in the style of Love Story. Create your own love story in snowy landscapes or in the comfort of your favorite coffee shop. Such pictures will warm you for years to come.
    • Jar of "100 reasons why I love you". Here's what you can give a romantic gift on February 14 to a girl to whom you want to say so much, but every time eloquence lets you down. In cute bundles decorated with ribbons, your beloved will read funny messages, like "Our views are in many ways the same", "I can't live without your hugs."
    • Jewelry box. It will never be redundant. In it, a loved one can hide all the most valuable. For a holiday, a snow-white box lined with scarlet velvet inside, or a carved wooden model is best suited.
    • Box of gum Love is. Brings back memories from childhood and will please the chosen one.

    Another option on howSurprise your girlfriend on Valentine's Day: arrange a romantic evening. Buy champagne, decorate your house with scented candles, create a playlist of the most relaxing songs. You can also use a garland of photographs as a festive decor.

    Other Valentine's Day Romantic Girl gift Ideas:

    • rooftop date;
    • candelabra;
    • basket of cheese delicacies;
    • favorite fragrance;
    • song on the radio;
    • video greetings;
    • fluffy bedside rug;
    • hammock;
    • cuddling pillow;
    • lamp-column Light music.

    What is a practical, useful gift for a girl on Valentine's Day?

    If you want to spend money usefully, you will need a list on the topic: what is practical, useful to give a girl for Valentine's Day. Every woman strives to have a reliable assistant at hand in creating an attractive image, cooking and performing everyday activities. Here is a practical, useful gift you can give to your beloved on February 14:

    • UFO mask. Combines premium care and cutting-edge technology. Its effect is not comparable to conventional sheet masks. A girl who loves the latest in beauty will definitely appreciate this device.
    • Electric face brush. Another practical gift for a girl on Valentine's Day, which will help her get rid of blackheads, impurities, restore skin elasticity and softness. Brushes are sold in different shades, which will allow you to chooseexactly the one that your beloved will like the most.
    • Personal bathrobe. All women love these cozy things! A dressing gown decorated with beautiful embroidery will become both a pleasant souvenir and your favorite clothes after bath procedures.
    • Handmade heart shaped soap set. A woman who prefers natural ingredients will love it.
    • Flip clock in the form of the Eiffel Tower. If you have not yet saved up romance and love for a trip to the capital, it does not matter! This original watch will make the girl think about Paris. They will decorate any interior, especially a French-style room. And such a useful gift for a girl on February 14 can be supplemented with an engraving.
    • Aroma lamp and aroma oils. It will please a woman who has an interest in the East, along with its mysterious secrets and the magic of aromas. With the help of pleasant smells, your beloved will create an atmosphere suitable for herself.
    • Tea service from white porcelain. Will not stand idle! Snow-white porcelain is the perfect complement to a cozy tea party with a friend or loved one.
    • Juicer. Like a girl leading an active he althy lifestyle. With her help, she can prepare delicious and he althy smoothies every day.
    • A book on your favorite topic. Space, wonders of the world, celebrity makeup secrets or a collection of quick hairstyles - depending on your hobbies, you can give a girl a useful guide to expand her knowledge.
    • Jewelry Stand. It will help to put things in order on the dressing table, provide convenient access to eachproduct.
    • Bath set. Here's what you can give for Valentine's Day to a girl who knows her worth. The bath set contains fragrant soap, gel, scrub, s alt - everything that will help your beloved to maintain an attractive appearance.
    • Cozy slippers. Shoes with animal faces or emoticons will be appropriate for this romantic holiday.

    Other options for useful gifts for a girl on Valentine's Day:

    • beauty bag;
    • travel organizer;
    • picnic basket;
    • power bank;
    • urban backpack;
    • waist bag;
    • woolen plaid;
    • home planetarium;
    • neon light;
    • glowing map of the Starry sky;
    • s alt lamp;
    • kigurumi pajamas;
    • notebook with a photo of your favorite;
    • manicure set;
    • piggy bank in the form of a funny animal;
    • stationery organizer;
    • sketchbook;
    • Terry towel set
    • Dead Sea cosmetics basket;
    • fitness set;
    • DVD with your favorite movie;
    • gym membership;
    • ticket to a concert of your favorite band;
    • board game based on Game of Thrones;
    • pizza maker;
    • hammock;
    • massage cover for office chair;
    • stones for stone therapy;
    • bake molds;
    • roll machine;
    • tea mug;
    • fondue pot;
    • humidifier;
    • foot massage robot;
    • moisturizing spa gloves;
    • safe-cache;
    • bamboo vase-transformer.

    On Valentine's Day you can buy paired sweaters - one for yourself, the second for her. Such clothes will attract the attention of others during the appearance, and you yourself will be pleased to wear similar things as a symbol of the unity of your hearts!

    What is an inexpensive but nice gift for a girl on Valentine's Day?

    And what if there is absolutely no money to buy an expensive thing? Of course, the beloved should not be left without a pleasant sign of attention. An inexpensive gift for a girl on February 14 can be both a funny souvenir and a useful thing. When it comes to a declaration of love, the price is not as important as the meaning invested in the object itself. Here's something inexpensive, but pleasant, you can give a girl for Valentine's Day:

    • personalized jar of coffee - will help start the morning with a cheerful note;
    • Superman logo apron - bring more joy while cooking;
    • fortune cookies - inspire faith in the good, add motivation;
    • set of personalized wine glasses - will complement the festive or romantic drinking of champagne;
    • compact player - such a budget gift for Valentine's Day is suitable for a girl who runs in the morning or goes to training;
    • a large supply of tea - will please a girl who constantly wants something new;
    • honey-soufflé set "12 flavors" - will please your beloved with a delight in which weavestrawberry, apricot and even mojito flavors!
    • thermo mug - an indispensable accessory for an active, modern girl, will keep your favorite drink hot for a long time;
    • massage for the neck and chin - this muscle stimulator is designed to pump problem areas of the face, provides care at the level of a beauty salon;
    • florarium - universal mini-garden for nature lovers;
    • picture from a photo with rhinestones - will make a nice compliment better than any words!
    • pen for creating three-dimensional patterns - will please a creative person who is open to learning new things;
    • author's case for a smartphone - will give the gadget more originality, attract the attention of others;
    • wireless headphones - help you enjoy music while walking or jogging without tangled wires;
    • phone stand - will help you conveniently position your gadget while watching a movie;
    • wall organizer - will decorate the interior, allow you to keep important reminders in plain sight.

    A pleasant budget gift for a girl on February 14 will be a chameleon cup in the form of a night sky with constellations. As soon as a hot drink enters the vessel, its appearance will change. Entire pictures will appear on the cup, which will delight your beloved. Another option to surprise a girl is to give her puzzles! Such an activity relieves stress, relaxes and just helps to spend an unusual evening.

    But what you can give a girl for Valentine's Dayinexpensive DIY:

    • frame for a photo of shells and rhinestones;
    • application of leaves and beads;
    • collage with the funniest photos;
    • breakfast in bed;
    • string bracelet;
    • coffee tree;
    • box with declarations of love;
    • romantic letter with stickers;
    • basket with your favorite sweets.

    What is an exclusive, expensive gift for a girl on Valentine's Day?

    If you have the opportunity to buy something solid, it's time to think about the question of what is exclusive, expensive to give a girl on Valentine's Day. So you will be able to convey the depth of your feelings, remind you how much you love and appreciate your soulmate. Here is an exclusive gift you can give a girl on Valentine's Day (February 14):

    • handmade stylish jewelry;
    • a trip to an exotic country;
    • paid for several massages at the best beauty salon in town;
    • diamond ring;
    • declaration of love on a billboard;
    • decorative vases;
    • turntable;
    • a beautifully bound notebook;
    • photo album with the best memories;
    • picture with the sign of the zodiac from Swarovski crystals;
    • audio foreign language course;
    • service with Gzhel painting;
    • LED pattern;
    • action camera;
    • book of desires;
    • horse ride;
    • exercise bike or treadmill;
    • sauna forfaces;
    • manicure lamp.

    We hope that our list of interesting, useful, exclusive gifts for a girl on Valentine's Day gave you the right thoughts. Your task is not just to surprise with an expensive thing, but to make it clear how much your loved one means in your life. Try to realize the girl's old dream, return to places filled with pleasant memories, plunge into an adventure.

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