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Everything is as usual: the holidays are approaching, and parents and relatives are at a loss what to give a child of 10, 11, 12, 13 years old for the New Year 2023. On the one hand, I don’t want to repeat myself and choose the same things that and always. On the other hand, the baby is growing up and some of the ideas that helped you out yesterday are losing their relevance. Do not rush to lose heart - especially for adults who find it difficult to choose a gift for a child of 10, 11, 12, 13 years old for the New Year, we have prepared this article.

  • TOP 35 ideas what to give a child 10-13 years old for the New Year 2023

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    1. Camo or brightly colored baseball cap
    2. Transformer jacket
    3. New game console
    4. Sneakers with luminous laces
    5. Electronic piggy bank
    6. Thermal glass with the image of the character of your favorite cartoon or video game
    7. Keyboard vacuum cleaner
    8. Flexible lamp for computer desk
    9. Spy pen with invisible ink
    10. Certificate to attend a trampoline center or workshop
    11. Model to build
    12. S altlamp
    13. Bicycle spoke lights
    14. Soft silicone light
    15. Christmas decoration kit
    16. Play tent
    17. Interactive hamster
    18. Light Painting Kit
    19. Finger paints
    20. Collection of figurines of cartoon characters or fairy tales
    21. Autotrack
    22. Hair Studio
    23. Toy radio
    24. Beading kit
    25. Experiment kit
    26. Headset for communicating in online games
    27. Magnetic board
    28. Children's scratch poster
    29. Smiley Slippers
    30. Flash drive (for a boy - in the form of a sneaker, for a girl - in the form of a handbag)
    31. Ninja Ceramic Cup
    32. Animal lunch box
    33. Laptop desk
    34. A box of cookies in the form of snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen

    What to give a child 10 years old for the New Year 2023?

    A New Year's gift for a 10 year old should be a hotly anticipated surprise that a boy or girl dreams of finding under the tree. Santa Claus cannot think trivially, so adults should trust their imagination and not be afraid to take risks. It's never too early to make good surprises, so don't delay buying something your little one talks about a lot. Here is what we recommend to give a child of 10 years for the New Year 2023:

    • gift for active entertainment. If your little one doesn't have roller skates, scooter or bike yet, now is the time to fix it! A 10-year-old boy can be presented with a snowball for the New Year - a toy that will make him spend more time outdoors.air. Snowballs are capable of making 3 snowballs at once for exciting battles.
    • Accessory for playing at home. When the weather is bad outside or friends of your daughter or son come to visit, you need to somehow captivate the kids. Board games are good because they bring children together, help them improve relationships, and it's also just fun! If you are not afraid to introduce your child to the virtual world, you can choose a game console as a New Year present for a 10-year-old child.
    • Creative set. Large 160+ item painting set is the best surprise for a little artist. If you want to develop your baby's motor skills and imagination, choose from building mass, kinetic sand, or a playdough set. If you want to give something original for the New Year to a girl of 10 years old, choose a hairstyle studio. A daughter or granddaughter will quickly learn how to take care of her hair and give it a luxurious look. For a girl and a boy, sets for making origami - bizarre birds, paper animals are also suitable.
    • Accessory. The kid dreams of getting something that will belong only to him and that he can brag to his classmates. A useful gift for the New Year for a 10-year-old child will be a backpack - it’s good with it on a walk, and it’s convenient on the first fishing trip! A girl can be presented with a beautiful handbag with rhinestones or the first cosmetic bag.
    • Book. The child already knows how to read and is able to draw information from interesting literature. Put an encyclopedia under the tree on a topic that he often asks you about - about the life of dinosaurs,diversity of the universe, wonders of the world, interesting inventions. The book should be colorful, with bright illustrations.
    • An interesting accessory for the room. Why not give an interesting projector lamp in the shape of a turtle or a dinosaur? With such a device, the nursery will be filled with a fabulous atmosphere. Another interesting option is a lamp that can change color. The kid will be able to adjust the lighting to the mood, without focusing on one thing. A cool surprise will be an alarm clock with a propeller or sounds of nature, wall darts, a bean bag chair.
    • Gadget. Electronic translator, smartphone - a useful accessory for a school-age child. The world around requires kids to quickly get involved in modern life. If you want to give your daughter or son something useful for the New Year, choose a light tablet for drawing. On it, you can create your own or redraw other people's pictures, honing your skills.
    • Item for the children's work corner. Games continue to occupy an important place in the life of the baby, but now he spends more time preparing for the lessons. A soft computer chair or a flexible table lamp will help you to sit comfortably while working on homework. However, such gifts are also suitable for young gamers and gamers.
    • Accessory that reflects your baby's passions. Boy or girl crazy about Harry Potter? Give them a scarf or sweater inspired by these stories. Are there many computer games in a child's life? Buy a cup or mouse pad with the plot of your favorite shooting game. Soninterested in sports? Please him with a T-shirt or baseball cap with the logo of a famous team. A girl who loves music will be surprised by a T-shirt with her favorite artist.
    • Personalized item. Boys and girls will love clothes with their name, a personalized mug or a chocolate bar. Such inexpensive gifts for a 10-year-old child on New Year's Day 2023 cheer up well.
    • Puzzle set - an opportunity to have fun on winter evenings when the weather for a walk leaves much to be desired. The more parts in the box, the more time it will take to assemble them and the less chance of getting bored. Such a New Year's gift can be presented to a granddaughter, grandson, nephews.

    What to give a child 11 years old for the New Year 2023?

    A good gift for a child of 11 years old for the New Year should be able to captivate the baby and distract him from long-term computer games. Parents and relatives should consider not only gift packages of sweets and chocolate bunnies, but also goods for active entertainment, creativity and self-development. Here's what you can give a child of 11 years old for the New Year 2023:


    • Aerofootball. Such an interesting name is given to a flying disk with a fan, painted like a soccer ball. A good alternative to a real ball. With him to break a vase or something expensive in the house is almost impossible. But the boy can always release energy in the right direction.
    • Water drawing tablet. Here's what the original can be presented for the New Year to an 11-year-old boy who loves creativity. Futurethe artist will be carried away by an unusual technique for obtaining pictures. The special surface of the tablet serves as a canvas for creative endeavors, and after the water evaporates, the sheet will be clean again, and you can start over.
    • Educational game to build solar-powered figures. A unique thing that will help the boy have fun assembling cars, planes, robots from dozens of parts. Finished figures will be able to move, charging from sunlight. Such an interesting New Year's gift to a child will help to understand the laws of physics.
    • Electronic kit for assembling a robot vacuum cleaner. Although we are talking about a toy, he will still be able to remove some dust in the nursery. The main thing is that the assembly process will captivate the boy for a long time, allowing you to go about your business. The assembled vacuum cleaner will be able to move around the room and turn in the other direction as soon as it reaches the edge of the table.
    • Teenage name robe. Remember how the kid tried to copy you in everything? Now, with the advent of such a dressing gown, he will have more opportunities to feel on equal terms with adults. This Christmas tree surprise is perfectly complemented by bath bombs.
    • Lego Mug. It is assembled from many multi-colored parts according to the principle of the designer, but this is not the most interesting. The boy will be able to change the type of mug at will. Show your imagination as you want and do not get hung up on one image! It is easy to change the design - you need to add or rearrange the details. Such a Lego mug will help you out if you want to present it to an 11-year-old boyfor the New Year 2023 something cool.


    • Book of Shadows Thumbelina Theater. This is what an original gift can be presented for the New Year to a girl of 11 years old, if she likes fairy tales and riddles. The book of shadows creates a space in which fairy tale characters come to life. How to use it? Open the book, turn off the light and turn on the flashlight. The outlines of the figures in the book when the light plays with the shadow will create a stunning effect! A child playing these games will quickly stop being afraid of the dark.
    • Apparatus for making cotton candy. The girl loves sweets and wants to feel as cool at home with a cartoon as in a movie theater? Prepare a special surprise for her: give her a miniature device that will always be at hand!
    • Scissors for creativity and a set of colored paper. Do you want to prepare an interesting New Year's gift for your 11-year-old daughter, granddaughter? Then choose scissors with special blades that help you create masterpieces from ordinary colored paper. The resulting applications will amaze the girl with their beauty.
    • Synthesizer. If the little princess has already shown the ability to music, but you do not have the opportunity to put a bulky piano in the apartment, this is the right way out. Synthesizer - convenient, small, and at the same time it can sound like violin, guitar, drums.
    • Glowing pendant. Usually girls closely watch their mother, and her jewelry is of particular interest to them. It's time for the princess to get her own trinkets. Goddaughter, niece for the New Year, you canpresent an unusual luminous heart-shaped pendant worthy of a little princess.
    • Roombox. A fascinating and useful surprise that will help develop fantasy, imagination and design skills in a daughter, granddaughter or younger sister. The roombox will become a wonderful house for your favorite doll, and most importantly, the furniture in it can be easily rearranged at your discretion.

    A boy of this age will love a radio-controlled toy. It will train spatial thinking, make games even more fun. You can surprise a girl by putting an electric scooter under her Christmas tree. This toy is set in motion with one push of the foot, helps to work out the balance, and for a timely stop in front of unexpected obstacles, a hand brake is provided.

    What to give a child 12 years old for the New Year 2023?

    It is much more difficult to choose an interesting gift for the New Year for a child of 12 years old. The kid has reached a transitional age, tastes are changing, the mood is unstable, you have to make more efforts to get to the point of interest. But we have ideas for such a case. Here is what we offer to give a child of 12 years old for the New Year 2023:

    • Chocolate fountain. What a New Year without sweets! We invite you to make them with your child. The device has a motor, when it is started, chocolate begins to flow from the cascading bowls, forming a fascinating spectacle. It is served from bottom to top, so the flow process continues until you get bored or all the sweets are eaten.
    • Unicorn pillow toy. Interesting pillowwill quickly turn into a favorite thing in a girl's room. Such an unusual gift can be given on New Year's Eve to a younger sister, granddaughter, goddaughter, daughter of 12 years old.
    • Children's kigurumi pajamas. You can safely celebrate the New Year in it! For a long time, Kigurumi has ceased to be sleepwear - they are increasingly dressed when going to parties and trips to festivals. Boys and girls will like pajamas in the form of Pikachu or a more real animal, because nothing else is needed to complete the look.
    • Mignon toothpaste dispenser. Such a cool thing will add a bright note to the bathroom, and finally teach your son or daughter to brush their teeth regularly. The dispenser will squeeze out the entire tube, so you can not rush to buy a new one. It's economical for you and fun for your child!
    • Transforming blanket toy. Do you want to present something original to a boy, a teenage girl for the New Year? Choose a toy that easily turns into a blanket and then folds back into a toy. Due to its compactness when folded, the blanket can be taken with you on trips, travels or to the country.
    • 3D pen. Keep creative kids busy. This pen creates three-dimensional plastic figures. This interesting children's gift for the New Year 2023 provides two benefits at once: an exciting object creation and the opportunity to play with the fruit of creative efforts.
    • Luminous computer mouse and mouse pad with an interesting pattern. For children who are initiated into the virtual world, there is no better surprise than computer accessories. If your son or daughter can confidently statethey are gamers, so this is your chance.
    • Virtual reality glasses. Here's something interesting you can give your 12-year-old son, brother, godson for the New Year, if it's hard to surprise him with something. These glasses will help the child feel like a hero of a video game and enjoy the realism of what is happening.
    • Scarf-mask on the face. Youth accessory that will bring the image of a rebellious girl and boy to perfection. This scarf will appeal to fans of informal culture, rockers, skateboarders.
    • Bed linen with an unusual print. If you want to give a child of 12 something useful, please him with bed linen on your favorite theme. It can be a set with the image of planets and constellations, characters from video games or cartoons. Printed bedding can even be styled like a soccer field!
    • Chameleon cup. If you're more inclined to give your kids something inexpensive for Christmas, choose a cup that can change pattern or color. Amazing chameleon mugs will provoke the delight of young fashionistas. If one cup is not enough, complete the surprise with a personalized chocolate bar or a box of cookies.
    • Wireless speaker. A nice surprise for kids who love music and dancing. With such a column, you do not need to worry about connecting to the mains. Listen to music conveniently in the yard, in the car or on the playground.

    A 12-year-old boy can be presented with table football at the New Year. Such a gift will please a little fan, and dad will be overwhelmed with emotions, and he will always keep company. BabyIf you are creative, you should prepare a scrapbooking kit or a model for assembling a music box. For the New Year, a girl of 12 years old can be presented with a set of hairpins and elastic bands, a T-shirt with a compliment.

    What to give a child 13 years old for the New Year 2023?

    A New Year's gift for a 13-year-old child should be selected taking into account hobbies and tastes. Children tend to express themselves, feel confident and modern. At this age, they are not indifferent to how they look - many try to copy the style of popular bloggers or older schoolchildren. Girls are actively interested in cosmetics, hairstyles, clothes. Boys begin to go in for sports, enroll in sections. With everything mentioned above, here is what you can give a child of 13 years old for the New Year 2023:

    • Gadget. A child of this age is more responsible for the devices that are at his disposal. Good ideas for New Year's gifts for a boy, a girl of 13 years old will be: an action camera, an e-book, a new smartphone, a tablet.
    • Telescope. Suitable for children who are interested in the mysteries of the universe. If a daughter or son has a desire to comprehend science in this industry, the telescope will be a great opportunity to kick-start a deeper study of space. However, with such a device, not a single summer evening will be boring.
    • Gadget accessories. Comfortable wireless headphones will appeal to a child who likes to walk or play sports with music. Young bloggers and photography lovers can be presented with a set of lenses for a smartphone andmini printer for instant printouts. You can give your daughter, granddaughter a ring-backlight, with which her selfies will become even more beautiful!
    • Multitool. If you want to give something useful to a 13-year-old child on New Year's Eve, choose a compact multitool with several tools. A boy should buy a bicycle repair model or a tourist version with openers, knives, and cutlery. The girl will need a multitool for manicure, which is convenient to take with you on the road.
    • Popcorn machine. The holidays are ahead, long hours of watching movies, so a tasty treat will come in handy! With this machine, you don't have to worry about ordering popcorn home - just a couple of minutes, and the treat is already on the table!
    • Pillow of an unusual shape. If your child is a fun and joker, give him a pillow in the form of a smiley face, a slice of orange, a donut or an animal. Such an item will be appreciated by lovers of midday sleep.
    • USB heated mug. Here's something unusual you can present to your godson, goddaughter of 13 years old for the New Year. Behind tense wars on the monitor or preparing lessons, it is easy to forget about the cup of tea standing next to you. With such a mug, the drink will not lose its temperature and remain tasty. After all, all this time, while the child is doing his own business, a special heating element keeps the cup hot.
    • Waist bag. An important element of youth style, with which your child's image will become even cooler. In such a bag it is convenient to store keys, a notebook, a pen, a smartphone, headphones - everything thatdoes not fit in pockets.
    • Reusable notebook. The entries in it are easily erased with an eraser. The notebook can be used multiple times, as a universal draft, or as a space for trying to write poetry or make up stories.
    • A personalized t-shirt with a cool phrase. A suitable New Year's gift for a younger sister, teenage brother. The guys are pleased when they are praised, and if this is done in an unusual form - in the form of a phrase that cleverly describes their character, the present becomes of great value!

    We hope that our ideas of interesting and cool gifts for children in New Year 2023 have dispelled the darkness of ignorance, and you are ready to move on to shopping. Don't miss the chance to make your dream come true. New Year holidays are a great opportunity to exceed the expectations of the little ones and finally give them what they want.

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